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How to perform a Christian exorcism

Updated on April 23, 2016

An exorcism is the expulsion of demons from the body of the possessed. It is a very dangerous task not for the spiritually weak. You endanger yourself spiritually and psychologically to the evil forces. It takes faith, patience, preparation, and love to exorcise demons. Here are a few things you must understand before performing an exorcism.

* Make sure the person is possessed

It's going to be very bad if you find out that the person is actually a mental patient. Before you do anything, make sure that you investigate their mental health. Ask their parents or friends if they have any history of mental illnesses. Recognize that the person may just suffer from a mental disorder but also keep in mind demonic possession. The symptoms of Dissociative identity disorder for example are very different from possession. for example, the mentally ill are very unlikely to identify themselves with Satan and demons. Nevertheless, pray for spiritual discernment.

* Get the person's consent

Contrary to how the media portrays possession, people who are possessed are humans too. They suffer from depression, social problems, anxiety, fear, anger, disbelief, and other things. They may not want your help because they shun God. Perhaps they see no hope without the evil spirit. Perhaps they're too afraid of living a life of faith. For whatever the case may be - Accept their decision.

* If they consent, begin the exorcism

Begin with prayer and call out the demon within that person. Bind the spirit of fear and other spirits. This enables you to be spiritually grounded and weaken the demon's attacks. Don't use anything other than your faith in God. Do not stop praying even if you see the demon manifesting itself.

* Be spiritually prepared:

No demon should be taken lightly. You are in a real spiritual battle so you should take it seriously. You must always be vigilant and disciplined. Making it a habit to read your Bible, fast, pray, and meditate on God's Word is essential in having victory. Failure to do so will result in defeat.

Common myths in Exorcism:

Hollywood and other religious groups popularized some false beliefs as to how Exorcism works.

* Demons have overwhelming power - Movies portray demons as seemingly invincible foes and at first glance, they may seem that way. Demons are seen levitating, practicing telekinesis, and all sorts of supernatural powers. An exorcism lasts for hours and hours until it's rendered unsuccessful. While you may see some supernatural acts performed, the media exaggerates it. Depending on how many demons a person has or how strong they are, it can take longer. However exorcisms are typically short depending on how strong the person's spirituality is.

* Demons can kill a Christian - Movies subtly depict Christians being killed by demons. This is impossible in the real world. Christians are shielded with the blood of Christ and protected by God's seal as spoken of in Revelation 9:4.

* You need Catholic sacraments - People have the idea that using holy water and other religious objects will cast out demons. While demons may react negatively to it, they may only do so to mock the exorcist. After he or she leaves, the demon may return this time with more demons (Matt. 12:43-44.) The authentic Christian must only be armed with his or her faith in God and authority through Jesus Christ.

* Torture rids the person of a demon - Some people will torture a person thinking the demon is being exorcised but this does nothing. You want to cast the demon out by faith, not by force. Your goal is to help the person, not harm them.

1. Bind the spirit of fear:

When a demon manifests itself, it usually make it's presence known through supernatural fear. Do not panic by any means. Call upon Jesus to bind the spirit of fear through spoken prayer.

2. Plead Christ's blood

Plead the blood of Jesus over the possessed. Demons have a hold over their victims because of past sins. Christ's work on the cross covers their faults thus removing grounds for the demon to be inside his or her body. By interceding for their soul, this weakens the demon's hold over them.

3. Cast the demon out:

Call upon power of God to remove the demon from the person. The demon may keep resisting so you must keep persisting. Recite Scriptures on God's ultimate triumph over evil causes great harm to demonic spirits. Continually praying that Jesus would break their power of evil further weakens the demon's power. Singing hymns also allows God's power to work through you. Eventually the demon will no longer bear God's presence and will leave.

4. Ensure the person is delivered:

Ask the person if they have been fully delivered. Sometimes the person will mockingly pretend to be freed when the demon is still present. Don't be afraid if the demon is still there. Continue repeating the exorcism until it ends. When it is over, talk to them about the Gospel and find the causes of demonic possession. Evil sources such as music, movies, witchcraft, can invite more demons later. Advising them to rid themselves of occultic items prevents other evil spirits from establishing a stronghold.

