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Hub or Peripheral?

Updated on October 13, 2011

Hold on to the Center and escape from the perils of Life!

For many readers, the topic may be intriguing. But a great philosophy lies in the above two words, 'hub' and peripheral. Once a great saint of India "Kabirdas" was watching woman pulverizing grains in a stone mortar. In India, in the olden days, when the electrical gadgets were not invented people used the stone mortar for pulverizing the whole grains. There will be a circular bottom stone with a center rod projecting. Over that an equivalent size of circular stone is inserted by a hole in the center. It will enable the top moving stone from not moving away from the bottom circular stone. Now a handful of grain will be poured in the center hole. With a handle fixed in the peripheral, the top circular stone is rotated around the center rod. Due to the movement small quantity of grain will enter between the top and bottom stones and it will get powdered due to circular motion of the top stone. Of course this will take a little time. Now reverting to our narration, Kabirdas saw the fate of the grains caught in between the stone mortar. He felt sorrow and approached his preceptor or Guru and told him "I too feel that I am pulverized by the grinding stone of Life. His preceptor pacified him saying, "If you want to escape from the grinding, do as I do. Hold on to the center rod and do not move away. If you do so, you will not suffer grinding. There is a deeper meaning in the preceptors' direction. The center rod is our own SELF or God. Hold on to the Self and do not move away into the material life of desires and attachments. If you drift away from the center, there is every possibility that you will get pulverized by the pain and grief of the world! This applies to one and all alike. The 'hub' is the center from which you should not move. The peripheral is the active involvement in this mundane world. Choose wisely! Rest in next hub.

The pair of Divine Feet!


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