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Depressed? Try this Tarot Ritual to Ease It!

Updated on November 7, 2016


Overcoming Depression

A Tarot Ritual that can Heal Depression

Depressed? Depression comes and goes often, and there is a ritual you can use to help elevate its hold on you. This is a Full Moon ritual for lifting depression. It can be used any time, if needed. The ebb and flow of life encircles us, and there is no way to avoid this cycle. There are many methods we can choose from, when it comes to coping with depression. This one is medicine free, and can be done alone, if one chooses. A full moon can stir up our emotions, especially those buried deep in our subconscious. These have ebbed and flowed before, but are usually ignored by some form of substance. When you find yourself in the claws of depression, this Tarot ritual can link you into what is controlling you and point you to the direction of letting it go. You will need only two tarot cards. The Moon and 5 of cups. A journal notebook is recommended. A white or pink candle helps to ease our minds and both represent love.

Tarot Moon

Tarot Moon and 5 of Cups

The Moon and 5 of Cups are the only two cards you will need for using this ritual. Their purpose is to help you to walk through the haze of depression. You know the one that has you in its’ thrones. You will want to place these two cards on a table or altar. You are invited to decorate the surface prior to pulling your cards out, with a tablecloth, candles, crystals and flowers. This is optional. After you have place the two cards on the table, place them side by side.

Focus on the Moon card, while asking for guidance from your spirit guides and/or angels. Than ask this question, “What is being presented to me that has no truth”?

By doing this, the Moon can warn you of the deception you accepted. Often what is shown to you will relay to a current situation, which has left your feeling perplexed. It could be about a relationship, job, finances and the list is endless. Write it down, then pause for the count of 10. Now take this delusion that you received, and ask yourself, who you are blaming for your lack? What outside circumstances is responsible for your demise?

Now look again at the Moon card. Listen carefully at what each animal in the card is telling you. What is their message? Write it down. Write down your emotional reaction both to the animal and to their message. Do you trust them? Do they stir a fear in you? Do you believe their message is gospel? Do you find their message ridiculous? This not to be done in judgment of you. It is a time of being open with yourself, and embracing the feminine energy within you. [We all have both feminine and masculine energy within us.]

As you look at the moon in the card, and see her fullness, what is she reflecting about you? This reflection is how you present yourself to the world. It is your mirror or mask, and reveals how you wish to be seen.

Are you reflecting a victim or victorious model to others? Do we use events as reasons to claim our victimhood or victorious nature? These can represent getting a job, losing a job or not finding a job. A love relationship, career, prosperity and every other area of your life can fit in the reason you are a victim or victorious.

This is image/mirror you are sending to the world. The point is it’s all a delusion. The outside world has you conditioned to believe it brings you joy, happiness or sorrow. The moon is unveiling the delusion.

Tarot 5 of cups

The 5 of Cups

Now it is time to switch our focus on the 5 of Cups. You can see there are three cups that have spilled out on the ground. These three cups represent your emotions. What emotions are you spilling out to the Universe? These emotions are tied in with your thoughts and beliefs about life. They run like streams, entering a bigger body of water. This is what you are focusing on daily, and it serves you by increasing the arena for your thoughts. Look over this month or months and see what has been consistent in your thoughts. Which ones were fueled with emotions? This is you telling the world who and what you are.

I remember when my spirit guides got that through my head. It hurt. I will give you the same advice they gave me. Take a few deep breaths, and be gentle on yourself.

Look at these 3 cups, do they speak of drama? Do you tell others that you are a victim? Do you tell others that your life is unmanageable? Do you speak loudly that you need saved from this rat-race? What do your three cups tell others? Write it down.

Let the Moon card shine light on these 3 cups that have spilled in a gentle kind way. Now go back to the comments that the animals made to you. Ask if their comments feed those emotions and thoughts attached to these 3 cups? Write a paragraph or two expressing how these comments supported your beliefs. Did you have an aha moment? Do you see why your life is as it is? It is here, we learn we can recreate our life. We can learn how to support the two cups still standing in the Tarot’s 5 of cups.

At this point seek the support from your spirit guides, guardian angels and the critters in the Moon card. Tell them you are willing to take responsibility for your own actions, and to work on forgiveness. Are you ready to recreate your life?

After the Ritual

The Ritual Ends and You Begin

It’s time to close the ritual. It will be up to you to move through this next part. Do you want to create a new reality?

Thank the powers for working with you. This can be whoever you pray too. You can leave the table/altar as it, or snuff the candles out and remove them. You can put the cards under your pillow, and request they help you with dream work, as you build a new reality. If you do this, I suggest you keep a notebook handy. A journal is good to keep, so we can see our progress. There will be times it feels like we aren’t making any progress, but we are.

This ritual open the door for you to step out of depression. It is up to you to take advantage of recreating your world. Benchmarks that indicate you are heading backwards are the following: blaming others for your situation. Words that have, can’t shouldn’t and other negative conditions. Remember these words have managed to put a spell on you and made this delusion possible.

In closing, this was given to me by my spirit group. Over the years, it has helped me immensely. I still use it. I can tell you this, I have re-invented my who life. I am victorious. Staying depressed and stuck, in my opinion, takes more effort. Does depression veer its ugly head anymore? Absolutely. Using these two cards has become priceless for me. They help me to summon up what my subconscious is still believing. This ritual stirs me onto a victorious road of self-love and self-worth. May you reach out and find yours!?

Final Thoughts

This process was given to me in the year 2014 by my spirit guides. It opened so many doors for me, and helped me through moments I wouldn’t wish on anyone. It is a magic tool to connecting with our subconscious. I also do use the Ho’oponopono for healing, as well as vision boards to create my new reality. When those two cups become over filling, they sprinkle love and forgiveness on those that have fallen. We can change what was done, but we can change our attitude. I don’t blame the world anymore for leaving me isolated and stranded. I learned to let go and build a new world for myself. A world where people embrace me and I don’t have to change for them. Life is good. Still have bumpy roads, and now I call them an adventure.


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