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How To Sleep Like A Baby !

Updated on June 27, 2012

What I have written here may look too simple, too easy and too good to be true. This has worked wonderfully and splendidly for me. Just try and see the results. Even otherwise, ( I am sure you will see the result ) no harm is done.

Sleep is, as almost everyone knows, one of the most essential needs of all human beings. But all of us are not able to get good, peaceful sleep on all days. Many are those who find it quite difficult to get good sleep on many days. And as the saying goes, " to sleep like a baby ", is quite a blessing. I sincerely hope the following easy, simple steps will help you a lot .

The Basis

The following simple and easy steps to a good night's deep and peaceful sleep are completely and comprehensively based on the name of JESUS CHRIST. You may or may not believe in the name of Jesus. If you believe, well and good; even if you do not, then again all right. In both cases, you can try the following easy steps.

Step 1

You are getting ready for a deep and peaceful sleep. So DO NOT let anything else distract or disturb you. Be at peace and STOP any and all distractions like a music player, TV, reading etc. Also try to have silence in your bed room, so no chit-chat please. If you are now in such a quiet, peaceful mood, sit calmly in your bed for a few minutes for the next step.

Step 2

Now for the main part. The following three set of words is the cornerstone of this article. And they are:




While sitting on your bed, say the above three set of words, ( I shall say "CHANT" from now onwards) very s-l-o-w-l-y and by absorbing the meaning as much as you can.

Praaaise youuu Jeeesuss

Laaave youuu Jeeesuss

Thaaank youuu Jeeesuss

I hope you get the point. Please CHANT for some two minutes (no need to check your watch). You may CHANT in a very low voice, while sitting. If you are not alone and is disturbing your bed partner, CHANT silently. After that, get ready to lie down.

Step 3

Lie down on the bed. Get in your comfortable sleeping position. Close your eyes. Now start the CHANT, but silently only. If you find it more comfortable, CHANT in a very low voice.

Here again start the CHANT s-l-o-w-l-y and by absorbing the meaning as much as you can. Say for three, four minutes ( NO watch, please). After that just keep on CHANTing. What I mean by just CHANTing is; you need not be conscious of the CHANT.

I am sure the CHANT will slowly bring a calm and soothing effect on you. Some will feel this more quickly than others. My own feeling is that most of you will have fallen into a deep, peaceful sleep within fifteen minutes at the most.


I sincerely hope what has worked splendidly for me work for you also. I am sharing some of my life experiences through the Hub pages. Finally, do not forget to set your alarm clock to wake you up !!!


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