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Hybrids- the Argument Against Evolution

Updated on September 24, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

Evolutionists continue to back evolution

The existence of hybrids has been known for thousands of years. In fact, one [particular hybrid, known as the mule, has been bred since the time of Christ, if not earlier than that. The result has always been the same, the mule was sterile and a new species could not be developed (Dixon, 1993)

This result is not limited to the mule. For the most part, hybrids are sterile for a simple reason. They are missing a chromosome or more that their parents possess (Hodges, 2019). This fact, with rare exceptions, has been consistent ever since man has tried to breed different species together.

This is one main scientific reason why evolution cannot possibly exist or develop life. There is no mechanism in the theory that creates this barrier and there is no reason for the evolutionary influence to create it.

Yet evolutionary scientists and evolution supporters still insist that all life developed through the evolutionary process even though science cannot explain how this barrier arose during the whole process.

Plants have the same barrier

This barrier is not limited to animals. Many hybrid plants that have been bred through a variety of means and a vast majority of them cannot reproduce. Like hybrid animals they are sterile and only similar kinds can be fertile and produce a new species (Veloz, 2017).

For plants, it is polyploidy that cause the fertile barrier and polyploidy results from an abnormal cell division and to keep it from getting to technical, the extra amount of chromosomes that is responsible for keeping these plant hybrids from being fertile.

In other words corruption of the production of chromosomes leads to these conditions and stops different hybrids from being normal. In the theory of evolution, there is no source for this corruption and if evolution were true, this condition should not exist.

Where did the barrier come from

We find the source for this barrier in Genesis 1. The barrier exists because God wanted it to exist. We know he has his reasons and we will get to one in a few minutes.

The Bible, different from evolution, explains the source for many things we find in this life. And when we read the creation account, we see the words, ‘after their kind’ or ‘after its kind’ repeated every time God creates a set of life forms.

God place the barrier there for a reason. While the Bible does not specifically say so, it does say in different words how important man is to him because man was created after the image of God.

We can theorize that God instituted the barrier to keep sinful man and experimenters from corrupting that distinctive nature by reproducing human and animal hybrids.

We know that people experiment and breed different species and it wouldn’t take much to convince them to try to breed humans with other animals. We won’t speculate here on those attempts or the results of such attempts.

Needless to say, if man were able to breed with animals and plants, we would have a very difficult situation on our hands. God, in his wisdom, has spared us that problem even though many people do try, secretly, to make human and animal hybrids.

Corruption can be the cause of many things

Another issue that allows hybrids to be evidence against evolution is that sometimes nature acts on its own and different species mate and create their own hybrid offspring. As is often the case, those hybrids are not fertile and a new species is not born.

But again, evolution has no source for the corruption we see take place in the world. There is no reason, under the evolutionary process, for any corruption to take place or find its way into a life form. There is no source for right or wrong or morals and so on found in the evolutionary process.

Homosexual animals are natural nor part of the normal process as Genesis tells us that the animals are to reproduce after their kind. Homosexuality was not instituted by God, in humans, animals or plants. Such behavior comes from evil and the corruption that came into the world at Adam’s sin.

In other words, homosexuality in animals is evidenced that something has gone wrong in life. It can’t be evolution causing this because there is nothing in the evolutionary process that is the source for homosexuality.

As usual, the Bible does tell us the source for these imperfections. They are not from God but from man’s choices made under the influence of evil. Imperfection is not of God as God made everything perfect.

Morals do not come from animals

How could they? Animals have no clue what morals are, how to recognize them nor do they have the ability to implement them across their different species. You can’t find a source for morals anywhere in the evolutionary process.

It doesn’t have any. Nor could any life form develop them as the different species, including humans, would not have a clue that they were acting wrong. They would also have no clue that there was a better way to live because evolution does not bestow morals, right and wrong, good and evil on anyone or any thing.

The process itself does not possess any fore thought, intelligence or even a mind, thus it would not know that those standards would be needed. The process has no concern for those life forms it develops.

What we see in evolution is nothing that exists today. Evolution could not help direct anything as it has no ability to see where it could contribute. A blind unknowing, unthinking creator is not something anyone would want to be associated with.

God is different

When the Bible says God created man in his image, it is not saying God looks like humans do. It is saying that we have the same attributes that he has. We have compassion, thought, knowledge, intelligence and abilities to see where we can contribute.

What we possess has to come from somewhere. It can’t come from evolution for it possess nothing nor knows anything. God has everything and knows everything so it is no leap in logic to conclude that God does exist and he did create everything we see in this life

There is no other logical conclusion and the simple hybrid barrier provides even more evidence that evolution cannot and does not exist in any form


Dixon, Dr. P (19903), "The Genetic Revolution" Kinsway Publications

Hodges, M, (2019), "Mule Facts", Lucky Three Ranch,

Veloz, L., (2017). "Why Are Plant Hybrids Sterile?", Sciencing,

© 2019 David Thiessen


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    • david tee profile imageAUTHOR

      David Thiessen 

      19 months ago from Philippines

      They have tried for decades to find a gen that makes people homosexual. The scientists have not been successful. When LGBTQ members claim they were born that way, they have forgotten that they made the decision when they were very young.

      When they get older, they think they have always been LGBTQ.

    • Noelle7 profile image

      Vivian Coblentz 

      19 months ago

      This is so interesting! I was not aware of the hybrid barrier, so I learned something new.

      You're right--it does make sense that God would put this barrier in place because a spirit of perversion stemming from evil would try to breed animals and humans.

      I'm glad you had the boldness to explain the root of homosexuality comes from corruption, not God's natural design. No one is "born that way." It's a choice.


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