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Human Nature Vs Natural Human

Updated on January 5, 2014

Human Nature

Is there a difference between a natural human, and the idea of human nature? According to modern society, the idea of human nature is loosely defined as general characteristics and feelings of human beings: common thoughts, feelings, and actions of most people. The debate as to how human nature is cultivated, or from where human nature comes, is a topic of much stipulation depending upon the time period in which you investigate. However, in modern times, it has been determined that both nature and nurture are the causal factors, which influence the course of human thought, feeling, and action.

Certainly the distinction between a natural human and the concept we call human nature is as significant as the difference between a map and the actual territory. When we generalize and blame our problems on human nature, what are we actually doing? What we may actually be doing is simply repeating what others have told us; for instance, is repeating what we have been told a result of human nature, probably; but whether something is an aspect of human nature does not answer whether something is innate or predetermined in a natural human.

Human nature is a figment of the imagination. Though there are many valid points, observations of behavior, and repeating patterns that seem to give it validity, what is rarely considered is the effect that the environment has on those observations. Always seeing the tree rather than the forest, the concept of human nature is in fact a product of the natural humans confusion from the environment, and ignorance within himself.

Human nature, as a concept, is nothing more than a by-product of the minds desire to pin down, and simplify the natural human. Similarly, the natural human, with a strong will to dominate the environment, and understand the universe, has an intense desire--due in part to a complete lack of control and dominance over nature--to simplify his environment to seem more powerful than he actually is. Having this desire, the natural human is obsessed with inventing ways to overthrow nature, and prove that he is king. (What he misses however is his direct connection to the earth, and the important connection inherent in living things.)

An example of this simplification can be demonstrated with the discovery of the platonic solids. These solids were, at the time, the most important discovery of the age. These shapes were thought to be the most stable in nature, yet were rarely ever seen in living (or complex) systems. Since that discovery, the inventions of mankind have always reflected those shapes, and reflect a diametrically opposed perspective to natural, or organic shapes and designs. Anything that is natural must be avoided, because it is chaotic (that word connoting a spirit of disorder).

However, by replacing nature with human nature, our species has acted incongruous with the living order of this planet. In opposition to natural laws, and natural principles, humanity has sinned against itself and the environment, forcing the square into the tree shaped whole for millennium.

Human Nature Vs Natural Human

Natural Human

A natural human is hard to come by in a so called Civilized society. We call our systems of organization civilizations, believing that we are ourselves civilized. But, that nothing could be further from the truth, is obvious when we understand the nature of a natural human.

When we call ourselves civilized, and behave like animals, we are deceiving ourselves, and it is this self deception that is at the heart of human nature, preventing us from achieving natural humanhood. Rather than inheriting the chaotic perfection, inherent within the natural human, we conform to an artificial human nature, and being fractured and confused, we act with a schizophrenia, hating ourselves and loving a lifeless technology instead.

To describe a natural is very difficult, unless we use the hunter gatherers of our prehistoric past as a reference. However, the complication with that such reference is that the hunter gatherers of today are no less conditioned, no less ingratiated into their own culture and their own version of human nature. However, we cannot say that natural humans do not exist, because every baby born is a natural human. The defining characteristic of a natural human is that they are uninfluenced by the world of man.

In order to discover the Natural Human within you, you must first recognize nature, its characteristics, and immerse yourself within the infinite embrace of mother earth. This is an act, more evolutionary than revolutionary, and it is that very distinction that will bring about a transformation from Human nature to Natural humanity. Agriculture, deriving your livelihood from the soil, is another way to inherit your natural humanhood. However, any or all methods of getting you to open your eyes to the truth are acceptable and encouraged; by impelling your awareness, increasing your consciousness, the apparent nature of reality will reveal itself naturally.

Epistemology of Human Nature

Natural humanity began with what is called animism. Animism is a state of complete unity with the environment; a state in which the observer and the observed are one. This state was first broken with the advent of the gods or polytheism. The natural human was necessarily constrained, for the tribe was becoming much larger, and rules needed following for order to exist. In order to establish primitive codes of conduct, gods were necessary for everyone to obey, and respect the laws of the tribal order. The tribe was the first government, and the gods were the first judges.

