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How to get rid of your sins

Updated on August 17, 2015

Life Cycle

Getting rid of your sins

It is Kaliyuga and people are doing sins every day. These sins are lying, stealing, betrayal and hurting sentiments of other people. Gods are very strict and they give severe punishments even for small sins. In Shiv Purana I read that people who commit adultery are tied with a heated iron statue of girl in hell. There is no respite for people who commit murder, rape, robbery and kidnapping, but people who commit small sins can absolve their sins by following the methods mentioned below.

1. They should read Shiv Purana, Bible, Quran or Guru Granh Sahib.

2. They should donate 5% of their income to poor.

3. They should contribute towards the construction of Temple, Church or Mosque.

4. They should plant at least 100 trees.

5. They should go for pilgrimage.

6. They should worship the Lord on days they take bath.

I have found a marked difference in my life after reading Shiv Purana. You too can absolve your sins by reading religious literature and by helping others.

The torture which one has to undergo after death is unbearable. The sinners are dragged through Baitarni river where their body begins to form once again. The huge serpents, worms and insects bite them. They have to go through swamp, where their newly formed body drown again and again. When they reach Hell then they are boiled in boiling oil. According to their sins their body parts are severed. They have to undergo through lot of torture again and again, after immense pain the God of Justice takes decision about their rebirth.

The sinners are born as insects, worms, stray animals or even as trees. So it is better for one to get rid of their sins on Earth. Be nice to fellow Human Beings and creatures and do good deed for rest of your life.

Helping Poor people and caring for trees and animals are two good methods to get rid of your sins. Reading Shiv Purana is mandatory to get rid of sins.

Methods to get rid of Sins

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