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How to better organize your life

Updated on May 1, 2015

Feng Shui Tip


1. Good Feng Shui for Your Garage

Usually, the garage is the place where you just throw in things and close the door without looking back. But if the garage is connected to your house, then you must care for it and try to give it a better organization, as it can spoil the positive energy of your entire house. The chaos and disorganization in the garage, enhanced by the existence of items you don’t need and use anymore, better known as debris, are ruining the Chi of your house. So get ready to do something about it.

First, you need to consider your garage a room just like any other in your house, not like a mere depositing space and create or treat it accordingly. The garage should be a place inspiring warmth, even support, and not to be a trash under disguise. De-cluster it and throw away the items you will never use or are damaged. Put everything else in a nice order, which will not only create a pleasant view but will also prove to come in handy. Paint the garage in a color that will make it come in union with the rest of the house, even place a landscape painting and use warm lightening. All of this will make the space more welcoming.

2. Feng Shui for the Refrigerator

The refrigerator is where we keep our food, essential for life and for maintaining a healthy body. So it is easy to understand why we should keep the food in an environment with a good energy. If we feel like eating chaotically, or not feeling so good after eating, perhaps the way we keep our fridge might be an explanation. It is time to change your eating habits and make your refrigerator respect Feng Shui.

The fridge should always be cleaned on the inside, so do this operation whenever you notice it doesn’t look properly. Also, never let spoiled food, old or unused foods to linger too much in it, as they will attract negative energy. Make sure you clean your refrigerator of these food items.

Always keep in the fridge fresh food, evenly spread throughout the entire space of the fridge, as it represents abundance and generosity. But, of course, do not exceed your eating habits, because you will throw away a lot of spoiled food. Fill your fridge with healthy food, keep a pleasant odor and items organized on the shelves, to allow positive energy to come in and flow regularly.

Also, don’t place the fridge near the stove or right in front of it. The stove is fire, and the fridge is water so that quarrels might arise in the house. As a color, choose white or cream, as they represent purity and serenity, instead of bright colors.

Art of Arranging Books with Feng Shui

3. Art of Arranging Books with Feng Shui

If you think books can be kept anywhere and anyhow, then you are wrong. Books represent people’s ideas and opinions, so they are filled with a lot of energies. Thus, it is very important how we use that energy in our behalf. Books should be maintained in order, positioned in an upright stand, aligned one after another. But never cluster a bookshelf.

Leave some open spaces on the shelves and add artwork, photos or even plants to create a more pleasant view. Also, never have books in the bedroom. Because they have such a high energy, they won’t allow you to rest properly. Instead, have your shelf near the front door, as it will transmit a welcoming message, especially if the book shelves are airy and nicely decorated.

It is not well to put books above your desk, as it created a feeling of heaviness and oppression. You can even arrange books in shelves by the color of their cover, for a better visual impact.

The point is to make the place where you place the books a nice, ordered, and great to look at space. If you have too many books and they sit in disorder, then you should consider putting some doors in front of them, in order to block the heavy energy they are transmitting.

4. Organized Basement Helps You Move Up in World

The basement is usually the place where you stack old items, from your past, items you don’t use anymore but are somewhat fond of. But also, the basement is connected to your house, as being a part of it, so much be careful about the energy that comes through there.

Having all the items of your past thrown in the basement in a chaotic manner will not allow you to move forward, keeping you somehow stuck, due to the stagnant energies. So do keep your belongings in the basement in the best order you can.

Organize them and label them, to make them more accessible to you. The basement should look nice, just like an ordered antique shop, where you can easily find whatever you need. By doing so, you will be liberated by all the stagnant energies, allowing you to move up in world and advance.

Without it, we can say you are living in the past, and no one wants that. Every item we possess gets charged with our energy, so it is important we keep it in order, especially if that particular energy comes from the past.

Organized Basement


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    • Jojo Yousef profile imageAUTHOR

      Jomana H 

      3 years ago

      Yes, if you organize your home you will feel that everything better

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Organizing the house is one way to bring in luck


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