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How to find your spiritual path - Part 1

Updated on February 24, 2013

AKA Terms for the Spiritual Path

Since you have arrived here you may be ready to move forward. I will explain this and throughout my writings I will share everything I have learned over time but let’s start at the basic of basics.

The spiritual path may also be referred to as:

- The path of Knowledge

- The path of Love

- The path to Perfection

- Finding your Higher Self and Listening to It

- The Way to God

- Finding Inner Peace

- Living Life to the Fullest

- Living a Zen Life

The term used to describe the Spiritual Path doesn’t matter; the important point is that you are trying to have a better life and want to be a more complete person. The terminology that will be used here is "Spiritual Path". For now let’s start with the very basics.

When life doesn't seem to be enough and you can feel there is more. When you feel that you are in the right place at the right time. When you feel that things have gone terribly wrong and there must be something better for you.

Whether you are religious or not doesn't matter. Whether you believe in an afterlife or not doesn't matter. Whatever you believe IS your reality. So IF you are ready to shake things up in your life and truly begin to move forward toward something better then you are ready for the spiritual path.

What is The Spiritual Path and How to Find it

What is the spiritual path? Well, it is different for every person. While walking it you will experience roadblocks, times of great joy and times of peace. A simple definition of the Spiritual Path is: living life with your ego put aside, to be the best that you can be, and bring light to those around you in a balanced way.

To find your path you must be willing to accept that things may not exactly be as you have been taught. Money, success, fame and power may be part of your path or merely living a simple life may be the right path for you.

You must take the first step for yourself and look for what is right for you and ask for help when you need it. So, who do you ask? Well, if you are religious you can pray and be open to the words, feelings or impression that may be given to you. Also, if you are looking for direction from a learned religious person then ask your Priest / Imam / Pastor or whomever you feel is the right church person to ask. If you are not religious then you can say out loud: “Hello universe, I need help from anyone good out there who can give me guidance. Please help me find my path in life. Give me a sign so clear that I can’t mistake it for anything else.” After this be sure to stay open to whatever answer you receive or whatever comes your way. Your answer may appear in a dream, from a wrong number phone call, from a new person you unexpectedly meet or from something completely unique to you. Whatever method your answer arrives by it will feel like it is a message to you.

Trust your intuition if it feels right and ignore the logical mind that may say "This can't be possible." -- Energy follows thought; if you think it can't happen then it wont and if you think it is possible then it is.

If the answers you receive feel wrong to you then trust your feelings and know THAT is not your your way forward on the path. Even getting an answer that you know is not for you can help move you closer to what is right for you. Every action you take can move you forward on the path. The search to find the Spiritual Path may be irrelevant because you may already be walking it.

Getting assistance for spiritual stuff takes effort; you have to make the effort to ask for help then help will come. Do what feels right to you in your heart; figure out what brings you happiness and joy and do those things.

This is a simple intro to the spiritual path. For further spiritual path info please continue reading the next part in this series: How to find your spiritual path – part 2: Brain vs Heart.

My Spiritual Background in Life

I have been trained in Energy Healing at the National Association of Esoteric Healing. Prior to this training I have had numerous years of spiritual experiences. All of this has carried me forward on my Spiritual Path which has in turn led me to try to light the way for others that are looking for assistance.


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    • Poshbytori profile image

      POSH by tori boutique 4 years ago from 1545 Union Lake Road, Commerce, MI, 48382

      Very good information. I am going to continue on in your series! Thank you!!!!

    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 4 years ago from Miller Lake

      I am looking forward to reading more of your hubs on Spiritual Guidance; I am trying to find my way and do feel somewhat lost and overwhelmed. I am trying to lead a more Christian way of life but I am wet behind the ears as it is a new way of life for me. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and giving me guidance God bless you!