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How to remain happy forever?

Updated on January 6, 2016

Sharing is real joy!

Meaning of Happiness!

True happiness is in the realm of self only!

“Be Happy”, this is how Sathya Saibaba concluded one personal session with me. It was really a high blessing from Saibaba! I was not aware of the real purport or the inner meaning of the blessings. Yes, it dawned to me only after some forty years. The intervening period was one of the toughest periods in my life, undergoing much grief in the mind due to various circumstances both in the family and profession. Why Saibaba pronounced such blessing to me, who is a constant worrier?

Later, when I was reading many philosophical and scriptures, it dawned to me that “remaining happy” have no connection with the external circumstances or the disposition of thoughts. Our inner reality is only “Bliss” which is eternal. Hence to remain happy means to remain focused only on the self and not on the outer world. In our life, we watch that pain and pleasures are alternating experiences. Only by undergoing such turmoil or agitation, one will become eligible for the spiritual feast of wisdom.

In the beginning of my employment, I felt shortage of money very much since the emoluments were meager. How the house hold was run is a miracle of sort. Most of the time, my wife and mother in law were eating ‘porridge’ to meet both ends meet. However I was provided with a decent meal every day since I was working in a field job, which entails long journeys and office work extending to mid night even. Later I understood the real meaning of ‘happiness’ which has no relevance to worldly joys. One needs to witness all the happenings and events in an unattached manner. Then only he can remain unaffected by the joys and sorrows of the mortal world.

None can expect ‘perennial happiness’ from this mundane world. All that we taste, hear, see and touch are momentary, transitory, fleeting experiences which won’t give us even an iota of bliss which could be obtained only in the realm of Divine! Hence our ancestors and sages have advised the mortals to relinquish desires altogether since they are the route to bottomless pit. Desires are the ‘cocoon”, we wind around ourselves and ultimately, we will be imprisoned in that cocoon. We have seen how the silkworm is trapped inside the cocoon and the silk vendors put those innocent worms in hot water, so that they can remove the silk threads. How much more we will suffer having wound around ourselves thick coir of attachment for bodily pleasures?

We often prattle, ‘my wife, my children, my house, my car and my profession. What is this ‘my’ and what this term ‘my’ convey? “My” is different notation. It is the possessor. Who is the real possessor? God is the real possessor of all things, persons, wealth and prosperity. Man is just a trustee! When god grants you much money, it is not for hoarding or putting in ‘fixed deposits’. There are many unfortunate people on the road, who long for a morsel of food and a cup of water. Can you not assuage the hunger and thirst of a single individual with the interests accumulated from vast deposits? For whom, you are hoarding money like this? Open your wardrobe and find out how many sets of dresses kept unused there for months together? Can you not spare at least one pair to a poor brother on the road? Instead of wasting money in unwanted things, we can definitely pool it to help those who are in direst need!

Wake up at least now and extend a helping hand to the needy!

When I was short of money, I thought increased emoluments will make me happy. After five or six years, my position and salary was almost doubled. Still I was unhappy. I thought that I should have my own house instead of paying huge rent. After many years, I could purchase a small flat in a Metro city. Still I was unhappy. I thought that my children should stand on their own leg. After several years, they found their moorings. When my desires and expectations will end? No, it is impossible. Our desires are endless. As we pour more fuel in the fire place, it will raise its fiery tongue and demand more. Stop feeding the fuel. The fire will be quenched at once. This is the great lesson for us. Let us be content with what we have and live a humble life, remembering god and helping the needy. Relinquish all desires including the desire for salvation! Yes, the desire for salvation also is a big huddle in the path of the spiritual aspirant.

When Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, was getting trained in ‘monism”, he could progress only to the last but one step. There was a great obstruction. His preceptor then took a broken glass piece and made a deep mark in the brow above the nose, where one main chakra is positioned. Ramakrishna was fond of Mother Kali’s form. He was always devoted to Kali and hence the form of Kali was a great obstruction to reach the “sahasrakar”, the highest chakra to reach after wards one will remain in “Nirvikalpa Samadhi”, where there is no difference at all between the Brahmam and individual. When the preceptor knew it, he made a deep mark in the brow and asked Ramakrishna to concentrate there. After sometime, the form of mother Kali appeared before his vision. He immediately tore the form with the sharp sword of wisdom and reached the highest chakra! Hence one need to relinquish the attachment to the personal god form also ultimately!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 23 months ago

      As you said, it is not an easy affair. I can fill the paper but to strive for detachment, lot of guts required. I have to surrender my heart and soul at the Divine feet, i have to erase the big ego, which constantly chases us every now and then. The more i try to bury it, it raises its ugly head often. Than you brother! We are pilgrims in the same path!

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 23 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you dear brother.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 23 months ago from london

      Nice explanations and much learning through great adversity, I see. Sri Saitya Sai, so you have had an interview with this great Soul? He has numerous admirers in the West and I have met some.

      Happiness requires detachment; dispassion, and it is a big one for us in the West. There is also expectations, coming from self-love mostly. I'm still working on that one. Long struggle. In Love and Light.