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How we can regain our past glory?

Updated on February 20, 2013

Saibaba manifesting a golden Linga!

Decline in morals led to the present state!

Is it wrong to be sincere and honest? Does the world look down on honest fellows? Or ‘honesty has no values now? Why people fear to remain honest in the present world? To some extent, the answer to the above is ‘yes’ with reference to the materialistic mindset of most of the people in the world. There is a proverb in Tamil which states that in a place where everybody is naked, the one who wears a loincloth is lunatic! Yes, the majority population of the world is corrupt. How honest man can survive in the present situation? We have read in the media that the ‘whistle blowers’ are systematically done away by corrupt politicians and mafia gangs since their business is affected by such honest people. When we talk about ethics, ancient India stood above all the Nations. But today India witness murders by hooligans when some honest man blows the whistle! More atrocities are committed on women and children. The Government cut a sorry figure when such crimes take place brazenly. How such a cultured country descended to such a depth? Why the ancient moral ways are discarded by the present generation?

There are several reasons for the present condition of India as well as the world at large. The ingress of western cultures into Indian society played havoc. Students and professional who long for a bright future seek the greeneries in the foreign soil, neglecting the pastures in our backyard. People consider Dollars and Pounds as the most valuable acquisition in the world. They want to settle in US with a fat salary. Now look at the condition of US economy and that of European countries. Those countries are reeling under shattered economy! In many ways, India is faring better compared to those of Super Powers baring China! We do not lack any expertise compared to other countries. What we lack today is character and morals. A moral society alone will succeed ultimately. We may face many problems that affect other Nations of the world. Still, It is the ancient values which give name and fame to India. But we must strive to uphold Truth, Love and Righteousness in our dealings. Every Indian should strive to uphold Dharma, then alone India will regain its ancient glory.

Our ancestors have given importance to morals and human values and hence India earned its great name being the frontrunner in spirituality. Hence many Western scholars turned to India to learn about the great philosophies which were nurtured here. We have to follow the teachings of saints and sages of the land and adopt them in our day to day life. Then only India will regain its pride as a just Nation!


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