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How to Easily You Get Rid of Fear

Updated on August 25, 2011

Praying in unity

After service the Christians at this church gather together and pray for each other
After service the Christians at this church gather together and pray for each other | Source

Give it all to Him. He is wating to hear from you

How to Easily You Get Rid of Fear.

“My Spirit remains among you. Do not fear.”Haggai 2:5

What abhorrent monsters are you facing today? Are you facing a loss of employment or an illness? Is it an abusive relationship? Would you like to know the sure fire way to courageously face these demons? Then why not try this simple effective method to fearlessly conquer these oafish monsters?

Make a list of whatever your problems are, go into a quiet room and pour your heart out to Jehovah. He is the all wise councilor. He loves you and is waiting for you to unload on Him.

With me He always answers in unusual ways. Perhaps while reading a Bible verse or listening to a Christian song, maybe while listening to a sermon His words will jump out and grap your attention. That is Jehovah speaking to you. Listen to Him. Have a pen and paper ready to write down what your heart feels He is speaking to you. Sometimes with me it is a dream. When you have a dream have a tape recorder nearby and as soon as you wake up record the dream. After you wake up later replay the tape. You might be surprised what He is saying to you. Whenever I have vivid dreams they are recorded and you know what? They come true within two days. Sometimes it may mean you have to sacrifice in order to solve your problem. For instance, let us say there is a close friend or relative that is being abusive to you. You must be strong and inform them you will not tolerate their draconian behavior and will not have any communication with them until they reconcile with you. This means admitting they were wrong, apologizing for it and asking for forgiveness. Do not forget to pray for them while waiting. Then leave it in Jehovahs wise hands. The Holy Spirit will speak to their conscience. It may take as long as a month before they finally relent and reconcile with you. If they refuse, that means they do not care about you so and refuse to listen to the Holy Spirit, it is best to sever that undesirable relationship anyway. This is the method I use and it is very effective and my live is much more enjoyable than when I allowed people to walk all over me.

Which method do you use?

Prayer: Jehovah Shaddai (the Lord who is suffient for His People) I have this problem_______________ (write down your problem) and need your limitless wisdom and strength to solve it. I have faith in You and know you will answer my prayer. Thank you for taking care of it. In my wonderful savior Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

May the sunshine of Jesus’ sweet love bless you today and every day.


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