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How to Read Palms, Learn Your Future

Updated on October 15, 2012

Can you foretell the future with your palms?

Technically yes, you can :). It is said that lines or your palms stores information about your entire current life, future life, and past life too. It's a physical map of your existence. Based on experience of the generations, people can learn how to read their palms - and interpret information stored there.

You can learn palmistry, too - if you want.

Beginning Palm Reading

So you want to learn how to do read palms, right? As psychic, I can say there's nothing difficult in this skill. It's not even very psychic. All you have to do is to learn what each line on the palms means, and then interpret it. 

Well, it's pretty simple in theory, but a little more difficult in practice. In order to learn how to read palms, you will need few things.

  • Some books - in order to learn the theory.
  • Some practice - in order to get better in reading palms.
Explaining everything in one hub would be impossible - that's why people write books about palm reading - also known as chiromancy. Starting your adventure with this fascinating divination skill should begun with the following books.

Getting Digital Course

If you prefer more interactive ways of learning that reading, you can also try Palm Read Easy - digital course for palm readers, on 4 CDs. This course is meant for people who want to learn fast and effectively.

The choice is yours - but remember, you have to get either some books or the CD course. Because you need to understand the theory first, without it, you won't get too far.

Visiting Library

If you can't afford books or CDs, there's one more option for you - visit your local library and see if they have any books on palm reading, palmistry or chiromancy. If they do, you will get the source of knowledge necessary to begun your adventure.

No internet!

I'm sorry, but do not even try to learn from websites and blogs - use e-books, yes, but do not rely only on blogs and forums. They are filled with fluffy bunnies, and misunderstood new age philosophies, that won't get you anywhere. Instead, the will fill you with mislead knowledge that is worthless.

Grab the books, e-books or courses - on hundreds of pages they cover the subject in more detailed way, than single blog post or forum thread.

Beginning Practice

I hope now you are already filled with theoretical knowledge. Without it, you can't learn palmistry. But if you have read the books I have recommended above, you are ready to make another step. It's time to start learning practical palmistry.

Find a partner

First step to do so is simple - you need to find someone who is willing to become a guinea pig. So look around your family and friends. I'm sure you will find someone to experiment with. Tell him or her that you're going to read the palms in order to foretell his or her future.

Just remember - tell the person that you're just a beginner and you're learnings. It won't be a real reading yet, but more like funny practice. Then, find a quiet place and perform the reading, based on one of your theory sources. Maybe your partner would like to ask some questions? Allow him or her to do so, and seek the answers on the palms.

After you're done, ask your partner if your reading was accurate or not. If it was - then congratulations! If it wasn't, don't worry - it takes time and practice to master palm reading.

Find another partner, and another one

It's a simple thing - keep performing readings whenever you can. Look for people willing for a reading, and improve your skills with practice. There's no magical secret to mastering this skill, but practicing it.

Moving further

Perhaps after mastering palmistry, you will be willing to learn more in the field of paranormal. I recommend mastering psychic abilities, because learning how to read palms is just first step in adventure with complex psychic abilities.

Palm reading is just the beginning. Would you like to awake your psychic abilities?

Psychic Development Simplified
Psychic Development Simplified

Probably the best psychic development guidebook available!



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    • Catherine Kane profile image

      Catherine Kane 5 years ago


      I want to respectfully disagree with the idea that you can't learn palmistry from blogs or forums, and that they are all full of "fluffy bunnies". There are some good ones out there, and, like anything else in life, you just need to use your common sense to sort out what's good from what's just foolish.

      I'm a professional palmreader with over 40 years of experience, and have taught palmistry live, in a forum, and on my own blog, which gives me a bit of a frame of reference in regards to this

      Looking forwards to seeing what other things you write about in the future

    • The Verbena profile image

      The Verbena 7 years ago from Cayey

      I'll never end learning, and at some point I'll learn this too, Thanks for the article