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Huge changes are coming to this world

Updated on May 28, 2016
Waves today, Coumeenole beach - by Barbara Walsh - Flickr cclicence
Waves today, Coumeenole beach - by Barbara Walsh - Flickr cclicence

Great Waves of change

Perhaps it's become somewhat of a predictive cliché. So many people have heard, or are aware, that great changes are on their way. So many voices are saying the same thing. Scientists too are adding their weight to this idea, that the world is entering a phase of unprecedented change. I know deep in my bones that great changes are indeed on their way and that there is a distinctive difference between 'end of the world' doom scenarios and what I see as these changes. This has been so since I was a child.

As a child my mind was full of deep and strange visions and feelings of the future and become symbolised in my psyche as a massive tsunami towering higher than a 20 storey building. I found it curious how this image become a major part of doomsday blockbuster films. Perhaps mankind has been marked and been inflicted a deep wound, that has been transmitted in our DNA, way back from the other period of great change. Or maybe in this case, I was and am reading a change of significance in the pre-wake of it. The resonance of moments of significance, communicates itself either side of the event, and can be felt by psychics. The bigger the event, the louder the noise either side.

Events can be heard either side of one point in time

Everything is part of a wave
Everything is part of a wave

In recent months I've found that my visions are entirely reflected by another voice out there, by that of Marshal Summers and his Great Waves prophecy. The following video is a very good likeness of my own sentiments:

In a sense, I feel that my very presence on Earth, functions the same as many, many others at this time. In this universe of infinities, we are a very small family on this Earth, and always birds of a feather flock together. We are so familiar with each other, because we are family. Some of our brothers and sisters are making terrible choices, but their presence on Earth is still a matter of having been earned. It's just that there is a cloak of darkness that thankfully is being systematically dismantled by many kinds of engaging souls, who say 'No'.

The battle is already won, but the process of change is only just beginning.

Many things will come to culminate to bring about swift and irreversible change, such that no-one alive won't feel its impact. Here are just some of the areas that will be affected, and which are already being seen. Areas of activity that will worsen as time moves on:

Severe weather patterns
Crop failures
Mass migration
Magnetic instability of the poles - possible pole reversal
Financial breakdown
Sea rise / ice melt

It's clear that we are already at the beginning of this great change. All of the points listed above, are already happening.

The 2008 financial jitter was just a precursor of the greater devaluation of currency, where there is no more faith in fiat money. And for those who haven't studied the subject, it's worth realising that 'quantitative easing' is just an elaborate way of saying 'printing money', which is the last desperate act to prop up an economy built on mountains of unpayable debt.

Magnetic instability is already fact. I urge readers to look up Nasa Magnetic Reversal in Google, to see that it's already starting to take place.

Apocalypse | Source

A complete re-evaluation of what it means to be a human being on this Earth will be forced. Old structures, both religious and intellectual, will break down, and the countless limiting belief systems will fail.

This will propell the human species forward and engender a period of accelerated learning, or evolution. Evolution goes in fits and starts, as necessity dictates, and people will unlock and find new abilities within themselves. Right now this might seem rather incredible, but it is no less incredible than many of the wonders in nature.

Who hasn't looked at an animal program on TV and wondered how this creature ever developed such strange characteristics? The same applies to the human species, and as a vehicle for the soul, the human body will become able to accommodate deeper levels of awareness. The old model of the brain as the maker of consciousness, will be quietly forgotten.

More volcanic activity

Montserrat_eruption | Source

A new Heaven, a new Earth

The changes going through our world, are not just happening to us. These changes are across the breadth and depth of the galaxy which our sun belongs to. These waves of change are rippling out from the centre of the galaxy, rather like a signal, a pulse that is affecting all suns and planets. In fact, the breadth of this change is greater than possibly imagined, as even the higher dimensions are going through phases of readjustment. And certainly, there are great preparations afoot, to accommodate a huge influx of souls from Earth.

Rather like previous moments of momentous change for the Earth, the physical landscape will be rewritten. Some parts will vanish beneath the sea, while others will rise. Other parts of the world won't be so affected. This is an inevitable consequence of readjustment.

