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Humane Face of Sharia as Pakistani Father Pardons 10 Indians for Murder of His Son in Dubai

Updated on December 24, 2017

Murder in Dubai

The UAE is an oasis of prosperity in the Middle East. The oil boom of the sixties has translated the economy of this region to an advanced level. The local population is too small and hence the UAE has to rely on a large expatriate workforce. The expatriate workforce is mainly from the subcontinent. They constitute more than 80% of the total population. Muslims and Sikhs / Hindus work side by side and there is no animosity. The law of the land is a diluted form of Sharia amalgamated with English law. Most crimes are judged under the Sharia. There are no beheadings and death sentence is rarely carried out. If I remember correctly only one execution by firing squad has taken place in last 10 years.

In 2015 Mohammed Farhan of Pakistan was killed by 10 Indian workers from Indian Punjab after an altercation. The 10 men were arrested and tried for the crime and sentenced to death. In the UAE death sentence can be commuted in case the accused are pardoned by the victim's near relation, by giving "blood money". This is one aspect of the Sharia which can be considered as humane.

The  man behind the saving
The man behind the saving

Blood Money

The relations of the 10 accused approached Sardar SP Singh Oberoi a Dubai-based businessman, who also hails from Punjab. SP Singh also heads the Sarbat Da Bhala ( Good of All) Charitable trust. This is a non-profit organization that helps people who are arrested or have other problems. SP Singh contacted the father of the victim in Pakistan and arranged for him to come to Dubai. Singh also arranged AED 200,000 as" Blood Money" about $ 50,000. This was offered to the father and him accepted it in a spirit of reconciliation and has pardoned the 10 accused. This is as per the Sharia.


Now the father and the accused have to appear before the Sharia court which will decide on acceptance of the compromise. In case, the Sharia court accepts the compromise, the accused will be pardoned, but deported from Dubai. The father Mohammed Riaz, in a statement to the press, said" It is unfortunate that I lost my son. I appeal to young generation not to indulge in such fights. I have forgiven these 10 individuals. In fact, Allah has saved their lives..."

Presently Riaz is in Dubai and arrangements are being worked out. He came to Dubai at the request of Sardar SP Singh, who has made all arrangements for his stay and ticket.

Last Word

This case raises interesting questions of jurisprudence where the use of the law is for reform and rehabilitation. Such a proviso does not exist in English or western law where a man must be punished in any case. There is no compromise or a chink in the door if a crime is proved in a court of law. The question of releasing a convict or killer could be considered in exceptional cases. Obviously, a blanket approval may not be feasible but some aspects of Sharia can be incorporated in the western legal system. This is a debatable point and many will be opposed to it but there is always a but....


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