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Using Tarot to Overcome Fears

Updated on July 14, 2014

What is Behind Your Fear?

Fear and the Death Card


The Death card forebodes thoughts of decay, and loss. Often you will see how it is sensualized by television and movies to predict actual death. Tarot readers though know this card does not indicate death. It foretells an ending of something in our life, and replaced with a period of rebirth. It clearly speaks of a period, which has now ended in your life. This could mark a happy or a miserable period. Death is neutral. Everything must come to an end in the physical world. We will experience many deaths and rebirths within ourselves. This is reality, and if you are trying to out beat your struggle in life; you are only deluding yourself. There will always be changes in our life, and we will always experience both strife and happiness. It is what we hold our focus on the most that shapes our perception of reality. Death simply means that a part, major or minor, of your life is over. It is now time to bury this, and move on.

Every year this card plays out in our life. The positive factor here is we can use it in a pro-active way. Wouldn’t you prefer to do this, versus feeling helpless and shattered? . We cannot stop the Tarot Death card, but we can take part of how we will process it. You have had the meaning of the Death card going through your life for a long time. It might have shown up in a loss of a job, relationship, personal awareness and even your spiritual awareness. What you held to be a truth, turns into sand and falls away from your hands. We experience little deaths throughout our life. We outgrow childhood, we outgrow adolescence, and finish raising our children, and a variety of areas in our life comes to an end. If you think about this, you will come to the realization that you do not have the same goals you did in our teens, twenties, thirties and so on. Did you not experience life changes? With each of those events, you experienced a rebirth. It was in this rebirth that you discovered a new chapter of your life. Our life is a book or books, and each chapter must end.

Prior to Reading

Prior to the Spread

How the Death Tarot Card can guide you

The Death Tarot card will offer you two concepts; you are being called on you to let go off some experience, plus a new adventure is calling you to grasp a hold of it. You may wish to use the Death card yearly, monthly or at any time you are struggling with your life. There are spreads that can help you to delve into what secrets the Death card is trying to relate to you. You can use the Celtic Cross spread, and use the Death card as your significator, or use it in a 3 card spread. You may wish to create a spread, which is my preference. I do use one spread, which I find works best for me. I am offering it to you, and feel free to use it or make changes to it if you wish

Freedom from Your Fears

The Death Card Spread

Prior to the shuffling and the reading, I sit down and meditate for as long as I need to calm and focus myself. I request 10 numbers, from 1-78, from my ‘Higher Self’, and will write them down. After, I have received the 10 numbers; I take out the Death card and lay it aside. It is time to shuffle, and I shuffle with my focus on what I need to let go off in my life. After I feel the cards are well shuffled, I will pull the cards in order of the numbers that I have written down. If I had, for example, 1, 22, 51, 7, 11, 52, 70, 64, 2 and 15, I would draw the cards in that exact order.

Now it is time to see what I need to let go of, and view the cards on all three levels, physical, mental and spiritual. The cards are not giving me 10 things to let go of, but instead telling me a story of what is important now in my life to let go off, why I am attached to it, what lesson it has offered and a peek at what is coming into the horizon.

Here is an example:

The 10 cards pulled were Tower, 5 of cups, 5 of swords, 6 of cups, 8 of swords, Sun, 10 pentacles, 10 of swords, 9 swords, Moon.

The first thing I will note is how many Major Arcana are in the spread, and how many of each suit is in the deck. I also will assess the numbers. Are there any Aces? Are the minor arcana mostly high number cards? In the above spread, there are 3 Major Arcana. They give me input to karmic/life lessons I have been experiencing. The Minor arcana give me more of a run-down on daily events. I begin to weave a story starting with the Tower. What lesson is the Tower giving me regarding Death? I can surmise the answer can be found through the 5 of cups, 5 of swords, 6 of cups and the 8 of swords. The Sun card than is used as a follow up for the Tower Card. How I might respond to this will be indicated with the 10 of Pentacles, 10 of Swords and 9 of swords. Two of those cards might make me cringe, however The Moon offers me another gift of Death. It also is opposite of the Sun, night and day. This card can give me a major clue on what I need to let go of, which represents Death. Many of the cards show that my emotional component is opposite of what I do deserve. The emotional part can be found in both the 5 of cups and 6 cups. The 8 swords does show me I have created my own prison, and am responsible for it. The 10 of pentacles shows something the Sun is bringing in, yet I am lost in the 10 of swords and 9 of
swords. There are many definitions of these cards, and this is not my purpose of writing this hub. It is to show you how to weave a story, which takes you through your physical manifestations, which start with your thoughts, passion and emotions. This can help you to understand what you are not letting go off, and then from there start to progress though the ropes that bind you.

In the spread, you can see I gave what new adventure is being given to me, when I let go. The letting go is the key to acquire this new adventure. Does this mean the new adventure cannot take place without letting go? No, it means if I do not let go, I will not embrace this new adventure, even though it is present in my life. I do not see it, or if I do, I will not accept it. in the end, the new adventure never was taken, because I had my head buried in the sand.

An Adventure Beginning

Going Forward in Life

Conclusion of using the Tarot Death

I do hope these ideas will help you to enter into the Death card, for the purpose of finding out what you need to let go of, and what has been preventing you. Your spread might not contain any Major Arcana, and this does not lessen the meaning. Pay attention to the numbers as well. Ace through five will speak of level of beginnings, while 6 will indicate your choices and 7-t0 is the ending of the suit. Court cards can represent a person who is in your life, or from your past. It can also show a characteristic you are displaying that needs corrected, or added to your life. Do not be shy with doing these spreads, and take your time. There is a lot of information you can discover both through your own psychic, and if needed the help of a good tarot book or two. In doing this type of tarot reading, I basically stick to two books; Tarot Your Everyday Guide, by Janima Renee, and The Haindl Tarot, by Rachel Pollack. The latter is more esoteric, which is an area I crave. The first book is great in giving advice.

You can become proactive in your life. You do not need to adhere to being a victim of your life. The tarot cards are a great tool in helping us to become proactive, and one I recommend. I wish you wonderful adventures in your life, and do hope these tools will become a part of your life.

Bruce Lipton

I have learned a lot from Bruce Lipton and his material. You Tube offers you the opportunity to learn how you can change yourself. He is a breaking Biologist, with great ideas that work.

Great advice book for tarot readings

This book and book 2 are great for esoteric tarot


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