Amsterdam New York Ghost Town
Amsterdam New York Ghost Town | Source
Detroit industrial sector
Detroit industrial sector | Source
Packardplant_04_1500 | Source

After the changes

Religion gone

A particular area that will become affected is that of religion. In its current format, religion won't survive the change. There will be direct and natural alignment with higher purpose. Praise and prayer will continue in its various forms, but as spontaneus expressions of love.

Large cities empty

Large towns and cities will be mostly abandones and become empty shells. Humans will live in smaller communities close to the land. Communities will be centered not around a need to defend from the outside world, but around key energetic notes, where there is resonant sympathy amongst the individuals.

Food not required

In fact, the need to eat food as we think we do today will be gone for many, so the need to raise crops to eat will become without meaning for many. And certainly, the idea of killing another animal to eat it, will also be a thing of the past. This will be a natural consequence of a higher level of alignment - and already there are examples of people who are learning to live without physical food, instead choosing to let Light stimulate the cells of the body.

Transport systems not required – for some

Not all people will need to make use of transport systems to get from one place to another, to attend a discussion group or concert. Many people will just know how to remove themselves from one place to another. This ability to relocate the body has been witnessed by people observing certain advanced monks and yogis - but in the times fast approaching, with the raised level of energy, many so called wonders will be accessible to those remaining, and who are able to integrate the higher intensity of light.

Time scale?

I see a long haul, an established struggle, with worsening conditions, but with an acceleration that becomes steeper and steeper the closer to the final tipping point. I don't see a resting place this side of this century, which leads me to believe that that the final tipping point will be beyond 2100. This is not intended to be a prediction that conveniently falls outside most of our lifetimes. I've always had a realistic approach to my intuitions, balancing my perceptions with an appreciation of the overall events at hand. In a sense, the many visions that visionaries have been having about the future, are the actual blueprints for the future. It's too easy to get excited about the idea that it must be any day soon, but it will not be. We have to go through the decline first, the reduction in luxury, the culling, the breakdown. Only then will it be worth thinking about the tipping point.


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    • VoiceOfTheFuture profile image

      VoiceOfTheFuture 18 months ago from UK

      Thanks for commenting. Am currently writing a hub on how so many predictions are not psychic as it were, as you rightly mention. How situations culminate and eventually happen, rather predictably.

      Yes it is true, people have always believed that the end is nigh etc. There's an academic work on it I read (The End of the World, from Revelation to Eco-Disaster by Simon Pearson) where each generation has its own belief or intuition that 'this is it'. Somewhat cheerfully, seems like humans see it as a way of rectifying personal problems and the ills of the world! And yes, climate has obviously always changed, with all the linked processes.

      But having said that, I have to reconcile all my intellectual knowledge with the more... unusual impressions I get. Am I nuts? Time will tell. It's not the end of the world, but an evolutionary leap.

    • Titen-Sxull profile image

      Titen-Sxull 18 months ago from back in the lab again

      "which leads me to believe that that the final tipping point will be beyond 2100. This is not intended to be a prediction that conveniently falls outside most of our lifetimes"

      Call me a skeptic but I'm not buying it, not a word.

      "Magnetic instability is already fact. I urge readers to look up Nasa Magnetic Reversal in Google, to see that it's already starting to take place."

      The magnetic field of the Earth has always shifted over time. Storms have always taken place. The climate has always changed. Things are always in a constant state of flux especially when we look at things on a large time scale.

      None of the things you mention are at all unprecedented in Earth's history.

      We are driving the climate currently to get warmer and so you are correct that storms will get worse. Climate change will no doubt force us to adapt and invent ingenious ways to correct the problem. It may even be catastrophic if we don't take steps to address it. But that's hardly a psychic prediction given that scientists have been telling us since at least the early 90s that rapidly rising Carbon Dioxide levels are going to be causing these problems.

      We humans have been talking about the end times since the beginning of times, I think if anything the world is more stable and the human species more intelligent and adaptable, than ever before.