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How to organize a church choir -Introduction

Updated on January 4, 2017

Choirs have a unique expression opportunity


Congratulations and good news

So you want to start off a church choir do you? It could have been thrust upon you or you may have been bursting to get one started. Well, congratulations are in order as well as admiration for your saintly courage.

Next, some good news. It doesn't matter what mixed ages your keen members are -from 10years to 100, depending on church policy. You could be starting off with as few as five in number or as many as forty. The choir admin guidelines here will work for most groups with the most basic skills, so even if you haven't got an instrumentalist and all the choir members seem to have lost their buckets supplied for carrying a tune- you can make really good progress.


Who appointed you?

First, if you are now in charge of a church choir , you need to identify who put you in charge and who put those persons in charge over you. It is usually the church ministers over you and God over the ministers. In some set ups there is a board between the ministers and God.Hopefully you will not be in a set up with a board that thinks they are over God.

The reason you must appreciate who appointed you is because as choir director, leader, coordinator etc, you would have been appointed to fulfil someone else's dreams and aspirations for the church's choir, not necessarily your own.

This does not mean that you will never express your own ideas and inspirations with the choir. It does mean that you will present an excellent model of a person under authority and also in authority.(Mat :9) Your choir will start with a firm footing.

Lee University Choir

The video below exemplifies something that every choir either needs to aspire to or keep in view. A church choir has the responsibility of leading people to worship or inspiring people in their faith. When you watch this video (and it is all of 10 minutes long) I don't know what will happen to you. Each time I see this video I worship in a new way; I'm released and everything else just takes its little place compared to the awesomeness of God. In my choir there's a simple acronym that we use to keep the right focus. I know you will get a lot of help from these articles and you may be just happy enough if you can get the choir to sing in tune together and make a happy sound; but if you know that God can do much more through you then you alone could, then please commit the choir into His hands, allow the Holy Spirit to help you and teach your choir to depend on the anointing when they minister.

Lee University sings Who can Satisfy-blurred footage, but awesome


Here is the Acronym C H A M P

C= be Conscious of the indwelling Spirit, be conscious of His plan to reach hearts and lives – it’s not first about your great looks or your great sound.

H = be Humble. He gives more grace to the humble.

A = know that you are Anointed to do this. The anointing makes all the difference, not charisma.

M = have a Message when you sing. A lifting message. An inspiring message.

P = be Proficient. Be good at what you do. Vocals- instruments. Be Proficient.

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