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Human beings, the finest creatures on earth!

Updated on December 14, 2012

Happy always!

The intellectual species!

The human beings are no doubt the finest creatures on earth! What are the reasons for saying so? All animals, birds and other ocean dwelling creatures follow the fixed pattern of life without marked deviation for about billions of years. Man is the only creature who is bestowed with a rare gift of intellect and thus he can exercise his choice in all matters of life. He can think, he can imagine, he can plan, he can foresee events and finally he can choose a way to perform a task.

But none is so far aware, that he can remain at peace with himself if he chooses so! But majority of the human beings are driven by emotions, sentiments and feelings and become a slave to them. The result is grief and turmoil. He can remain indifferent to the pulls and pushes of the mind. But he never choose this path. Rather he submit willingly to the vagaries of fate and fortune by following the impulsive mind. Fate is nothing but following the whims and fancies of the mind. On the other hand, freedom is to remain aloof from all thought process and hence the mind. You may question, "how can one remain aloof from thoughts since thoughts are involuntary process and it is not within our power to quell them? To certain extent, this is correct. But we must examine all processes since we are endowed with a quizzing intellect and intelligence to arrive at a solution. The scriptures say that the thoughts arise in a man due to 'Food and environment'. What one eats decides his thought patterns. Unbelievable, you may say. But experiment by taking soft vegetarian food comprising of green leaves, nuts, sprouts, fresh green vegetables, fruits, whole grains and butter milk. If you adopt this diet for a week, you will find a marked improvement in your thought process.

On the other hand experiment with animal food, fried items, hot items etc for a week. You will find animal qualities arise more often. Yes, Mahatma Gandhi has experimented with the vegetarian food, simple food which are available every where like peanuts, goat's milk etc., He found that he could remain calm and composed by taking the diet. He never got angry with anyone even those who beat him with batons and wounded him severely. He faced the assassin's bullet but he remained unperturbed until the last breath. He repeated, Ram, Ram,Ram and left his mortal coil! We may not become such a selfless and exalted one. Still we can avoid certain foods which kindles the animal instincts like lust, ferocious anger etc.,

Returning to the main topic, 'human beings are the finest creatures on earth', i can say that the intellect is the greatest gift for human beings. They can raise themselves to the status of Supreme by sacrificing their baser instincts and cultivating holy traits. He can escape from this repeated innings of life. There is no charm in this life. What we are doing here, "Eating, drinking, enjoying and sleeping like other animals. Nay! Our destiny is not to live like dogs and cats. We can merge with the creator himself and become one with him as the rivers ultimately merge in the sea. The first step is "Self-Confidence, the second one is "Self sacrifice". Sacrificing our interests for the sake of others is a supreme virtue. Jesus has sacrificed himself for the sake of humanity. He is reverred and worshiped by majority of the people on earth? What is the reason? He lived for others. He loved one and all. He has shown them virtuous life combined with discipline and duty. He asked the people to revere their parents and covet not others property. He advocated tolerance and he himself has practiced 'tolerance'. That is why we can aver without any fear of contradiction that 'human beings are the finest creatures on earth!


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