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How the Salvation Process Works to be a Christian

Updated on March 11, 2012

Why do Christians Believe in Heaven?

Jesus Carries me
Jesus Carries me

Easy to Not Believe in Heaven

I would imagine it is easier to believe all things go dark, you turn to dust, or there is nothing at the end of our lives than to believe in Heaven and Hell. I can debate about anything with my friends and family and it is accepted, but once I mention Christianity, a stir brews in someone and they become offended. It is a common to believe religion is a personal belief and what others believe is none of my business, but I agree all have the right to agree or disagree with my philosophy, but open your mind to the possibility, seek the truth.

To explain on how a person becomes a Christian, I shall start at the beginning of the world as some may know to be truth or conjecture. Adam and Eve were reported to the be the first man and woman on earth, named all the animals and from Adam's rib came a female, as a helper to the male and he called her woman, or, from man. They ate from the tree of life which gave them knowledge of good and evil and were cast of the Garden as a punishment for their failure to believe in God and His word. So from Eve, children were born and they began to populate the earth.

God says He was sorry He had made man because of man's propensity to do wrong or sin, and worship other gods and commit lewd acts. God found favor with Noah and instructed him to make an ark, a great flood destroyed the entire earth but a few who believed. God made a pact with Noah (covenant) in which He created a rainbow so when the rain falls to the sky, He will remember Noah and the pact and never destroy the earth by water again. They found land, began to multiply. There are many other stories in the Old Testament, including the book of Leviticus, which is occasionally taken out of context as modern day law from God. Remember, when the Old Testament was occurring, it was with the Jewish people, and they had certain customs which God instructed them to adhere to as servants, and chosen people.

Many people attempt to use references to the Old Testament to apply it to modern belief and dogmatic practices, we are children of the New Testament and as a Christian, a follower of Christ, we following the teachings of Jesus. In the past, the Levites, the priests of the Jews were the only people chosen to speak with God in the inner sanctum, called the Holy of Holies, separated by a cloth vestibule. It was in this inner sanctum where instructions were given to the people from God. Throughout the Old Testament, the prophets told of a messiah, a savior of the people, who will deliver their people from their sins. In order to atone for sins in the past, people set up an alter and sacrificed an animal as a peace offering.

Jesus Comes to Town

We all know the story where Mary, the mother of Jesus gave birth as an immaculate conception, meaning there was no earthly conception. The three wise men came to pay their respects and gave him the gifts reserved for royalites. Jesus grew as a normal man, learning carpentry from his earthly father Joseph, until the time of His ministry, when he was 30 years old. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, picked 12 apostles to spread the good news of the freedom Jesus brings and how people have grown cold from their love of God. Jesus preformed miracles in order to prove He was from Heaven, yet people did not believe. He was killed for "claiming to be God" when He referred to Himself as the Son of Man. He was crucified for the sins of all man so that people may believe in Jesus, sent from God to forgive sins. Jesus died as the sacrificial lamb so people do not have to give animal sacrifices to atone for sins, but to believe in Jesus, confess with your heart Jesus died for your sins and you will be saved.

When Jesus died on the cross, the inner sanctum, the Holy of Holies, where people spoke to God, was no longer used. Immediately when Jesus died on the cross, the cloth separating the inner sanctum was torn in two from the top down, meaning God is now everywhere as the Holy Spirit and will reside with man.

Saved by a Magic Wand?

Many people had difficulty believing they only have to confess their sins and they are forgiven, there is a caveat, you must believe. A man commits a sin, he is of the body, as earth, and as earth, he is but dust and will blow away when he dies. God's word lasts forever, and so does the people who call to Him, they become a new person, separated from their earthly, sinful body to a new creation, a Christian. Christians do sin, and continue to sin because we live on this planet and the evil in this world tempts us continually.

