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Three things to remember while preaching

Updated on November 11, 2013

3 things to remember while preaching

There are many points to be kept in mind while preaching. I would like to share some of them with you. Preaching is one of th best part of the church service. But at the same time, it could be an irritating time for the listeners, if the preaching goes beyond the limit. Jokes and illustrations are good to explain a point. But it become boring, if you repeat it for many times.

Talking too long

How would you want people say about your preaching. Do you like them saying "I wish he would have spoken longer" If they wish you had spoken longer, there are chances that they will come back to hear you.

A persons attention span is normally 15-30 minutes. After the limit of attention span, there are less chances for the people to retain the information you are passing on to your hearers. Someone said that "God has called you to preach on eternity; not to preach for eternity.

You may be good in preaching. Your messages may help your listeners a lot. But when it turn out too long, that irritates them as well. After a certain period, people start looking at their watches or clock at the church. So make it sure that your messages are as short as you can. Do not elaborate your message too much. But do not limit your preaching to the worldly time limit. If the holy spirit prompts you to preach longer, obey the holy spirit. From the experience, you can understand, while preaching, how it is going on by yourself. If you feel difficulty in preaching, the listeners also feel the same. In such situations, it is better for you to stop early as possible.

Talking too much about yourself.

Many preachers life are an open book for many of his listeners. They talk too much about themselves, their wife and their kids and neighbors. Many of the stories run around his family. When you share about the struggles of your life, it is good to share some of the live experience with your listeners. Too much of them create irritation in your listeners.

Sharing the contents of the talk you had with others in front of your listeners, will make them careful in sharing with you their personal information. I often heard pastors sharing about the talks with people who were in the previous church or happened to talk with others and make fun of it. That too is very dangerous. That makes people careful about sharing with you their personal and family problems. You need to be compassionate and caring Shepard. Not the Shepard, who laugh at them and make fun of them.

Too much of self centered and others centered are equally dangerous.

Preaching dry messages.

Dry message means a preaching which is boring and making people sleep while preaching. There are exception for people who sleep regularly. Stories, illustrations and humors will make your preaching more vital and alive. That will make people sit at the edge of the seat and carefully listen to your message. So it is important to make sure that your preaching is well balanced with humors, stories and illustrations.

Practical applications in different areas of life is more important. Values and commitments are decreasing even in the life of believers. You are supposed to encourage them to put more efforts into living a life as per Bible and pleasing God.

Passion is another area you need to have while preaching. You need to passionate about your message, otherwise you listeners will not find any reason to follow it. If you are not passionate about what you are preaching, it will be a dry message. For that you need to be more passionate about God and the word of God and leading a Christian life.


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    • Steel Engineer profile image

      Steel Engineer 5 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine

      The way to keep people listening is to have a message you received directly from the Holy Spirit, not just from a seminary, or a website list. The Holy Spirit does not like to be limited. The worship team and the pastor must follow the Holy Spirit. I have been in churches where I heard amazing preaching- after the regular pastor, led by the Holy Spirit, turned the podium over to someone in the audience.

      We must remember- it is GOD's church, not the property of any pastor(s). One hour, three hours, twenty minutes- as long as the Holy Spirit is leading.