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How to do Telekinesis (Videos)

Updated on February 28, 2010

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do telekinesis? I certainly have! I've never actually gotten round to trying to put it into practice but if you look around the internet you'll find people who seem to have mastered the art, if not only in moderation. But hey, let's be honest -- when it comes to moving something with the power of your mind, moving something tiny just a little bit is pretty impressive. These videos you see below are tutorials presented by different people claiming to have the ability of telekinesis. If you'd like to have a go at telekinesis, these are pretty nifty tutorials to have a look at before you get started. Good luck!

What is Telekinesis?

Telekinesis is Greek for "mind movement" and refers to the ability to move an object simply by willing it to do so with your mind. Most people believe this phenomena to be total rubbish and magicians like James Randi have done a good job of debunking most of the fakes who've made it to national media level. But that doesn't necessarily mean that telekinesis isn't possible, does it?

Darryl Sloan's Telekinesis Demonstration

It would seem unscientific to claim anything of the sort is absolutely impossible; therefore we really ought to keep an open mind to such things. In the case of the following videos, they seem fairly legit to me and I've no reason to doubt them. Have a look for yourself and remember that both of these guys say that it took a lot of time and patience to be able to move objects even a little bit. Lesson being -- be patient and persevere!

Telekinesis tips:

  • Learn to meditate. This will strengthen your connection with your conscious mind and better enable you to perform telekinesis.

  • Connect with your Chi. There are several theories of thought on the subject of telekinesis and some believe that it's not the mind that moves things, but your ability to control your own Chi. If you can master your Chi you may be able to move objects with it.

  • Practice!! You've got to practice quite a bit!

  • Stay positive. You're unlikely to move something during your first attempt so don't get down on yourself if books don't go flying off the shelves right away.

  • Be practical. Don't start with a big heavy object, start with something light and easy and then work your way up.

Beginner's Telekinesis Tutorial

Here we have Darryl Sloan giving a 10 minute telekinesis tutorial which includes all the basic info he managed to suss over the course of his telekinesis studies. IMO he seems like a straightforward kind of guy and if he's full of it, he's quite a good actor. In this video he provides telekinesis beginners with loads of tips including what to use and how to use it. He also happens to have a number of other interesting videos on YouTube and you may want to have a look as they cover lots of topics.

Telekinesis Tutorial (Part 1)

If I knew the name of this man, I'd include it, but I wasn't able to locate it on his YouTube profile. Note that this is just part one in a series; do have a visit to his other videos so you can see the rest of the series in its entirety. As with the previous tutor, this one's got a believable presentation as well and he's got good videos to support his claims. Have a watch and then have a try -- if you manage to video yourself moving objects with your mind, upload them and email me a link and I'll include it on this page (as long as it looks legit!)

Image: Simon Howden /


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