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How we are hoodwinked by the mind?

Updated on January 10, 2013

A deep penetrating look!

Mysteries of the mind!

Many of us treat the mind as our well wisher and friend. All the fears and anxieties are thrust upon us by the mischievous mind. All the grief and pain we undergo are due to the mind. It is said in some proverb, that the mind is both a maker and breaker. Yes, both good and bad stems from this mind. Many of us might have the opportunity to discern that from the same mind emanates two conflicting thoughts. Sometimes we are very much perplexed as to which way we should take. Yes, this confusing aspect of the mind is a setback to our progress. There are certain fundamental points we have to note regarding the mind.

First and foremost, the mind can never survive without a body. Secondly, the mind is nothing but the conglomeration of thoughts. If you could pull all the thoughts away, there won't be anything to call as 'mind'. Imagine a small piece of cloth. It is made up of threads running cris cross. Pull the threads one by one from both the directions. Ultimately the cloth will not be there. Hence, if you are able to evolve a way to quell the thoughts and vanquish the mind, you will become a real hero! Now we consider film actors as 'heroes'. No, the real hero is the one who vanquish the mind. Many of us may question, "how we can live in this world without a mind? A pertinent question indeed. Mind is the only link between man and the world around. All the sensory inputs are sent to the brain but ultimately, it is the mind which feels the pleasure or pain out of the sensory inputs. Without a mind, man will be like an inert instrument. It is the mind which lends legitimacy to our life. I don't wish to enter into an argument here. Yet, i would like to present few facts about the mind here.

Once Saibaba told a gathering of people, a very interesting equation about God, man and mind. He said, God+Mind= Man! and naturally the equation conveys that Man-Mind=God! What a clear fact. If man is able to shed his mind, he becomes one with God! What is mind? Mind is attached to 'matter'. Let us take the example of a 'fly'. The fly sits on all things whether it is holy or dirty. But if there is fire, the fly would never venture near it. Likewise, our mind hopes on every thought about the world. When it is turned inside towards Atma, or God, it evolves many strategies to escape from that pursuit. For instance, if you sit for 'meditation', the mind makes you mad with the rush of thoughts. It won't allow you to sit on meditation and contemplate on God. It is like the fire to the fly. Hence the mind always like pleasures and joy, comforts and luxuries. It shuns or resists grief. But the very same mind plunges us into grief!

We have seen from the above examples that the mind is not 'trust worthy'. Yes, it is akin to a mad monkey and intoxicated too. How can we rely upon this unsteady instrument. Think for a while whether the mind has helped you in any manner. The mind judges. It forms opinion about all and sundry. At the same time, it makes us to consider that we are the one who are 'flawless' and all others are corrupt or bad fellows! You may boast that due to the mind, you have achieved powers and positions. NO, you are mistaken. It is your intellect and discrimination which gave you laurels in life and not the flippant mind. Even in spirituality, the mind can never helps us. It is our intuitions which guides us to soar higher in spiritual path! Hence never rely upon this flimsy instrument called mind. You will be doomed for ever. The senses easily enslaves the mind. The mind should actually obey the intellect. Then only we will succeed in life.


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