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Human being is a mixture of animal, human and Divine!

Updated on July 20, 2016

From minerals...

Human evolution from minerals...

We may not believe that once were animal species! It may be millions of years back. Yes, the evolution of human is a very slow and tedious process and we are not aware of our past births.If some scientist say that 'once you were a mineral', then we tend to believe. If some spiritualist say the same, we will dismiss it saying, it is wild imagination. We tend to believe the scientist since he is experimenting in the lab. But there is no such lab for the sages and saints of the yore! They get inspirations and intuitions. Some sort of vibration enter their brain and they could decipher into sounds! Evidently, the space contains many such revelations but only an advanced sage could capture it into his brain and decode it.

In radio transmissions, we have shortwave, medium wave and FM channels. All those who possess a receiver cannot hear the stations. There is a tuner within. By rotating the outer knob, we tune through various ranges and suddenly we catch some music or talk. The sages could tune into the subtle waves of Divine and catch one or two transmissions which are always on but could be accessed only in a refined mind. This is how our ancient sages accessed the rare Veda chants and it was sage Vyasa who collated the Vedas into four major divisions. Veda is endless but the capacity of people at present is very much limited and hence they could not grasp all that is available in the space! Especially in the Dark Age of Kali, the grasping power is severely thwarted. It is due to material ways of life.

Our ancients were strict followers of truth and righteousness and hence their conscious is tuned easily to Divine vibrations! They have recorded many secrets about creation and various species on earth! Yes, we have started our journey on earth as minerals and then plants. From plants, to insects, birds and aquatic creatures. From there to animal species might have taken a million years. Even in between, we might have gone through fishes, frogs, reptiles and several other categories. It is not one straight jump to intelligent species like monkeys and other such categories. Even the scientists have asserted that we are all descent from a tree dwelling monkey!

god sleeps in minerals

There were eighty four lakhs of species in the beginning!

In the ancient Hindu scriptures, it is written that Lord Brahma has created eighty four lakhs of species, occupying the earth, water, space, hills, valleys and underground. Every day, newer and newer species of lives are unearthed in some part of deep jungles or deep oceans or in deep underground caves! Also many species have become endangered one and many have lost in the annals of time like the 'dinosoures' Many anthropologists have discovered the giant size skeleton during excavations in remote parts of the globe! Many millions of years ago such giant reptiles existed and due to some natural disaster or earth shaking event, they have been extinguished from the face of the earth! As per Darwin's theory of survival, the fittest species survive the onslaught of time.

The poor chicken...

When animals become food for human, they get quick ascension!

As per Hindu scriptures, the creator pervade the cosmos and creation and transcends the same! Every thing is enveloped by the creator similar to the fishes enveloped by water around.He is both in the atom as well as in the vast space that contains trillions of galaxies. There is no space devoid of the creator! Hence our ancients have asserted, "I am Brahmam or the creator god! The Advaita philosophy asserts that there is nothing but God! What we perceive as the creation is simply God, superimposed as creation by the mischievous mind! This philosophy is the highest in the ladder and hence all cannot practice the same.

For ordinary human intelligence, it is always dual. God is separate and occupies the high pedestal. Human beings are lesser in intelligence and they always remain separate. We can take the example of children of KG classes. They are taught through toys, figures, pictures and many educational aids. This is the most primitive state. As the child grows and ascend to higher classes, they learn alphabets, numbers and small stories. Still further, they learn maths, science,civics, social studies, geography and other subjects. Once the student passes higher secondary, he joins collages or technical courses and specialize in specific disciplines.

Still further, they opt for medicine or engineering or finance. After post graduation, the student become a researcher and pursue research oriented topics of one single topic and conduct many experiments and prove a topic with statistics, lab results which are called 'dissertations'. Once the thesis is accepted by professors and technical experts, one is awarded "Doctor of Philosophy" or simply PhD in the discipline! In a similar manner, evolution of species takes place through many layers and one day the birth of human being happens!

But there are some short circuiting in the evolution theory! Many people in the world kill other species for consumption. It may be a fish or bird or animal. Once it becomes food for the human, it ascends to the human birth in the next incarnation. Though it has not evolved fully to get human birth, due to the supreme sacrifice, it gets human birth. Now the long journey is shortened and hence we find many human beings exhibit animal qualities predominantly like snatching, killing, chasing without bothering about the qualities of human. Those lives cannot be blamed for the short circuiting. It is the greed of human and his insatiable taste for meat which resulted in this errand. This is the main reason for population growth!

God is the in dweller but man alone can reach God!

Finally, it is the creator, who is the in dweller of all beings but man alone has the capacity to realize the truth and reach HIM. All other species have to evolve in their own time and it may take even many millions of years to become a human being and evolve further to ascend to godhead!


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