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Human Value!

Updated on December 12, 2013

Values, messages and quotes!

Why human values stand still?

First let us understand 'value'. In commercial terms, it may denote the rate at which anything is sold in the market. We find that the value of many things in the world escalate very often due to local politics, civil war, drought and natural disasters. But who assign value to the commodities? It is the market conditions such as demand and supply rule the value. We have seen fluctuations in the value of gold in recent times due to several reasons. The government had to interfere in the volatile market conditions and introduced several measures to curb the use of precious metal since it is indirectly linked to 'inflation' which has gone to alarming state. The recent poll debacle of Indian National Congress is due to severe inflation and exorbitant price of vegetables like onion and tomato.

Baring the human beings, the value of all commodities have increased. Even a broom sells for Rs.30 to Rs.60/- each. The interesting fact is 'as values of all items increase,the value of man has decreased substantially. Readers may wonder, what i mean by value of man! I do not equate it in currencies. Human value is decided based on human virtues! What are they? It is 'selfless love', sacrificing qualities, Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Non-violence. As man looses the virtues one by one, there is corresponding increase in the value of things he use or acquire. It is deplorable that once uninhabited areas acquire more values due to the vicinity of Roads, highways, railway tracks, factories and educational institutions. In South India, certain areas were thoroughly neglected by the people and authorities due to dryness or lack of water source in the vicinity. Such places are purchased by the realtors, who introduce many novel schemes in those areas and construct colonies or dwelling units in hundreds and thousands. They might have acquired those barren lands just for a 'song'. When they develop residential facilities, the rate of adjoining lands automatically accrue more values. When people occupy such flats, other facilities like shopping complex, swimming pool, children park, net cafes, gyms and other utilities are added in due course. This is how, barren lands acquire more and more values in recent times.

How can we assert that the human lose their values by giving more values to things? Once humans assign more values to the things of the world, he exhibits his ignorance. How things are valuable in his view? Today, we find all the things are sold in prime rates since man has unduly raised their values due to his wants and the desires to possess them. There are basic necessities to be fulfilled by each man like hunger, thirst and a place to protect from rain and sun. But today, the cost of basic items like rice and wheat are skyrocketing. The price of vegetables and milk are beyond the reach of common man. Why? It is the unbridled greed of man to possess everything for himself. There is no equitable distribution of essential things. Black marketers are hoarding essential food items so that the demand will increase and people would try to procure them at any cost.

Thus the traders and business people will gain at the cost of poor people. Hence the government has to interfere and supply those essential items at subsidized cost. Since man has lacked the basic value of sharing his extra resources with the poor people, the value of food items, milk and vegetables has increased while man’s value depreciates due to his losing essential human values like loving the fellow man and alleviating his troubles. As man leaves one value after other, he becomes more or less a demon among the human beings. Only those who cultivate human virtues gain values in the longer run. People never remember tyrants and tormenters, but they glorify the selfless servants of society who sacrifice all their resources for the welfare of the society! Thus Gandhi, Buddha and Jesus are today venerated highly by all due to their human virtues. Their sacrifice is unparalleled in history. Hence human beings lose their values when they assign more values to inert things of the world!


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