So, you see a man claiming to be a Christian walk into an adult book store, then you think, he is a hypocrite, right? No, he is a human being, subject to all the temptations of this earth. The difference between a Christian committing a sin and a non Christian committing a sin, is the Christian can go to the Lord in prayer, and God will forgive that person, but the non-Christian believes their good deeds will outweigh their bad ones because , they are not as bad as the really bad people. Do you see the rationale of those who do not believe, it is easy to say sins are on different levels, based on who suffers from your actions, and the law of the land. Since the laws are made for society, and there is a separation of church and state, laws are meant to create order, not make good and bad people. Sin is bad, regardless of how bad, because it is either good, nor bad.

Sin is bad, sin keeps us away from God's protection because we chose not to do the correct thing. Think of the relationship as a parent and a child, when a child is bad, you punish them, when a child is good, you reward them. You would not wish your children harm, that is how God feels, when you sin, it hurts Him to see you fail. So God sent His only son to die for our sins so we do not fail, we believe in Him, read the Bible, listen to what we are taught in church, live a Christian life and go to Heaven, Jesus says "I am the way, the truth, and the light, no one comes to my Father but through Me." If you do not believe in God sending His son to die for your sins, and Jesus is in the way of your entrance to Heaven, would it not seem prudent to believe Jesus, who wants you to believe, asks you to believe, suffered a painful death for you to believe and avoid going to hell.

Life is a teaching tool, being a Christian does not promise a good life, it is full of mockery, people quick to point out your flaws, people will persecute you in Jesus' name, just as He was persecuted for coming down to earth. Ask yourself one question, why do you not believe? Maybe because your belief will make you change your life? Maybe magnify your sinfulness and you will not have any fun? Who is having fun? People are depressed, teh government is letting people down, the economy is at its worst, depending on earthly things will not bring you a good life, but an existence of futility because not believing in God will cause you to be judged, do you think you could escape the judgment when Jesus called to you and you did not respond, do you think He will respond when your time of need comes? You many have riches, but you cannot take them with you, they get divided amoung those left behind. You only have your soul, and eternity is a long time. Talk to Jesus and ask Him to save you from hell, He might listen to you and give you something you cannot buy, happiness, salvation, grace, mercy.


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    • Mikeroper43 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Livng as you write is the responsiility of those who possess life, not for others to judge what makes a good or bad life. I am not the judge. Using Jesus as a crutch is a poor man's excuse for lack of education of the Bible and what Jesus has done for this world and in the afterlife. This is my belief, not a crutch. I try to do well to be a good Christian, not because it is the right thing to do. On a daiy basis, people, lie, cheat steal, fornicate, kill, beat, deceive, love money over righteousness. Are you going to tell me you have not done any of these? What makes you a better person when these things are done? Wrong is wrong...we put level on our wrongs to balance our society, to validate one's own misdeeds and to judge others. Life is a gift, so if you think you are in Hell, it gets a lot worse if you do not believe. It is easy to say the Bible is wrong...but have you read every Boob in the Bible or retelling a story from someone's ignorant perspective? I challenge you to read the entire Bible, ask God to grant you knowledge, and if you do not believe, then you are amoung those non-believers who mock people dedication. Do you also mock those PETA activists? Why is it easy to discount Jesus so passionately, could it be evil in this world preventing you from a relationship with God? I think you should look inward at the problems rather than criticise those who have a passion for truth. Christians are not perfect, they spend a lifetime trying to become perfect.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I do not think my life is worth anything if I do not have to own up to my misdeeds. I'd trade in my Jesus insurance policy for full liability any day so I can begin to LIVE. You are not living if you are just waiting for the day to come where you are transitioned to a "much better place." Jesus is a crutch made for people to use in order to have them look beyond the most pressing issues in life. To give up your right to think for yourself over to beliefs, is the original "sin." The ALLEGORY of the trees in the garden are the source of the last statement. Think for yourself. If Heaven really exists, we are in Hell. Look around at the unbelievable evil here. Don't you think believing that someday these people responsible will get punished,and all the "good people" will be taken away before it all happens, stops people from TRULY ACTIVELY finding a way to make the world a better place? Sounds like Jesus is a cop out to me. The problem with this idea of Heaven is that everyone thinks they are going there, so naturally zero effort is made on this plane.. Look around. Just sayin. What REALLY is going on here?


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