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How to recognize excellent mediumship evidence

Updated on February 29, 2012

Real Evidence

Mediumship has enjoyed remarkable growth in the past few years, and more individuals are beginning to recognize the value of real mediumship and what it can do to help those suffering to begin the healing process. There is now a real need to understand the process of mediumship and what constitutes good supporting evidence.

There are many psychic mediums out there that do not understand the values of evidence and are often reading the auric energy, talking generally about life issues and personalities than giving real valuable evidence. Consequently, those experiencing the reading remain untrained and do not understand what constitutes real evidence from a communicating spirit. So the sitter is more likely to accept certain validations as fact when in reality they are rather general. Think on these two particular points and identify what you perceive to be the best type of validation.

Medium: “I have a father figure here and he is coming around you with a great deal of love, saying that you were very special to him and that you found it difficult when he passed. He says sorry for what you went through and identifies that you stepped up to help the family. You could always wrap him round your finger and that he would give you anything he could. He is strong in stature and looks like a powerful man. Do you understand?”

This is good and the sitter feels validated because certain pieces of information have been covered. Due to the sitters need to hear the information, she or he accepts it and begins to open up more - offering leading answers that feed the medium. The medium feels good because he or she thinks she has a hit. The reality is that it offers no real evidence

Now the second medium: I have a male figure coming through with the name micheal and what sounds like Thompson or Johnson. He says thank you for talking with him when you were walking through the park yesterday and you thought about him when you stood by the bed of flowers with the statue in the middle. He also says that you were in a store like Macy’s and you nearly bought a new pair of shoes but changed your mind, placing them back. He often comes around you and notes that he was with you when you were mending the chair that you recently broke in the kitchen. He was trying to tell you how to do it and laughs at your attempt. He mentions the name mateo or sounds like this and also I have to give you anaheim road or place. Can you understand this?”

Now if this information is validated by the sitter, this would be considered as stronger evidence and even better if more evidence is given the sitter can’t validate until much later by another party. This would suggest the sitter had no knowledge and the information would have to be validated by a third party at another time, thus suggesting the information could only have been derived from a communicating entity whom knew the information previously.

The Veil is thin
The Veil is thin | Source

Many individuals that claim to be mediums demonstrate long before they are ready and some have never received professional training in delivering messages or etiquette on how to act and work as a professional medium. It is a great responsibility to do the work of a professional medium, therefore you should be prepared and trained to operate within the highest standards possible. There are many organizations that exist to test validate and investigate mediumship. Organizations, such as the Windbridge institute, ASSMPI and the Forever Family Foundation exist to raise and continue to work to promote the reality of professional mediumship.

Unfortunately there are many individuals who remain deluded and do not understand real mediumship. They self promote themselves as mediums with no prior history and training and have no idea of real mediumship, often giving misleading or false information. They may well have a good heart and want to help, but just do not have the ability to communicate the way they should. From time to time, even professional mediums will not be able to communicate in the same way all the time and this is due to them, the conditions and the need of the sitter. However, it is important to recognize real mediumship.

Take these notes on board when looking for a medium;

  1. Always try to identify with a professional medium who has the relevant history.
  2. Check the testimonials from others and if you have been recommended by someone - even better.
  3. If the medium asks too many questions before the appointment, leave well alone.
  4. Do not feed the medium.
  5. Check if the medium is involved with professional organizations or has served in spiritualist churches.
  6. Ask if you are not sure, if you can approach any of the testimonials and if this is possible, the medium should put you in touch with a couple of people who will validate them.
  7. A professional medium should never tell you negative things and if you are faced with someone who tells you that they can sort your life, bring your lover back or clear a curse - run and run far.


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  • jockbrocas profile image

    Jock Brocas 6 years ago from USA

    Thank you for your prompt response and enjoying the article, i intend to write on this topic more regularly to inform an dteach others. I am one of the board members of the and we are non profit helping to raise standards and teach the reality of real mediumship. The other organizations are also excellent and Mark at the Winbridge institute is very helpful as is has partner Julia.

  • dmop profile image

    dmop 6 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

    Very interesting article, I had no idea that the agencies you mention existed. I have been told by many that I would be good at this kind of work as I always seem to know things that I shouldn't, but I've never understood how I even know. Voted up and interesting.