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How to ensure moral societies?

Updated on November 8, 2012

Human Values!

Ensuring moral education in schools and collages!

Utter chaos rules human society due to morally bankrupt politicians, rulers and bureaucrats. In spite of this, there is some semblance of order in the spiritual realm, thanks to the few selfless saints and noble people who are silently working for the uplift of present condition of human society! The main reason for the present condition is ‘moral education is dispensed with by many educational institutions all over the world. In the ancient times, moral education was the foundation for all other arts that were taught in the hermitages of our land. Man has to abide by certain laws, rules and regulations for living in the society. He cannot lead an independent life divorced from society. When he lives in a society, he has to follow the culture of the society.

Few decades ago, we have seen ‘hippy culture’ spreading everywhere in the West and in the most advanced nations. They started living as per the fancies of their mind almost like aborigines. They never cared about the society and personal hygiene was a taboo in the hippy people. After some time, people living in cultured societies started driving them out since the hippies were indulging in many unsavory habits, involved in many petty crimes. The Police too were looking suspiciously at the hippies. Finding their own habits and lives disgusting, many hippies left their group to join in main stream society. It was really an aberration due to want of moral culture in them. There was none to guide them and counsel them. Finding that they have become a menace to peace, they were shunted out everywhere. One fact is they were from affluent families and most of the hippies were highly educated but lack character.

Morality is the foundation and base of every society. As human beings, we are governed by morals and human values. But we fail to follow the moral ways of living and we do not practice human values such as Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence as enshrined in many religions. All religions contain the above truths and their religious texts teach the above human values to the people. Unfortunately, today’s society consider wealth, status, power and position as the yardsticks for valuing the people. Hence majority of the human beings strive to achieve these ephemeral goals in their life and it is a pity that they fail to remain content with whatever they are blessed with. They spoil their health, lose their precious sleep and they are constantly stressed to achieve these unrealistic goals of life. Even if they are able to amass wealth and properties, it is not easy to safeguard the same from thieves, relatives and government authorities. To loot the affluent, dacoits stoop to any level and they are even ready to murder the man to seize the wealth. Relatives have become worse than dacoits. We cannot rely even our own children when the question of properties is concerned.

The only way out to create a moral society is to educate the children in Truth, brotherhood, mutual help and sacrifice. Elders and teachers should be revered and respected. Obedience is the hallmark of students. They should be taught to relinquish their selfish tendencies and they should be taught the sanctity of ‘service to the poor destitute. They should be taught to tend the infirm whenever they meet them. The hungry should be fed; The thirsty should be given water. Cloths should be provided to the needy. Blankets should be spared to the roadside dwellers that do not have the resources. Every student should develop unselfish love towards all others and help them. They should never hurt anybody even unknowingly since God resides in every being! Children are the back bone to the future society. If they are corrected and guided, future society will take care of itself! It is difficult to correct the habits of elderly society. But, by seeing the changes that is effected in their children and grandchildren, they too may like to follow the moral ways!


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