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Human life and pressure cookers, an anomaly!

Updated on August 22, 2015


How we reap the results of past actions?

We cook many things in the pressure cooker. Nowadays, most of the household, even in rural areas started using a pressure cooker since it is easy and hassle free. In olden days, cooking was very tedious process. In villages, only earthen hearths were used which was fired by firewood or other dried sticks from trees. Smoke used to emanate from those hearths. Also, rice and other vegetables were cooked in open mud pots. The preparations took more than two hours in olden days. Nowadays with sophistication and availability of liquid petroleum gas in plenty with gas agencies, almost all urban households started using gas with steel stove and brass burners. The cooking time was reduced greatly. Many may wonder why this preamble. This has a philosophical tone.

The scriptures reveal many important aspects of ‘karma’ or action. Human life is entirely based on actions. The results of all actions are sure to follow, if not immediately, sometimes later. In several cases, it may give effect in the next birth also. Many in the West do not agree in rebirths. But the entire Hindu scriptures are based on the tenet that every individual takes birth again to reap the results of past births! Also, in a lifetime, one can not undertake all the results of past several births. Hence all the dues are distributed to various births that will take place in the future. If I hurt somebody with my words, thoughts or feelings, I can not escape the results. Surely on a future date, I will reap back the same in equal measure. This is the reason that many of us feel pain and grief due to the actions of others without any provocations from us.

How these results are meted out to different individuals in different places of the globe? This is a vital question. Nowadays, we are conversant with computers, internet, and email systems. Instantaneously we can communicate with anyone on the other part of the globe which is separated by more than 8000 miles apart. We experience this in real time. But there were no such communication systems some seventy years ago. Then how it is possible to create a ‘database of all the human beings in the world?. Who maintains the servers, who operate those gigantic networks? These are all the natural questions arise in the mind of present day modern youth. The scriptures has answers to all these questions!

The mind is a very sophisticated instrument in any individual. All actions, feelings, experiences, emotions are felt through the mind only. Neither the senses or the nerve centers or the brain is capable of experiencing this. They are the intermediate in the huge network of communication system. Only the mind can perceive or experience all the feelings human undergo. The mind records everything like the storage points in the computer system. As we retrieve past data from the computer, the mind is capable of retrieving all the stored data at a later data. Though we are not aware, how this goes on, yet, things happen in a predetermined manner. Hence all the saints, prophets and sages exhort man to behave in righteous manner and act truly according to his conscious. When we commit acts truly and love all in a selfless manner, we will never face troubles and travails. But the pertinent question is “Why good people suffer? The answer is straightforward. As many past actions in previous births are ready to give their results in future births, even those good people are haunted by the results of past evil actions. Yes, they are good people now but not in the past birth. Hence they had to undergo the results without fail.

In several of my previous hubs, I have pointed out that ‘karmas’ or actions bring forth the results. If we do good deeds, we reap good results. If we had committed bad or evil deeds in the past births, it will also come to fruition without fail. The law of karma never differentiates people as good or evil. But they have to undergo the results of the past. God, out of mercy to the sufferings of humanity evolve many methods to finish the past dues. Hence, he adopts the technique of pressure cooking. Today people around the world suffer greatly due to many disasters brought by nature, terrorists, civil wars, selfish rulers, immoral administrators, greedy traders and what not? God is not a tyrant, but He wants everyone to rid of the past and become free. He really wants all of us to get out of the miserable cycle of births and deaths. Hence sometimes, unbearable sufferings haunt some to rid the past evil effects. We witness this throughout the globe. None is happy here!

Even the most affluent Nations are reeling under great destructions, disorders in society. The rulers are to be blamed. They were adopting dubious methods to hoodwink the poor citizens to ascend to powerful posts. They perform all actions for their own selfish ends. We find many dictators of the past amazed trillions by looting the common man and depositing them in secret destinations, possessing enormous palaces, a convoy of latest luxuries cars, many sets of foot wares, dresses and other imperial signifier. Hence, the common man raises their voices against such corrupt leaders and governments. In many countries, civil wars are constantly fought between government forces and discontent citizens who are upset with the governments. Nature reacts violently for the atrocities of human tribe and hence we witness earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes and tsunami.

Hence we have to reap what we have sown. Hence let us acquire human virtues and act righteously without any selfishness so that at least the future of the world is peaceful and harmonious.

Pain and pleasure!


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