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How will knowing prophecy affect the way you live now? Living in the light of a coming eternity.

Updated on March 19, 2017

Raised as a young boy deep aspects of prophecy, I learned the painful truth of the coming future: that if I died or lived, God would still work out His master plan. I am but a grain of sand to humanity and every soul which has lived on our earth. A mural consistent and grand, where each hue, vessel, media finds their part in the spans of time. God's legacy of conversation finds us all. A great Friend, not just a great Creator.

So why would God begin a conversation with us thousands of years before we could comprehend its very leisure? What kind of God would desire His creation to play at his feet in faith in a time when nations are merging to war?

How can hell, its reality to God and a yet word we throw so liberally around be reconciled? Easy... Go there. Maybe God so loved He sent not just His Son... Maybe He so loved that in His omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence revealed the end in Revelations in light that we still have free will...

And you will seek Me and you will find Me when you seek Me with your whole heart.

-Jeremiah 29:13

The gate

God is according to His Word:

All powerful. Present everywhere at all times. All knowing.


Ever since Christ left His disciples, we have been looking to the heavens for His return. We have wondered nights and days, a longing taken in by saints world wide. A wonder which God speaks of which purifies us. A wonder which gets us through the day. Jesus' converses with us still, in our ministries, our jobs, our livelihood. And in the amazing thought that Christ is unaware Himself of His return, we must labor on. Our eyes reveal a world asleep as He has spoken. Asleep in a world of ever-growing technology, amazing strides toward a more unified world, asleep and yet knowing; that yes Jesus is returning but... A compromising world is just iffy about it. Will Jesus find faith when He returns? Or will we hide Him in our pocket that moment?

People who have a healthy understanding of prophecy carry a hope in spite nuclear threats. They are the remnants of Gideon's army which lap the water beside the lake while looking up. They are the ones reaching out to the lost around them and who are a part of their physical family. They are the fearless which look forward to meeting Jesus in the sky, looking into Jesus' eyes as He wipes off their tears.

They are God's precious treasures. They receive the deeper things, the fenced off things. They are the intimate. Wisdom is stored for them. The wicked's wealth is reserved for them. They know who they are. They know God will never leave them nor forsake them, not to anything below heaven, above it.

The conversations with God.

Spending time with God will allow conversations which will alway satisfy. Imagine walking beside the creator of a great lego land. Imagine Him building your worlds from His frames. Imagine Him knowing you just looking into you, smiling...

Would this God find time for you even before you were born, before you were considered... In an eternity before time.

I saw Satan fall like lightning



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