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How to avoid gangstalking and electronic harassment

Updated on October 29, 2010

Breaking the Mental Chains of Electronic Harassment

     Our society has been rendered psychic through advances in modern technology. This is being done to fulfill Biblical Prophecy, but it has a Dark Side. There is a rapacious collective mind that goes around eating people's souls. They send out negative suggestions that feel like they are coming from within your mind. If you ADOPT these "reality add-ons", you can get into awful danger because this gives them the ability to further torture your mind with your worst fears (which they know because they can "see":fear, lust, anger). I've suffered multiple psychic attacks from this group in the forms of: A slimy alien creature attempting to bore it's way into my mind and take control of it. I met a victim of this kind of attack and he bore no resemblance to his former personality. There seems to be a connection between this phenomenon and "social programming"........a very real phenomenon which few live to tell about. There seems to be a connection between a large group which obeys externally-suggested thoughts and emotions. I believe this to be "The number of the Beast" ("for it is a HUMAN NUMBER - that is a number of victimized souls).

     They often call themselves "dogs", "aliens" or "women' (if they are males). They CLAIM to represent organized Homosexuality, but something much worse has been done to the inside of their minds. They speak a "backwards language" where they insult you by insulting others or trying to force a female role upon you by talking about "this girl" which always sounds a whole lot like you, minus the gender-role-reversal. The synchrony of their actions belies a LOSS of the ability to control their own minds/bodies. Technically, this makes them some kind of ZOMBIE through high-tech mental-intrusion techniques. This is something that you DON'T want to happen to you so here's how to avoid their "soul traps": They get in through the ears and eyes so wear earplugs to bed and listen to loud music to disrupt the Binaural commands hitting your ears. There are RULES to hunting us humans which are: 1. We can only be tortured while we are angry/lustful/afraid. 2. They HATE the very thought of God. This alone can make them go away. 3. A "Salvation Frequency also exists whenever you are getting "beamed" which sounds like this: eeeeeeeeeee,eeeeeeeeeeee,eeeeeeeeee NOT ee!ee!ee!,ee!ee!ee!.

     They have problems interfacing with people who think of themselves as nothing and who pretend to not know what they are doing. Of course you remain you whether you think you exist or don't exist. Any task becomes EASIER if you think of it as something you know nothing about. The knowledge (just like the true self) is buried deeper and can command your thoughts and actions instead of being subjected to constant molestation and interference by this group. They clearly are some sort of collective PSYCHIC VAMPIRE which stirs up bad feelings in people so that they can get ahold of their minds. By changing your daily habits, your views on reality and your conception of avoid getting stuck in a mental rut (or "trained" in their vernacular). The therapy regimen of Abilify/Clonopin/Zoloft is very effective for "jamming" the "dark vibes" of this group. I've nearly died about 6 times. If I had, my body would have kept on moving/talking but this THING would not be me. The things I've told you can SAVE YOUR LIFE. With the prescribed drug-combo, you can simply DENY their existence.  It is fairly difficult to scare someone who refuses to acknowledge your existence.  

     So, what we have here is an illusion designed to drive us into having a mental-breakdown based on people being out to get you.  Using the medications I've mentioned and REFUSING TO BELIEVE IN THESE GOONS gives you a "comfort zone" where you aren't continually psychologically-stressed.  Now, having gained some control over your life you'll be LESS PSYCHOLOGICALLY WEAK AND HENCE LESS OPEN  to their FAKE REALITY.  You'll find that you are pretty tough once you get "out of step" with this Binaural, brain-wave control.  One last thing: hunting and exposing the hunters gives you power.  Power to the repressed!!! 



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      6 years ago

      Go to they have a catalog of the devices that sound like the ones you are being tortured with. They also have counter devices as well. Get a clear audible recording with one of their devices, and present it to a good lawyer. Dont call the lawyer from your home phone, as I did. I have been tracked for the past 8 years now. I have many recordings. My Radio Shack voice recorder got the voices on tape, slow down the play back mode, and get Windows Media Player enhancements, it will surprise you.


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