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Hurry, worry and curry causes ill health in people!

Updated on March 19, 2013

Health giving Linga photo!

Never hurry or worry!

This is one of the quotes from Saibaba. We can analyze each topic elaborately now! First of all let us examine how 'hurry' causes ill health. To day we observe that the entire world is on mad rat race! Every one is in hurry to carry out some works. They rush in cars, bikes and even aero planes to accomplish those tasks. While rushing for their work, they gulp their break fast mostly some roasted bread sandwich without caring to chew them even. Then they pour a cup of coffee to wash the bread down into the stomach! Now the stomach has to perform some extra works to pound those pieces and send it down for absorption in the system. While rushing for the work, we are chasing against the time which causes mental frustration and ulcers in the stomach lining. It is purely 'psychological'. We believe that some body in the office will hang us if we are not able to finish the task in time. It is pure imagination and it clearly shows our mismanagement of the time available with us. Why not rise early from the bed? Avoid unnecessary habits like watching TV, scanning the newspapers etc., This can be postponed to the evening session if you are so serious to know the world events.

While rushing for the work, we tend to forget some thing important. Some thing vital for our profession. Hence never hurry or rush. Saibaba says, "Start early, Drive slowly and reach safely! This is applicable to life also. Sacrifice some recreation and allot more time for important things. Secondly, the mobile phone, though an innovative gadget useful in emergency, we waste lot of time in mobile talks with all and sundry on silly issues. This could be avoided. Focus on the job in hand. Do not worry about the future plans. One work at a time! Live in water tight compartments while carrying out some task. Do not postpone essential tasks which will cause more worry and rush in future.

Secondly let us focus on the topic "Worry". If you think deeply, worry is an unnecessary agenda in our day to day life. If you confront a problem, face it squarely. Do not shirk away in fear. Rather focus on the solutions which are possible. Choose the best one and tackle the problem as it arise. Secondly, there are certain problems which can not be solved at once. We must know the difference between the possible tasks and the impossible one like incurable diseases that need constant medication to avoid further ill health. Worry can never diminish the intensity of a problem, rather it will aggravate it. Instead of worrying, try to find out the ways and means to endure it. Do not ruminate in the mind, 'what will happen? Try to unburden yourselves by placing all your worries on God. Hand over all your cares and worry to God and tell God, "It is your problem, you care for it". By this process, we are relieved of unnecessary cares and burdens.

Thirdly, "Curry". By the term 'curry' we mean fried vegetables mingled with condiments and hot chillis liberally to cater for our taste buds.Know for certain that whatever taste good for the tongue is not good for your health. Fast food culture has spread throughout the world. There are many research papers in medical and health journals which cautions against fast food. The traditional food we eat in the family dining table is more suitable for health. Hence, try to avoid oil fried vegetables mixed with hot condiments. Rather boil the vegetables in steam and partake them. They are really good for health.

In short, if we want to lead a healthy life, we should avoid, HURRY, WORRY AND CURRY altogether as advocated by Saibaba!


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