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How to check if Astrologer is giving correct predictions and FAQs about Astrology Reading & Astrologer

Updated on October 5, 2015
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So you are interested to have a good experience of consulting an Astrologer

A very large section of people consult Astrologers as they are interested in making proper use of Astrology. The nature of their experience varies in intensity and quality ranging from “very good”, “amazing”, “very accurate” to “average”, “nothing great”, “wrong readings” or “got cheated”

  • The objective of this hub article is to share with the readers that how they can:
  • Select a good Astrologer (if not the best)
  • Know that s/he is best suited to their needs and purpose

Get the correct readings possible about future by asking the right question and what information to give to the Astrologer.

About the Author

Sundeep Kataria is the founder CEO of a Management Consulting Firm. He is also a qualified Astrologer and he combines all his skills to provide Wellness Counselling.

The contents of this hub are straight from his years of professional experience.

Other benefits

Of course, in the process you also get to save yourself from the other type of astrologer you should not be seeing (incompetent / misguiding / negative etc.) So you save a lot in terms of time, money and efforts besides getting a good reading of future and guidance about your aspects of life.


Knowing Astrology and its working

It may be beneficial to begin with the understanding of the concept of Astrology and how does it work?

Very briefly stated, Astrology is an ancient system of interpretation of the movements of planets which affect the individuals as well as the events relating to a place.

The astrologer needs a ‘snapshot’ of the position of the planets at the time you were born and with reference to the place on the earth you were born. This is very easily calculated by taking 3 pieces of information about the person:

(a) Date

(b) Time and

(c) Place of birth

Armed with these inputs the Astrologer then converts that ‘snapshot’ into a horoscope which gives the position of the 9 planets and 12 zodiac signs and their spread over the 12 houses.

Based on this and other important information such as progression (dasha) and transits the predictions are made for various aspects of life such as Education, Health, Wealth, Profession, Marriage / Relationship, Property, Family etc.

Steps in the process of Finding the right Astrologer

1. Find the Astrologers

How do you come to know about an Astrologer? Is it through advertisements on TV or in the Press Media or Google search?

All this is OK as long as you don’t get swayed by an impactful TV / Newspaper advertisement by the astrologer. May be she or he is very good in making first impression or has hired the services of a professional Public Relations (PR) agency. A good reference should also be considered.

Just like the process you would undertake to search and choose a specialist such as a Doctor or Dentist or Investment Advisor, in the same way you should decide which Astrologer to consult for your specific needs. This you will see in step no. 2.

2. Check about the capabilities of the Astrologer

There are a couple of things you can do in this regard. Depending on your personal style, need and the information available (about the astrologer) you may like to opt for any one or more of the following:

A. Check with some people who are already this Astrologer’s clients.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. In this case, you may like to ask others about their experiences. Please ask them if:

  • they have they been satisfied with the Astrologer’s readings?
  • would they like to come again to consult him or have they been consulting him regularly?
  • are his suggestions easily understood and the recommendations easy to follow?

My experience in this regard

Being a student of Astrology for many years and a practicing astrologer, I would like to say that it is possible to answer such difficult but relevant questions, provided the astrologer is familiar with the Geo-Political-Business-Economical happenings in this world.

B. What is the Astrologer’s general education background and specific domain knowledge?

Frankly these are two specific questions under one heading of education and knowledge.

Astrology is a science and art of interpretation of the positioning of 12 Zodiac Sings, 9 Planets and 27 Nakshatras (constellations) besides the study of movement of planets in an individual’s horoscope. A learned astrologer may know all the shlokas (verses) but if he is from a particular culture and background, it may be difficult for him to relate correctly to another time frame or culture background. For example, in the horoscope a particular combination may be coming up that the person has just purchased a means of transportation (conveyance). He is actually right up to this point. But what if he tells a rich industrialist that “you will buy a bullock cart” - instead of predicting the purchase a luxury car?

Similarly, he would be liable to make a mistake if asked by an investor- “I want to invest in a power plant – should it be Thermal Power Plant or a Hydro Power Plant?”

C. Does the Astrologer speak your language?

It is very important that you speak a common language because the Astrologer needs to relate with your issues, points or problems. Even if he (or she) is one of the best, but if he is unable to understand you perfectly or you fail to follow his readings completely, there would be a loss of efficacy and accuracy. Yes, the services of an interpreter can be employed but it may add to the cost and / or let someone get a peep into your private life.

Of course, there can be exceptions to this point.

Please share your preferences for the type of Future Reading

Who do you like to consult

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3. How to evaluate your Astrologer during and after the consultation

OK so you are so far satisfied with your spade work and you have zeroed on to a particular Astrologer. Let us see what you can do to check if he is giving the correct predictions and to what extent.

How is he doing the predictions

Has he made a chart on the basis of 3 specific inputs from you – which are your Date, Time and Place of Birth? (you may again like to refer to the para “Knowing Astrology and its working”)

How much time the Astrologer spent on studying your horoscope

An astrologer has to absorb in his mind at least 3 charts (D-1, D-9 and Moon Chart), position of the planets along with the operating dasha, transit of the planets and as much more he wants to refer to. Even a very experienced astrologer will need 10 minutes to comprehend this much data.

Therefore, you should be wary of a person who immediately starts giving his readings.


There is no substitute to this and there can’t be one set of rules to activate this. Just go by your inner voice and feelings. Don’t allow yourself to be unnecessarily influenced.



A good astrologer like a good doctor should try to explain the things such as the likelihood of events foreseen, the reasons and timings for them in a layman’s language. If he is ambiguous or vague then you know how to rank him now.

Style and approach

Even good astrologers have different styles – blunt or soft spoken; focused on Negative aspects or on Positive aspects; is he helpful with a counselor’s approach or just the opposite – the intimidating type; is he very brief and to the point or explains in detail.

Here you have to go by your personal preferences.

Is he selling additional services

The divine knowledge of Astrology can sometime be misused by an overambitious person to make a lot of money. One of the techniques such a person would use is to keep their consultation free or charge a very nominal fee. (If you are good at numbers then you should be wondering that how is he surviving if this is his full time business?) But they would either sell precious or semi precious stones or recommend certain remedial measures which are likely to burn a big hole in your pocket.

A request from the author

This hub has been written specifically to inform the believers more / share with them some experiences. I am sure that armed with insights (from my 2 hubs) about Astrology Readings and Selection of a good Astrologer, they shall feel empowered to get the maximum benefit from the divine science of Vedic Astrology.

Readers are also requested to share their views, suggestions and tips to enhance good experience of consulting an Astrologer.

4. How to ask the right questions to get best advice and direction

The purpose of this hub would be better achieved if you also refer to the hub : How to get proper advantage of Vedic Astrology Readings


The more prepared you are for the interactive session that better would be the predictions by the Astrologer.

Please share your experience

How has been your experience with Future Readers?

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Lesson 3 - Signification of 12 Zodiac Signs, Learning Vedic Astrology


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