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How to lead our life on earth?

Updated on April 11, 2016


Purposeful living!

We all like to be independent. There are two aspects in seeking independence. When we understand that we are bound, we will seek freedom from bondage. This is how India obtained “Independence” from British rule. The illiterate peasants and laborers were unaware what happens around them. Suddenly they find that some alien people try to enslave them and loot their labor. But they were innocent illiterates. How they could understand ‘colony rule’. But there were many educated wise leaders, who saw through the plan of East India Company to usurp our land slowly in parts. They befriended the various small rulers of provinces, gave them money and presents, entertained them after offering their protection. This is what the ‘divide and rule’ policy adopted in various countries by the British Empire. At that time, India was subdivided into many independent states ruled by the erstwhile kings, Nizam and others. It was Sardar Vallabai Patel, who stitched the various independent states into one United India. by his coercive ability. He was really steel at heart.

In a similar manner, we must understand that we are all bound inextricably to certain aspects of our personality. We falsely identify ourselves with the perishable body and consider it as “I”. This bondage is rooted on ‘ego’ or body attachment. For obtaining Independence of our country, several methods were adopted by our leaders; The chief among them is ‘non-cooperation movement with the British. Now we need to embark upon a non-cooperation movement with the enslaved mind, senses and other aspects of our personality.

First of all, we should not follow the whims and fancies of the fluctuating mind. We should not be carried away by its various stratagems. We must maintain an independent attitude with the ephemeral body and evanescent mind. What is a body? It is a mere water bubble! It will burst at any time! The mind is a mad monkey! Monkey itself is a difficult creature which knows no steadiness. It will hop from branch to branch. It knows no rest. Always jumping rolling, biting and making noises, none can keep it under control excepting a trainer with a stick. Out of fear, it will obey the keeper. But our minds are mad monkeys. If the monkey is mad and intoxicated, what will be its condition? Hence the unsteady mind is rightly compared to a mad monkey! How can we rely upon the most unworthy elements? Hence our sages caution us” Never mind! What is the meaning? Do not bother about the mind and its pranks! Just observe it from a distant, do not go near and get involved. Just observe and do not judge it. Remain as a mute witness to its pranks! Can we bring it under control? Yes, if only we learn the technique of ‘observing it’ without any involvement!

As long as we are bound to the body and mind complex, we are not truly independent. Hence we must get freedom out of this eternal bondage! Our ancient saints and sages have prescribed various ways to get away from this tabernacle called body. They prescribed ‘meditation’ as one way. Detachment and discrimination are the two guards who will protect us from this imprisonment. Ego is the main culprit which entangles us in this miserable earthly life. So long as the ego controls us, we can not hope for independence. Only the inner self can guide us through freedom, if we sincerely adhere to the teachings of great saints as well as scriptures. We must try all means to get rid of the ‘ego principle’ from us. It is the false attachment to the fleeting form, which entangle one to the miserable existence. Hence by detaching ourselves from the body/mind complex, one can get rid of the repeated births and deaths. The unspent portion of past effects triggers newer births. Hence the wise man will avoid further karma by performing all duties and surrendering them to god.

Sri Krishna has advised Arjuna to perform the legitimate duties without aiming for the results. He told Arjuna, “Fight, since it is your duty but fight the war, keeping me in the mind. Then no sin will bind you. These kinds of desire less actions lead you to purity and perfection and you will attain me ultimately.

Every religious scripture points out to the same Truth but cloth it in different ways. All religions emphasize “Love”, Tolerance, Service to the needy and non-violence. Feed the hungry, cloth the poor, offer blankets to those who stay in the open. Give water to drink. Show a safe place to rest. These are all the basic needs of all human beings. God has blessed certain people “wealth”, so that they can share it with the poor. But people have become materialistic in nature and forget the fundamental human virtues. Our life on this earth is short. We can not carry the ‘left over’ with us when we depart from this body. Hence use it wisely by sharing with the have not!. Help Ever: Hurt Never: Pray for the welfare of the entire mankind!

True Independence!


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