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How to transform your life

Updated on August 10, 2010
Live in abundance
Live in abundance

It's time for Change

There are hundreds of millions of people who complain yet many of them fail to notice how they are the reason for their lives being less than satisfactory. I always remind myself and others that we have one life to live and if you are not happy with yours then take the necessary steps to make things right. The worst feeling is when you look back years later and regret not doing something to change your situation. Whether you are struggling financially, fighting health issues like obesity or in a bad relationship or want to be in a relationship there are things you can do to transform your life and live in abundance

Get the Edge (Tony Robbins)

Get The Edge by Toni Robbins is one of the best self help programs you will find anywhere. It is a 7 day program (Audio Book). This is a no 'holes barred' program that is brutally honest but very effective in getting through that complacency carry around. The program is easy to follow and lays out the steps for you to follow each day.

What does the Program consist of?

The main focus of the program is to get people to break out of that lazy shell. How many people make time to do something about their bad situation? Very few, and that's because it's easier not to attempt to do anything. Laziness is probably the biggest reason why people choose to accept their status quo. This program shows you how to get over this hurdle. Tony teaches you how to break the cycle; getting up early and setting up goals for the day to use up your time effectively. You will also learn how to eat healthy and exercise right to take care of your body. Tony teaches you ways to cleanse and purify your body and to increase energy and get motivated to achieve goals set.

This program is for anyone and everyone who has issues in their lives that they are not happy with. You might be lonely and looking for a partner, trying to lose weight, improve your financial situation, or change your relationship with your family and friends. What ever it is that you want to work on can be solved if you apply yourself and follow the steps that Tony lays out for you.

Other Helpful titles by Anthony Robbins and Sean Stephenson

Time Waits For No Man

Too many times we are presented with an opportunity to take the necessary steps to make our lives better but we procrastinate.......Does this sound like you? "oh I'll do this tomorrow", "i can't because....". The biggest problem with the human mind is that when we are in the moment and decide we want to make changes, we feel the surge of excitement imagining that partner you have always wanted or getting your financial security, and then next day all the excitement wears off. You decide it's too hard to change or completely just forget until the day you sit down and wallow in your misery again.

Break out of this dangerous loop, start making changes today, invest some time to know yourself and what makes you click. Take small steps and you will eventually achieve your goals. For example if you are trying to lose 150 pounds focusing on the total amount will seem impossible for you. Instead focus on losing 5 pounds every month. As you progress you will be more motivated and will work harder and lose more weight over time.

Chicken soup For the Soul

Motivational and Inspirational by Best selling author Jack Canfield

Being Happy

Being Happy is a state of mind that is an internal choice, we can choose to be happy despite all the different struggles we have. Life will never be perfect, sure it would be sweeter with more money, better health, a sexy model for a wife or husband, but just like confidence, fake it till you make it.  It doesn't hurt to smile and be happy with what you have and not be sad about what you don't have. For example If you are still single don't be sad instead be excited that any day your potential mate will walk through that door.

Here are some tips to being happy

  1. Forgive yourself and others for the past
  2. Take some time to relax and center your focus (Learn to meditate and visualize what you want)
  3. Build positive relationships
  4. Do things that make you happy like playing sports or reading
  5. Take responsibility for your actions
  6. Take care of your body by exercising, getting enough sleep and eating healthy
  7. Be thankful for what you have
  8. Be persistent but patient to get what you want.
  9. Don't sweat the small stuff
  10. If you don't like something in your life, fix it!

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