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Download the best Bible Reading Plans

Updated on July 9, 2013

Reading the Bible

Ever since childhood,all Christians are taught to read the Bible regularly.But it just doesn't matter reading it daily,it rather matters on what you understand and learn from it.As we all know,the scriptures in Bible were written by different prophets during different periods of time.Most of us may get confused on how and where to start.Most of us read the book of Psalms,or sometimes randomly open a portion from the Bible and read.This is really meaningless as sometimes you never understand what it says or doesn't build up your interest in learning the scriptures.Following a good Bible reading plan will really give you a new experience in this.If you are really looking for some good Bible reading plans to follow up,this hub will help you.

There are many types of Bible reading plans like

  • Chronological Bible Reading plans which guides through the Bible events in the exact sequence in which they happened.
  • Historical Bible Reading plans which helps to read the Bible according to the estimated date in which they were written.
  • Strict through the New Testament/Old Testament.
  • Biographical Bible Reading Plans which gets you acquainted with all personalities in the Bible .

So first you need to choose the way you would like to follow and then select a Bible Reading Plan based on this.

Here are some good Bible Reading plans.Download the one you like and start from the very next day!

Bible Reading Plans

Victory Bible Reading Plan

This is one of the most rated Bible Reading plans,compiled by by James M. McKeever.It is a chronological 1 year Bible Reading Plan and very worthy according to the reviews;

"This is an excellent "read-through in a year" Bible plans. I recommend it to anybody who wants to spend time in the Word, but needs the discipline of a planed Bible-Reading guide. You read the Old-Testament in historical sequence, the Gospels, Psalms, Proverbs, and selected New Testament passages twice each."

I guess there is no free downloadable copy of this Bible Reading Plan.You can compare the prices and get one from here.

Download Victory Bible Reading Plan

Chronological Bible Reading Plan free

This is a very good chronological Bible Reading Plan compiled by Skip Andrews.Along with each passage,he has provided some notes regarding the topic so that we get a clear idea of what the passage deals about.This can be downloaded free.

Download Chronological Bible Reading Plan free

Children's Bible Reading Plan

This is a Bible Reading Plan exclusively for children compiled by a preacher,David Murray.It is a one year morning and evening plan with short passages covering interesting stories from the Bible.I found it really interesting with small questions to answer after reading each passage and a Bible verse to learn everyday.This plan is free and can be downloaded from here:

Download Children's Bible Reading Plan free pdf

Download Children's Bible Reading Plan free word

Historical Bible Reading Plan

Here is a one year historical Bible reading plan that takes you from the ancient Israel times to the Revelations in the exact order in which they were written.

Download Historical Bible Reading Plan

If you would like to try a 2 year plan which covers topics from Old Testament and New Testament,you can try this plan:

Two year plan-New testament and Old Testament

Biographical Bible Reading Plan

Here is a 121 days Bible Reading Plan which takes you through the highlights and different personalities mentioned in the Bible from Adam to Zechariah.

Download Biographical Bible Reading Plan

Online Daily Bible Reading Plan

This is an online Bible Reading Plan offered from Crossway.What you need to do is just sign up from the link below,choose the type of plan you like and follow up.You can also record the progress of each day's reading.

Read the Bible Online

Short term Bible Reading Plans

If you would like to try some short term Bible Reading plans,here are some.

30 days with Jesus

This Bible Reading plan covers all the events related with Jesus Christ in just 30 days.

30 stories from the Bible

This is another interesting plan which takes you through different stories mentioned in the Bible.

Two week guided tour

With this plan,you read about different engaging topics from the Bible in every 2 weeks.


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    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 4 years ago from Rochester, New York

      My Pastor and friend advised me to read the book, "How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth." It spoke of the familiarity of frequenting passages and reading them even when you do not fully understand. With each reading the verses begin not only to take shape in a tight focus of certain passages but an awareness begins to form of chronology, of genealogy, of the continuity of Scripture. The Bible is one book that is made up of 66 books, written by about 44 different authors from all walks of life, most not even aware of the other author's contribution to what would be a literary impossibility. No other book has had so much diverse compilation and still be without contradiction. I have followed the advise of the book and took one of its reading plans and found all of its benefits showing up in me. Plan 1. Read through in 30 days. (It is not what I personally do. I am not that much of a speed reader, in fact I have learning disabilities so I follow while a recording reads the section of the day to me.) Plan 2. Read through in 2 months (6o days) Plan 3. Read through in 4 months (120 days) Plan 4. Read through in 8 months (240 days) I have done the 4 month plan that means I have to read only 10 chapters per day. It is not as daunting a job as one would think. I have done this 11 times and in 7 days my 12th time through will be complete. I have learned so much and it feels like I am aware of every nook and cranny of Scripture. This was a wonderful article. I enjoyed it immensely. Bob.