A few final tips:

* Be wary of manipulation - The demon may resort to psychological tactics and manipulate you into not casting it out. It might tamper with your anger, guilt, sadness, or other spiritual weakness. Claiming God's promises over your life outloud will break the demon's hold over you.

* Remain calm - The demon may scream, convulse, growl, roar, curse, and engage in bizarre behaviors. It's goal is to make you give into fear. When you are paralyzed with fear, you feed the demon power. This makes it harder for it to be exorcised. Rely on the name of Jesus to gain spiritual strength.

* Remove everyone from the area - Anyone especially children and animals are vulnerable to demonic attacks. The demon may use others for hosts in case their original one fails.

* Be cautious of the consequences - You may get into legal or family troubles if a misunderstanding occurs. You should be aware of what's acceptable and what is not.

* Defend against spiritual attacks - The demon may attack your faith, past sins, and your bond with others. It is important to forgive yourself and others to remove grudges the demon can exploit. Proclaiming the love of Jesus Christ in your heart and mind is the most powerful defense against a demon.

* Don't underestimate them - No matter how many exorcisms you performed, underestimating them is a big mistake. Arrogance is a sure way for a demon to keep from leaving it's host. Just because you performed a few exorcisms does not mean you should go out liberating every person from demons. The aim is to submit under God's authority and bring people to Jesus.

Every exorcism must be performed under the authority of God. It's aim is to deliver those bond by the Devil. Despite the rise of modern science, exorcisms will always have a place in a dark world.


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    • matthewjoe1 profile image

      Matthew Joseph 

      5 months ago from Nigeria

      Thank you Easygoing1, your answer just sprung up faith in my heart. Now I know a demon can't possess me, a christian. Hallelujah

    • EasyG0ing1 profile image


      6 months ago

      Matthew Joseph ... a born again Christian cannot be possessed by a demon. We can be OPPRESSED, but not POSSESSED because if the Holy Spirit is inside you, then no unclean spirit cannot occupy that same space .... it's just not possible.

    • matthewjoe1 profile image

      Matthew Joseph 

      17 months ago from Nigeria

      This is quite helpful. But I used to think if you cast a demon, it might get angry and enter you? Can you clarify this?

    • profile image

      Rev. Mark W. Clark 

      2 years ago

      The common understanding of exorcism is 90% Hollywood Fraud.

      I was called upon just once to perform an exorcism. The victim had forced to participate in Satanic ritual sexual abuse as a child. I encounter her as she contemplated suicide on a bridge over a river. She told me her story, I believed it, offered her the exorcism, performed it and later observed her later...communicating from a distance in a diner avoid possibility of reversing it. I have been subject to some revenge oppression from the "you know who" but the state of my spiritual health has more than adequately kept it from doing me any real harm. It took me no more than a few minutes to perform the exorcism. The technique I used was not taught to me in seminary or anywhere was given to me on the spot, I beieve by way of habitually maintaining a kind of "constant contact" with Jesus that I don't broadcast or make any big deal's just a habit.

      The "Technique" is very simple. I insult the demon....fiercely. I tear at his self pride like a bear tears apart the carcass of an animal... I don't mince words and I don't let up until I've reduced the cowardly little wimp to what he really is....a cowardly little wimp who can't attack so much as a chipmunk that's been half eaten by a skunk already.

      Then I dare him to come after me. daring him to take on the Christ who lives in me and I walk away. His victim sees him chase after me and, apparently what happens to him as a result. I meet her the next day, obviously well rested after not being able to sleep anywhere except under the tank of a toilet for months...maybe longer. She's all smiles leaning out the window of her boyfriends car giving me a double thumbs up. That's all the payment I get, all I could have asked for, and I call up that memory every time that coward comes around looking for a chance to catch me un-protected . then I send him squeeling back to whatever flaming hole in hell he calls home. Once there I suppose he licks his wounds for a few centuries, crying in his devil-blood beer and whimpers what a poor innocent and devilishly cute little boy he is and why everybody hates him so.


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