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How to Create an elemental manifestation altar

Updated on February 6, 2020

What is an intention altar

There are many ways to create intention or creation which might also be called positive thinking, manifesting or simple strong prayers. Giving yourself a tool to focus your emerging thoughts for your desires is a great way to begin using the law of attraction. There is the belief that thoughts will happen if you want them to and lots of people out there following this spiritual practice, I am one of them.

Why build an altar

This particular altar is for sending intentions across into the access of the energies of the world propelling them with your own good thoughts and asking the elementals to help. You might think why the need for an altar, well setting up the altar moves your thoughts more towards what you wish to do. Like attending church you structure your thoughts differently once you begin a process of building or getting dressed up to attend. This simple altar is my way of getting dressed up.

Keeping it postive

There is so much information you can search and find on ways to keep your intentions postive going far back in history. The way of wicca will say harm none or send out bad and receive it back 3 fold. I agree with this keep things postive, all your written words your thoughts as you write them and when writing them leave out words such and no, never, not, ect.

I also wish to tell you due to cause and effect you should only write intentions that are related to you and try to stop yourself from directly affecting someone else's life. That is their life to choose what they want and attempting to affect someone else can have serious effects on more than one person.

I had a friend who wanted her husband to be more like a paticular person she admired and so she set on this intention with lots of thought. One day I was talking with her and she was telling me how weird her husband was getting and some strange things he had done. So I asked her what have you been doing, she related the above information. My words, you are directly sending energy towards him that is not him not his personality not who he is, this is now having a strange effect because he cannot be the other person. And what effect do you think you are possibly having on the other person whose energy is now coming towards your husband. I advised her to begin reversal asap for all parties involved. It is simply not fair to ask for someone in paticualr to love you or be what you want. It could have a negitive impact on you as well.

Let's begin

After much contemplation over the elements and how they show us so many things I decided to build an altar based on all the elementals, knowing that all the elements are with me at all times since my body is made up of them. I desired to see it in front of me and so here we are.

Supplies | Source
Pure beeswax candle, scent free, intention free
Pure beeswax candle, scent free, intention free | Source
Clear crystal
Clear crystal | Source

What you will need

1. Altar cloth - I have three I like the cloth I think it makes the whole thing look pretty and gives me a space to work with if I did not have one to use I would simply use the earth or a table top.

2. Stones, rocks, shells, crystals - you need at least one clear crystal and 4 stones of your choice. This is to represent the stone people, the four directions and the elements.

3. Wooden bowl - size is up to you, I have a small one, the one I use is plain but if wish to decorate it in some fashion go for it.

4. Plain beeswax unscented candle - the candle should not have any other attributes, like perfumes or colors, just plain it is there as the fire element and we do not wish to detract from the fire itself. If you are wishing to focus on a paticular intention like money perhaps you might use a green candle but remember that someone else put their thoughts on money or prosperity into it. So I stick with the plain uncolored scent free candle.

5. Water - just water fresh non salt from any source, although if you head out into the world, the water you use from a creek can be returned to its source when you are finished borrowing it for your use.

6. Matches or lighter - your preference, once picked dedicate the box of matches or lighter to the altar and do not use it for any other use.

7. Paper and pencil or pen - you could also dedicate a small notebook and writing utensil to the altar if you wish. I prefer to have mine with me all the time and use it for many things not just for for manifestation thoughts. The notebook is mostly for spiritual thoughts that come and go but is not just for the altar.

8. Dried cedar - a wand of cedar or loose dried cedar to use as a smudge to clear the air and your own energy field.

Instructions and thoughts

1. Light the cedar up and clear the air and yourself

2. Lay out the cloth on a flat surface

3. Place the stones on the cloth either in a circle or in a sprial, I prefer the sprial for many reasons


4. Place the bowl as the center of the sprial


5. Place the candle and the clear crystal in the bowl

6. Add the water to the bowl, getting it to nearly the top of the candle but remember not to get the very top or the wick wet.

Burning it across
Burning it across | Source
Into the water it goes
Into the water it goes | Source

7. Light the candle

8. Relight the cedar and clear the air again

9. Write out a short intention

10. Look at your intention on the paper, then blow your breath into or onto it, think into it. Give your intention the breath of life.

11. Burn the intention using the flame of the candle to light it, hold it until the words are all on fire. So leave enough space to hold onto the paper and not burn your fingers.

12. Drop the burning paper into the bowl of water

13. Repeat steps 9, 10, 11 for as many intentions as you wish but there is a thought of to many at once can possibly create chaos.

14. The candle from the water and the Crystal Clean them off in the water so that all of your intentions are in the water.

15. Now take the water with your intentions and dump them out with good thoughts that they are activated. If you're near a creek that you took the water from, return the water back to the creek and or river and ask the water too swiftly send your intentions into the flow of things. If you're not near a moving water source since use the base of a tree, a plant or clean clear area to place your intentions while watering the plants or the Earth and asking for your intentions to move swiftly into the flow of things.

Side note only do this altar after the new moon and up to the full moon, not during the waning moon. I actually do this altar on the day of the new moon every month.

Working with in the elements

The idea of this intention altar is to include the elements that is within all things including our own bodies to move things out into the flow of things, into the energy of the world.

The crystal in the water is an amplifier to move your intentions out.

The flame is the fire of the sun and the fire of your thought. The intention is sparked in the fire of your mind.

The water is the flow the magic flowing through you.

The breath is your breath of life and the element air activation

The wood bowl, the stones, the cloth are all earth.

Move with the elements within you by using a representation to focus upon.

Circle style

Gratitude intentions

Sometimes a way to bring something into your life is by simply and fully being grateful for it.

1. Thank you so much for all the green lights as I drive through town.

2. Thank you so much universe for the love of my family and friends.

3. Thank you universe for showing me ways to be healthy and am willing to incorporate into my daily lifestyle. Or this could be please show me ways that I am willing to incorporate into my life to become healthier. (Side note, just asking to be healthy could cause you illness, since the flow of the universe will go through your body and find things that need fixing so you are healthier. What you wish to acheive is finding ways for you yourself to place in your life to become healthier, via tv, social media, books, magazines ect....)


Some ideas for positive intentions would be

1. I am a very lucky person wherever I go I am incredibly lucky.

2. The job I need will find its way to me or I will find the job that I need easily.

3. Plants will grow beautifully for me.

4. I receive good things in my life.

5. I am blessed wherever I go

6. My life is easy, fun and fullfilling.

7. Lead my steps towards the love of my life.

Do you already have an altar with this kind of use?

See results

Final thoughts

I enjoy using this alter to focus my thoughts and intentions into manifestation. I travel with it and use it with friends as well. We each do our own and use our own water with the bowl and candle being cleaned in between each. This is to insure that our indivdual intentions are not intertwined and yet we are supporting each other by giving postive energy towards the others intentions while they are burning.

If there are other ideas out there on intnetion altars I would love to hear about them just add a comment below.


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