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Human beings have no power to control Nature!

Updated on September 9, 2014

Effects of Industrialization on environment and ecology!

Nature governs the ecology and living beings.

Looking far ahead and planning for the future is in the psyche of all individuals baring a few. We are always thinking planning and expecting. Of course, man should have ambitions if he wants to excel in life. But, once reaching the goal, whether his planning ends there? No. One goal leads to another. This has been going on without any respite from the day; human beings took birth on earth. The toils and sufferings of many millions of hard workers enable the present generation to sit and enjoy without moving a muscle. White collar jobs have increased the world over. People reach their offices; work with the computers from morning to evening without straining their limbs much. These white collared jobs fetch them decent salaries. Look at the peasant working from morning till dusk on the open fields in rough weather, in bare foot, he tills the soil, plant the seeds, raise the crops after watering and applying manure as per the seasonal requirements. Even after such hard toil, there is no assurance of returns proportionate to his labor! Sometimes, heavy rains submerge his crop, sometimes pests eat most of the grains or pods and at other times, there is full scale draught.

During many seasons, the riot has to return empty handed while those working in office environments are assured regular salaries and perks. Even if their output is not as per targets, they are paid fully. This is the paradox of life. Those who feed us by their labor are deprived whereas we enjoy all the comforts sitting in furnished environment and enjoying all the benefits of urban or city life. From ancient time, the labor of the workers were not compensated and the management benefited unduly and enjoying all luxuries depriving the labor, their legitimate dues. If the management took due care of the workers and provided for their improvement, the workers will remain faithful to the management, resulting in better outputs. There won’t be any strikes if they are properly paid their incentives, bonus and salaries. Though industrialization has ushered economic boom in some countries, they have their negative sides in the form of environmental pollution, labor unrest and the resultant poverty etc. Sometimes the management adopted ‘lock outs’ to force the labor into submission. This period of unemployment took toll of many families and community. The government was a silent spectator and they never wanted to interfere since they were benefited by the companies to a large extent.

Though all historians laud the achievement of West in the realm of industrialization, it created ‘capitalism’ through which the owners gained a lot. To counter the ill effects of capitalism, communism has ushered in those places due to strong ‘trade union activities’. How long people will tolerate ‘exploitation and slavery? Revolt is the natural after effects of public anger against the authorities, bureaucrats and government. Though there is still deprivation of workers in several small pockets in all over the globe, trade unions were able to get justice for the workers at large.

There is an ‘inbuilt correction mechanism’ in every sphere of life. France had witnessed people’s anger against their King which resulted in dethroning of the royals and they were driven out or killed in the uproar of the people. Hence time is a great healer for all problems of the world. No condition will continue forever. As day and night alternates, everyone had to undergo both pain and pleasure alternatively. The pain really gives value to the pleasure. Likewise, untruth and unrighteousness gives value to Truth and righteousness. The world is of dual nature. Without duality, the creation is not possible. Both positive and negative poles are required for generation of electricity. Hence, we find in this world everything in pair like day and night, light and darkness, pain and pleasure, health and disease, male and female, fertile lands and deserts. Even in the animal species, we find both docile and ferocious animals. These are all the work of creator to maintain and sustain ecology.

If all the created species are allowed to proliferate without the corresponding annihilation, there won’t be any space in the earth for anybody to live. Hence we find that earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, volcanoes and tornados have their contribution to maintain correct balance of ecology. We find that the birthrates are comparatively higher than the mortality rates. Hence these natural calamities and epidemics are there for containing human population to tolerable levels. Still we find that there is population explosion all over the globe. Hence human being though possessing intelligence could never control nature!


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