As the gods evolved, they eventually coalesced into the GOD, which then assumed a supreme importance, because it represented a transition from tribes and city states into a more so called civilized social order. Governments and religions grew up together, both acting as a catalyst for the fall of natural humanity, and the rise of human nature, dominating the forces of nature, rather than working with them.

In more modern times, the advent of science as a new religion has in fact forced the natural human out of human consciousness, and the result is a totally dysfunctional society, relying on drugs to feel normal. Depending upon which kinds of drugs, one may come closer to nature, or cut off completely. Depression and suicide are more common than ever, and will become more and more common if the tide of human nature is not pulled back, revealing the hidden natural human inside of all of us.

Quantum Physicist Explains Consciousness

Is "human nature" a tool to control people?

When we consider things like human rights, do we ever think about where these rights come from, or how we came to feel, think, and act on them. We say that due to human nature, we need to have laws, that we need to have a structure to guide these people into some productive channel of living; we believe that the need for laws and government are as fundamental as human nature. However, what if human nature was a fabricated lie to keep humanity under the thumb of a select few rulers? No matter what happens, no matter how many revolutions, these rulers behind the scenes, pulling the strings, maintain their control through making us believe that we need them. The most astonishing sleight of hand is pulled when, causing humanity to distrust itself, the people demand defense and protection from themselves, and people in their community, when it is actually those authorities that are engaged in murder, rape, and pillage.

Instead of believing the lie of human nature, and surrendering innate sovereignty to the powers of arbitrary authority, the nature of humanity must be altered, and set into a more natural pace. The idea that human nature is fixed is foolish. Human beings have an immense ability to adapt. The power of adaption could be the single factor of our survival above all other animals. Nonetheless, this change of the nature of humanity must occur, and occur fast, or else lead to our ultimate subjugation if not complete annihilation.

Human nature may well be a political tool to sway the notion that human change is possible, but the truth of natural human adaptability gives credence to an alternative theory: that the natural human state is genius, and that if we were to inhabit that state as a collective, our potential would generate the kind of quantum leap we are waiting for. However, the question of how is always on peoples minds: how to do this how to do that. Rather than waste your time dallying on the question how, ask why. Why is this important?

Why am I writing this? Obviously the issue was important enough for me to devote my time to the speculation, compelling enough to focus my thought and attention upon, and clearly complex enough that the core issue is still a mystery, like consciousness and whether space is infinite. Nonetheless, asking questions is the first step in developing the kind of mind that is necessary for that shift; critical thinking is a natural human trait, which is broken by our culture as a sacrifice to the artificial god of corporate machination.


Natural Human or Human Nature

Which do you choose?

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    • Mattrick profile imageAUTHOR

      Matthew P Holbert 

      6 years ago

      S Leretseh, thank you for bringing my attention to this hub once again. I am aware of the fact that this is not a well done hub, as it is more an attempt to explain a very big idea. However, my other hubs are devoted to drawing out the main idea that this article is attempting to explain. Mainly that Human Being, and Human Nature, are two totally different things. Further, when we present the distinction of Natural Human, there is a very great potential for changing the paradigms of our world order.

      Changing our paradigm, and making it more in balance with the actual human, and even in balance with the Natural Human, the more likely we are to be healthy and sane people. Moreover, we are more likely to take care of the very planet that bore us if we are to recognize our direct connection to it. I believe this is only possible when we embrace our natural humanhood.

      Natural Humanhood could be an existential philosophical point, or it could be a painfully obvious reality, cheated away from us by the ruling elite for the sake of breaking us and putting us to slavery.

      Hope this was helpful, if not it may be you. Love and Appreciation either way brother, we are one self.

    • S Leretseh profile image

      S Leretseh 

      6 years ago

      "natural humanhood. " Fits more in the realm of philosophical existentialism. I think you make this hub too esoteric. Most won't IMO derive the message(s) you're trying to convey.

      Your summation I also found desultory. Would hv been nice to see a clear and lucid wrap-up of what you meant to convey in this hub about human nature & natural human. Of course it could me and I just lack the smarts to comprehend here.


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