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I Am Who I Am, And You? God's People and Christians

Updated on March 7, 2017

I Am who I Am

It is written that Moses had an encounter with God who appeared to him as a burning bush that was never consumed. The Bible doesn't tell what Pharaoh was enthroned during this time but some enterprising experts have narrowed it down to two, Thutmose ll or his son Thutmose lll. This is the reign of the great Black 18th. Dynasty, Cushites or Nubian. This dynasty was enthroned between 1550 BC - 1292 BC.

The Chosen People Myth

"Whom the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying,

Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the

work of my hands, and Israel my inheritance".

Isaiah 19:25

"The Bible is a book that has been read more and examined less than any book that ever existed".

[The Theological Works of Thomas Paine]

There is a story in the Bible in Mark 3:31-35 when Jesus brothers and mothers came to a place where He was teaching. They, wanting to see Him sent for Him to come out to them but Jesus replied that because they were blood relatives meant little if they were not serving the will of God. What Jesus was saying was clear; chosen people were not classified by race but by obedience to God. This myth has caused wars and genocide. If one particular people are chosen then what is the remainder of humanity supposed to do? Europeans conquered the world at the end of the sword and the gun because they saw themselves as the real chosen people.

How and when did people began referring to "Jews" as God's people when He calls Egypt His people? History can show that cultural displacement took place when it became clear that the Europeans or Arabs were not the Egyptians written about. Why is it that religious leaders twist the scriptures? No doubt, for the same reason, so that Blacks cannot be associated with the givers of civilization. Do they not realize that the Word of God cannot be suppressed? Let's examine this Egypt that God so favors in light of the common belief that the Jews are God's chosen people.

Egypt has always been the pearl of civilization. Every nation since the beginning of time has lusted after it, at times conquered it and imitated its powerful Pharaohs. Every major prophet from Moses to Abraham and beyond is connected to Egypt in some way and yes, even Jesus, it is written was commanded to spend the first twelve years of his life in the safety of Egypt. However, the Egypt that Jesus knew was not the Egypt of Joseph. The Eygpt that Jesus spent the first twelve years of his life in was Roman Egypt, the Egypt of the Ptolemies. The Egypt of Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph had long vanished from the face of the earth.

Nonetheless, during the time of Isaiah the Prophet, one of the most powerful Black Pharaohs who ever ascended the throne of Egypt ruled. Tirhakah was a Cushite or Nubian; he was African out of modern Sudan like all of the Black Pharoahs before him of the 25th. Dynasty. He was ruler supreme of the most famous 25th. Dynasty. The Bible says that when Hezekiah king of Judah needed an ally he could always depend on Tirhakah. Some scholars of religion even believe Tirhakah and Hezekiah were blood relatives, a quite plausible notion given the special relationship Israel and Egypt shared throughout Biblical times.

So, when it is written that God said, "blessed be Egypt my people" He was referring to the Africans, the Blacks of Isaiah's Egypt, "the chief of the strength in the tents of Ham", Psalm 78:51. Most pastors cannot teach this Biblical historical truth because they are not qualified to. Why is it that historians tip toe over important facts like this when Africa is central to the narrative? We can blame racism but I think the problem is more complex. I would say fear. Euro-westerners have created a psychosis based on their position in the world. History says they were barbarians who had little use for "civilization". Simple things like personal hygiene and cooking food was brought into Europe in late prehistory. This is not a racist or reverse racist rant but factual historical proof. What early European tribes had that no other people possessed was an aggressiveness unequaled. When they did began "exploring" they destroyed not only entire civilizations but the histories of the peoples they conquered as well. Europe was isolated thousands of years before the Greeks were allowed to settle on the African continent on the fringes of the Mediterranean. It was then that civilization slowly began trickling into Europe. Modern Europeans still fear "others". They have built a world that they control through fear and a vast scientific system of checks and balances. They fear being subjected to what they have deemed fair for other people in the world. This is understandable but totally unfounded. No other people matches the aggression that characterizes Europe. Besides most people even many Europeans desire to live in peace. The problem is not people but the system that seduces the world and its people.

The Bible is full of illustrations of God using other nations, brutal at times, to subdue disobedient people, or so we were taught. Has man cast God in his bloody history to justify his choseness? We have been taught that God has set aside, through which He shows His sovereignty, Israel an historical microcosm, a cultural prototype that modern slaves can identify with. African Americans are today's Israelites. The parallels are unmistakable. Like the Israelites of old, African Americans are obsessed with their masters. They dress like them, they imitate their mannerisms and adopt their hair styles, clothing, and arrogant dispositions. And like the ancient Israelites, African Americans were enslaved for 400 years give or take a few years. Both also enjoy the decadence of their masters, so much so that the Israelites wanted to return to slavery in Egypt rather than build a future for themselves away from their Egyptian masters. Africa Americans complain about mistreatment, discrimination and racism but with a total net worth of nearly $1.1 trillion they would rather be consumers than building their own communities and are highly addicted to materialism. In short they are free slaves, meaning physically they are "free" but mental freedom is still a struggle.... His In Service


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