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How to find Saturn transit periods of your life

Updated on June 10, 2011

Symptoms of Saturn transit

I have explained the effect of Saturn transit in my previous hub titled Saturn transits as per Vedic astrology. Now once the effect of Saturn transit is known, we will find how to find the period of Saturn transit in our lives. There are symptoms and there are calculations, if you find symptoms then take help of calculation to confirm your assumptions.

Symptoms that indicate towards Saturn transit

  1. Financial losses due to unforeseen reasons: this could be through wrong and impulsive investment decisions, sudden sickness leading to unexpected complications, sickness of loved ones, litigation or legal dispute with administration etc.
  2. Interpersonal problems at office and home: People often get into unnecessary arguments leading to disharmony at office and/or home. This often accompanies with extreme anger further complicating things for person going through phase of Saturn transit.
  3. Injury from fire or water: Avoid taking risks and take all possible safety measures.
  4. Health issues: As indicated health issues do arise during Saturn transits
  5. Feeling of frustrations: due to high intensity of problems, you might suffer from feeling of frustration, however do not take any decision or action under the influence of anger or rage.
  6. Cluttered thinking: Inability to take right decisions, it may also be that, a seemingly right decision giving unexpected unfavorable result thus shaking your self-confidence.

However, note that these situations are temporary and your biggest defense during the phases of Saturn transits are courage, patience and prayers. The intensity of problems is also dependent on position of other planets in your birth chart or kundli as referred in Vedic astrology. Hence life a mixture of difficult and joyous situations even during Saturn transits. Now calculations:


Calculations to know the period of Saturn transit

Instead of giving you lecherous calculations, I will give you a online tool that will help you find Saturn transits in the coming future. You need to know your date and year of birth, time of birth and place of birth and the tool will give you exact information.

Remember that Saturn almost takes 29 to 30 years to revolve around all the zodiac signs. This information can be used to approximate period of past Saturn transits.

Note: Saturn transits means Saturn transits as per Vedic astrology, which is based on lunar aspects.

How to get some relief during Saturn transits

Lal Kitab mentions the following remedies to reduce the intensity of problems during Saturn transits:

Donate following things

  • Black colour cotton cloth
  • Black gram (kali urad dal),
  • Black genuine leather objects.
  • Iron utensils along with mustard oil. and,

Keep a fast on Saturdays, during the fast only black gram (urad dal), Black-Salt and fruits are only permitted.

Pray to lord shani or Saturn, if you are not sure how to do it take help of a known Hindu pundit (priest) and he will perform it for you in accordance to Vedic literature. Recite the Maha-Mrityunjaya Mantra one lakh twenty-five thousand times. Get ring made of iron obtained from a horse-shoe and wear it.

One may not be familiar with these steps and it is best to take help of Hindu Pundit whose job is to help and/ or perform these steps on behalf of people.


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