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Archetypes Tarot Reveals Who You Are

Updated on June 19, 2013

Let Tarot Tell You Things About You


Using Tarot Archetypes to discover who you are

Who am I today?

Have you ever wondered who you are and what you are really supposed to be doing now? Here is a method you can use for your self-discovery journey.

I am intrigued by both archetype personalities and the Major arcana, which also represent archetypes. There are days, when I know life is changing, and I am trying to move along with the flow. These are the times when I will lay out an archetype Tarot chart wheel. This is done in the same venue as creating an astrological chart wheel. Each position contains a section of my life, and the card placed there will help me to bridge of change. This is one of the times I will choose to use a good book on tarot meanings, though will not use the section of divinatory meanings. I read the section on the description of card, and see how it applies to my present life.

When we are going through a change in our life, it affects all areas of our life, though typically some areas will carry more importance. If I am dealing with a career change, I will focus mainly on the 2nd, 6th and 10th house, for they represent my values towards money (2nd house), how I approach working on a daily bases (6th house) and how it fits my career path or life path (10th house). Then I will check out the other houses to see how this change might affect others.

Here is an example:

First I look for the significator, which is the card placed in the center. This is the Emperor. It gives me a greater understanding what this change is calling for me to pay attention. It is going to act as my primary archetype in this reading. All the rest of the cards will aid or distract this card.

2nd house is the house of monetary value and shows how I see myself and my own self-worth. If you ever wondered how you expressed your own self-worth, the card in the second house will clue you in. Always remember to look at both sides of the card, since we cannot deny the shadow side. This card here is the High Priestess, which is very interesting position for this card. Want to know more about it, than I suggest you read up on the High Priestess.

6th house deals with how I manage my day. Again as with the 2nd house we look at the shadow side too. This card shows us if we are pro-active and how so. You might wish to ask with all the cards, how does this help or hinder the significator, Emperor?

10th house deals with my life path, which often is where our career lies. We can be a housewife, and this can serve our life path, or not. The card here is Justice. How does this card serve the Emperor? What are the pluses and the minuses.

Now after studying these three cards I will go through the rest of the cards to discover how they aid the Emperor and those 3 cards that I have just studied.

1st house shows my ego. It also shows how I am perceived by others. The World is placed here.

3rd house shows how I communicate with siblings, neighbors, networking, and people at work. It can also include short distance travel. The Star is in placement here.

4th house deals with home life and my obligations there. Chariot is placed here.

5th house deals with children, birth of children and/or creative ideas, fun and romantic dates. Hierophant is placed here.

7th house deals with partnerships, be it in a romantic sense or business. Fool is placed here.

8th house deals with how I will work with others who are in partnership with me. Hermit is placed here.

9th house deals with further education, workshops, learning and my philosophy on life. it can also represent long journeys. Empress is placed here.

11th house deals with my goals and acquaintances who might help me with my goals. The Devil is placed here.

12th house is often what we fear. It is our subconscious mind that often tells us we cannot do this or that. The Wheel of Fortune is placed here.

As you can see, I did not give the meanings to the cards. It would have been counter-productive to do so, for each card would represent something different to each person. When using this type of spread, write it down in a notebook or journal. If you can, leave the cards out for a month, or take a picture of it, so you can pull it out and meditate on it daily. Do not seek the predication method, instead look for the psychological and spiritual meaning. Write down the plus and minus of each card, and be honest with yourself. If you see these characteristics are currently active in you now, or where in the past. You will wish to be alert to this, so you can create changes to help you to break the pattern. There is such a deep well of information here for your quest of ‘Who am I today and what am I supposed to be doing now’? You most likely have asked these questions, so now you have a method to apply as you delve into the answers. It has been very helpful to me, and hope it offers you much needed insight that you desire.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Ikepius...the thing is we have to face our ego, trust me it is not I offer people the chance to travel within themselves be it through Tarot or other methods. When we journey inwards, we let go of the fear of being our true spirit self.

      Thank you for reading my hub:)

    • ikepius profile image


      5 years ago from Twittosphere: @ikepius

      Great article. But just to keep the ego out of it I would still consult a professional like you.


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