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How to organize a church choir 3 - Songs for worship in the first month

Updated on September 2, 2013

Songs for worship in the first month

In the previous article we covered planning for the first month- learning special choir songs for church presentation. So what about songs for worship? There is a secret to success for the new choir and that is, keep it simple and use the songs most of you already know. It works.

FBCGP's presentation of "Hallelujah! Light Has Come!
FBCGP's presentation of "Hallelujah! Light Has Come!

How much music does the choir supply?

Most Christian denominations rely heavily on music as part of their worship service. This means that the devoted church choir supplies inspiring (that is the plan, anyway) music for the average of two services a week.

As a new choir how do you do this well?

Let's take a look at the structure of the church service and outline what the choir is responsible for. If you're new to this, please don’t panic at the word ‘responsible’.These articles will make it easier to do what you've stepped up to carry. And God bless you for being there!

You might require less or more than what is outlined below; just take what you need. If any of the music sections seem like a good idea to you and you don’t have music at that part of your service, you might want to introduce something new, subject to the approval of church leadership.

Sing in Church
Sing in Church

Selecting music for the church service

Some denominations have and use hymn books, categorized by theme. This makes it easy for the choir to select the songs for the service. Other less traditional churches use more contemporary songs.

Before the service

As people walk in, they need a ‘worshipful’ atmosphere. This mood can be set by soft instrumental or vocal music.

What type of songs? Well-loved worship songs and songs which also affirm the believer. It can be so comforting to hear ‘Yes Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so.’

The song worship section

Here, the choir leads the congregation in songs of praise and worship one after another.It should be arranged in a sequence that facilitates increasing joy and release as the people move from song to song.

The offering

After the sermon or exhortation, grateful listeners prepare to give their faith offerings. The church choir sings here as well.

What type of song? Check the song or hymn book or decide on a simple, happy song that speaks of the Christian’s blessings of joy, peace etc.

There are other places the choir could sing in a regular service such as at the close or as people leave but we will stop here for now.Music for special occasions will be covered at some point in this series.


So at the end of your once-a week rehearsals, agree on a list of songs that can be sung at the different sections of the mid-week and Sabbath or Sunday service. Because you already know them, you should have no trouble supplying what is expected of you.

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Thanks to :

oseiassallazar for Sing In Church

Big C Harvey for FBCGP's presentation of "Hallelujah! Light Has Come!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Akune through your comment.

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