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How to discern an evil spirit from a benevolent spirit

Updated on May 3, 2015

Benevolent versus Malevolent beings

How does one know if the people they are associating with are evils spirits or good spirits? Has it ever happened to you that things start going great in your life and then someone enters it and months or years later, you are miserable, personally, financially or both? This is not by chance.

While God, your ministering angel and your guardian angel want all that is good for you, they cannot interfere with your decisions, since we have all been granted "Free Will" by God to make our own choices. You need to ask them for help, if you want their assistance. God and angels will not act on your behalf unless they are asked and then it will be on God's timetable, so be patient and specific in your prayers.

Many years ago, when 1/3 of the heavenly host was offered free will, 1/3 was cast into the Earth and followed the the evil one, the great deceiver, one who goes by several names. The other 2/3 of the heavenly angels stayed true to God and still to this day.

The "watchers" are evil and are constantly watching us and constantly barrage us with negativity and people that will work against us and prevent you from being successful in all aspects of your life, especially when things start going good for you. They are deceitful, liars, manipulators and are constantly trying to convince you that God and Christ are the cause of your unhappiness. THIS IS COMPLETELY UNTRUE! If you are aware of this, you can protect yourself and not fall into this trap.

Therefore, ask yourself a simple question about people that you associate with and are involved with:

"When I am around this person(s), am I happy or sad, energized or drained?"

If the person that you are around drains your energy, pressures you to do things that you know are wrong and don't want to do, makes you uneasy or scared, seems to cause you to be held back from the things that you want to accomplish, then that person is an evil being. That evil being sees that you are a child of God and are good and that evil spirit, through this person will try everything to hold you down and not move forward in your spiritual development. Because once you become a master and a master of your destiny, any evil will have no control or infuence over you and will then move on to others. The only way evil can survive is to keep recruiting more people, otherwise they will eventually perish.

If the person or persons that you associate with bring you happiness, uplift you when you see them, good things and fun things occur when you are together, don't cause you any harm, then they are good spirits. Yes, it is that simple!

Remember what the Master said, "The truth will set you free" Free from what? Free from Lies, Fear, and Superstition, which are all tools of evil beings. Question everything and "Test the Spirits" so you know who you are dealing with at all times.

Start your day with thanks to God for everything that you have, ask for protection, health, happiness and great wealth to happen to you each day and above all "WALK YOUR PRAYERS", don't just say the words and do the opposite.

I was told a long time ago from a Lakota friend of mine the following: "People's lives are not to be played with"

My final advice to you is:

1. Always be aware of your surroundings.

2. Start and end each day with thanks and prayer for ALL the things that you have and want.

3. Practice the "Golden Rule" at all times.

4. Know that we are not alone in the universe.

5. Rise above all the noise, deception, manipulation that we are all being fed daily from media, governments and evil beings and be a "FREE THINKER" and make your own choices.

6. The more you talk about something, the less likely you will do it. If you want to accomplish something, practice the rule of silence, and go after what you want. The more you talk about something, the more of your energy dissipates to where you eventually lose interest.

7. Anything that bothers you, spend no more than 15 minutes daily and write it out, not worried about penmanship or neatness, or legibility. Write everything out, anger, swear words, whatever is hurting you etc. putting all your feelings and senses into the writing. Do not exceed 15 minutes. After you are done, do not re-read what you wrote, just destroy it, burn it or shred it and NEVER let anyone read what you wrote. This is a way of dissipating negativity. Another way is to talk to someone you trust and get it off your chest. Both methods are effective.

8. Seek a higher spiritual vibration by remaining positive each day.

9. Remember, you cannot help others unless you help your self first and are in a position to do so.

10. Protect your wealth and don't let others cheat you out of it. Money is NOT the root of all evil, "THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL" know the difference.

God Bless you all!

Pure Love



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    • profile image

      Viktor Won 2 years ago from Chicago

      You are free to live your life and make all the choices you wish to make, that is "Free Will". By reading the post in its entirety, it explains quite clearly. Do you believe that all humans are good? Do you believe that those taking advantage of others, committing atrocities and crimes against the innocent are good for you? The point is that only a highly spiritual human being can discern between people that are good for you and not good for you and those speaking the truth and others speaking b.s. and deception. I can only speak for myself and have an innate ability to discern very quickly people speaking the truth versus those lying and deceiving. It is up to each human being to attain a higher level of spirituality, which is the only way to accomplish this ability. No one is going to tell you what to believe or what not believe or hold your hand and tell you things that you need to find out for yourself, unless you are part of the mass minded zombies that cannot think for themselves. The number one rule in the universe is "Don't do anything for anyone that they can do for themselves". The reason for this is that it keeps people from fully developing on their own. Everything I write is to help people and not for any other reason.