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How to read Tarot - interpretations.

Updated on February 12, 2016

You may have come across a beautiful pack of Tarot cards in a store, walked by a Tarot reader with inquisitiveness or had a set of Tarot handed down to you but you feel a little embarrassed because you are unsure of how to use them or what their meanings are. Maybe you just want to try reading the Tarot yourself but have no idea where to start. Reading Tarot cards are fun and easy to do. You may even find you have a gift with them and be able to start reading for yourself and others. Following are interpretations of the Tarot cards so you'll wonder no more.

Try looking up Wise Soul Words on Facebook. She is giving free one question psychic readings to practice and hone her skills. I had a go and found her very accurate. Not sure how long she will be doing them but worth asking.

Suites – (minor Arcana)

Can use ordinary playing cards instead of tarot deck.

These are used and indicate for specific areas of questioning. Each suite represents the following areas.

  • Swords (same as clubs in normal pack) – air, decision making, thinking, reasoning
  • Wands (same as spades) – fire, work career, opportunities
  • Cups (same as hearts) – water, love, relationships, emotions
  • Pentacles (diamonds) – earth money, material things.


Numbers in the Tarot also have vital meaning and help give a well rounded reading.

Ace: Really good things coming your way, often not known at present.

  1. New beginnings, a fresh start which has not yet happened, solitude
  2. Planning, companionship
  3. When things start to come together
  4. Stability. Plans have been made and feel OK. Reaping rewards for hard work done in the past.
  5. Uncertainty, questioning, decisions about whether to go forward or go back, tossing up the options. Adventure Often the Hierophant (Priest) card turns up which asks you to look within and rely on your own knowledge yourself for answers.
  6. Integrity, certainty. Harmony. Decisions have finally been made. Bringing things together.
  7. The spiritual number. Knowing you have made the right decision and feeling certain about it. Often the Temperance card will appear which tells you to use past experiences to give you knowledge for future actions - not to act rashly but weigh things up first. It is also the card for discarding advice from others and going with what you know yourself.
  8. Forward movement but sometimes feeling you are going round in circles. Looking for a way to progress. Progress, achievement
  9. Coming towards the end of a cycle. Knowing there is big change and feeling both anxious and excited. Looking forward to the change. Readiness for the next stage.
  10. The end of the cycle. Change is occurring. Often the death card turns up. It is the death of the old ready to make room for the new. The death card also says to ignore others who may be holding you back and to move forward with confidence.


MAJOR CARDS (MAJOR ARCANA) These are general areas of enquiry.


Some of the Symbols

Most symbols are fairly clear when you think about it and look at the cards. They always refer to yourself – not to others. Once you know a few symbols you can make sense of the cards and read them quite well. It maybe helpful to start off with a simple but traditional deck of cards which incorporates easy symbols to understand. Once you get comfortable with reading tarot and combined with using your own intuition you will be able to read any deck that you are attracted to using.

  1. Eyes covered: you don’t want to see what is happening or what is in front of you. Can also mean you are not ready to see so need more time before a decision is made.
  2. Crossed swords – a crossroads that need to be thought about
  3. Sun – energy, masculine energy
  4. Moon – inner knowing, hunches, coincidence, intuition, feminine energy
  5. Fighting – inner conflict, taking too much notice of others. Things to be sorted out sometimes in your own head. Challenges.
  6. Reaching out for the sun – needing an energy boost, Reaching out for the moon, needing to take notice of your own thoughts more confidently.
  7. Burning – end of a cycle. Getting rid of the old. Like bushfires need to burn so new shoots can germinate.
  8. Walking along a path – moving ahead. You are on your way. If it’s a dark path you’re not quite sure but at least you have made a move.
  9. Giving something to somebody is usually the need to give to yourself more. Eg if it is cups, you have to give more love to the self, in other words fulfil some of your own needs or do some nice things for yourself. Usually shows if you are doing too much for others.
  10. Travelling, sailing etc and you are on your way. Eg 6 Swords says you are on your path but will need to use your wits.
  11. Dolphins, eg 8 Wands – though things might have been stormy, a higher power is guiding you to safety. Shipwrecks or anything are things not going so well because change is due and change will not occur until something is discarded or left behind. Sometimes a shipwreck will appear if you are hanging onto something that has outgrown its use but you don’t want to let go and then a ‘higher power’ will take over and do it for you.
  12. Hanged man is from the old story of Odin who hung himself upside down in a tree for something like 10 days waiting for enlightenment (only a man would do it!!). It tells you to be patient and what you need will come to you.
  13. Ghosts or anything like that mean you are being held back by your own ghosts (thoughts) and you need to check your own thinking.
  14. Horses are action.
  15. Curtains, blinds - say something is hidden – either you don’t have the full story, someone is not telling you’re the full story or there’s something you are not aware of or haven’t found yet.
  16. Dogs, tigers, lions etc are protection.
  17. Stabbing – you are overloaded and need a rest. Tells you not to take so much on board but leave more to fate. If it is swords doing the stabbing you are mentally overloaded and need to do something different or change the thought patterns.
  18. Mountains – challenges
  19. Child, possibility, playfulness, hope
  20. Rivers, paths are the pathways of life.

Have a go at reading for yourself or practice on your friends and family, it is all for fun. How much meaning you take from the Tarot is up to you but it is a great conversation starter or fabulous entertainment for a good night in.

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