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Hunting after dusk

Updated on July 11, 2014

How it started for me

I've had my fair share of ghostly and out of body experiences. Being a stubborn 7 year old boy I was, I heeded no warnings and dabbled in the occult out of curiosity. Picture frames in my home started breaking, voices heard through the living room and tormented by a force so great I could not wake up from recurring dreams.

What are ghosts?

Believed to be an apparition of a dead person which is also believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image. A mans subtle - body, consisting of his subconscious mind, ego, mind and soul are believe to pass on to the after life or reside in the earthly realm.

They possess unfulfilled desires such as craving for sex, cigarettes, alcohol which can only be experienced through the human body and probably the reason as to why ghosts torment Humans.

Ways of contact?

Some people including me, possess the intense need to communicate with the dead. To discover what is it like to die or have the burning desire to talk to a loved one once more. A few contact techniques were brought up by Dr. Raymond Moody. A technique used during ancient times which involves a large mirror

- Gain a clear state of mind and refrain from dairy and caffeine consumption a day before an encounter is attempted.

- Position yourself in the most serene moment of your dwellings. Loose clothing should be worn.

- Avoid distractions from clocks, telephones and televisions. Unplug them all to ensure tranquility.

- When complete silence is achieved, a large mirror should be placed in front of the individual at a correct angle.

The mirror may turn darker. Try to allow yourself to view the images that are bestowed upon you within the mirror. Some are able to view the images for as long as 5 minutes but this may take some time to develop. Sometimes you might not be able to see anything but instead, hear voices.

Another promising method of contact

The Ouija board. Yes you heard me right. A board game consisting of words, numbers and maybe, a foolish player (Like me). A game that provides a doorway to another dimension like a time capsule that travels through the space time continuum. “The board itself is not dangerous, but the form of communication that you are attempting often is," says Ghost researcher Dale Kaczmarek of the Ghost Research Society.

In most common situations, the spirits whom are contacted through the Ouija board resides in the "Lower Astral Plane" Often very evil and confused, these spirits may have died from a violent murder or suicide. A legion of gods adversaries are within that board alone.

- Get a partner as the game requires 2 people, usually a male and a female to play.

- Practitioners everywhere always emphasize on timing. Play it at night where there are less disturbance in the atmosphere.

- Obviously, in a dark room. Turn off all the lights and close the window curtains. If you're afraid of the dark, get a table lamp. A dim light lighting the room is fine. These are all recommended but I'm sure you've got your own preferences.

- Assign a questioner or medium.

- Place your fingers lightly on the planchette(Pointer).

- It is recommended to have only one person asking the questions as it may result in a confusion of the results.

- Be sure to decode the message given. Each word or number should be written down unless you can still use that photogenic memory of yours in a terrifying situation.

- Candles are a symbol of protection and energy. White candles that is. These candles ought to repel negative energy.

Some of the things to ask for.

  • The spirit's name
  • The spirit's age when he / she died
  • The spirit's gender
  • What year they died in
  • How they died
  • Do they have a message for someone in the group, or someone connected to the group
  • Or, is there anything they want to say or request from the living


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    • AQim Jamal profile image

      The Venture 3 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Thank you very much. I will continue to work harder. =)

    • profile image

      Nathalié 3 years ago

      You write in such a interesting way. I could not stop reading. Keep up with the great work and please do more posts like this!