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I Finally Got Out of my Body!

Updated on February 1, 2014


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The Day I Became An Orb

Out of Body Experiences

A Funny thing Happened to me on the way to California

I had tried to go out of body when the vibrations came and I never could do it. One day I thought to perhaps give up the effort as maybe it wasn't supposed to happen..Yada yada and so forth. However before I just gave up on the idea I thought to try an experiment.

I had learned an exercise from years back, a relaxation exercise where you start to relax every muscle in your body. I began with the muscles in the face, I tried to find every muscle that might be there and consciously started relaxing any tension in those muscles. I slowly worked my way down to the feet, relaxing everything in between the head and the feet as I went along. It seemed to be taking a long time as I would steal a glance at the clock now and again, I guess I've always been a little impatient when it comes to doing exercises. Sometimes a muscle that I had relaxed would tense up again and I'd have to go back release the tension again. I mean to say, it wasn't a piece of cake to concentrate on relaxing, but the end result was worth all the effort. Soon, I was 15 minutes into the exercise and I decided I'd only do it for 20 minutes so that I didn't get too frustrated, which would defeat my purpose as frustration causes the muscles to tense up again.

I thought I had everything relaxed sufficiently and was just in this quiet space waiting for something to happen I suppose; talk about babes in the woods.. I opened one eye and looked at the clock, 19 minutes I'd been at this, one more minute wouldn't hurt. I'm guessing that in the space of that one more moment is where I finally achieved total relaxation for lift off, as that must have been when I gave up the struggle to well, relax.

Just then I felt like I heard a snapping noise between my eyes, like a little door had opened. This was an inner sound that seemed inside of my body, but at the same time like a doorway to the outside of the body. Intrigued I let my attention go to that place between my eyes. It has been called the 3rd eye and there's a little gland there and I believe that gland was what I felt to open. As my attention went to this place where I sensed the door opening I felt a whooshing sensation as if my energy body was traveling upwards to my head, although I wouldn't have described it this way back then as I felt like Alice in Wonderland for that moment, I now know we each are composed of energy, with the flesh and bone being a housing for the spirit so that we can experience having a physical life.

As my energy traveled up to the portal I'd sensed opening I actually saw myself, as this energy similar to the wind, in my mind's eye leaving the body through this portal. There was a momentary feeling of exhilaration to have finally accomplished my objective. Did I say momentary? I was having trouble being too excited. I considered later that releasing tension in the body, in a 100% way was, in a broad sense, releasing my very spirit body to soar the universe. Was my breath the same as my spirit? It's a thought. At least it is the breath which keeps the body animated in life, there may be a connection there with certain breath exercises.

I had chosen a destination beforehand, believing we all should not just be popping out the body without somewhere to go! Something told me it was important to pick out a place to go, in case I actually got out, I wanted a certain destination or else I could end up just floating hither and thither. I had decided to find my brother in California, even though I didn't have his current address, I thought to follow my nose, surely I thought, all of life's questions must be "out there" somewhere. It's not true, but it too was a thought at the time.

I was now physically situated in the basement of my house in Lakewood, Colo. in the year approximately 1984. I didn't take the time to scrutinize my body in the chair but I did glance at the top of my head and noticed how still it looked and I thought to myself I'll be back before the body needs anything, right now I wanted to fly!

I began soaring slightly above a line of trees and wondered idly where I was exactly. These trees didn't look familiar at all. I tried to see something familiar but it was all strange landscape. Strange landscape for one reason, I now had an aerial view. I sensed my movement was too slow for my liking even though at first it seemed fast, I now wanted to move faster.

It was then I became an orb. I watched as my legs and arms disappeared one by one and grew perplexed and astounded. I had not counted on not taking my arms and legs with me! I soon realized it didn't hurt to lose these items and then I could travel even faster. All this time I was still aware this was no dream and my elation continued. I was really here. I was mildly excited and cautioning myself not to be over excited as I figured strong emotion could propel me back to the body. Although the strong emotion of fear over watching my limbs disappear didn't catapult me back to the safety of the body, I realized later I must have had an invisible guide showing me the orb trick as an option to traveling faster.

I decided to find Pacific Coast Highway and follow it to my brother's house. The plan was to pop in and say something like hey! Surprised to see me? I just managed to get out of my body! I don't know why I figured he could handle me showing up this way.

I did find the Pacific Coast highway that I was familiar with and in no time at all after becoming this orb and I decided to meander on the beach before setting out again to find my brother. I had spend many a pleasant day walking the beach and I missed it. I thought briefly maybe I do really need a concrete address to find him, and maybe if I stopped at the beach the information would come to me.

I came down near a sidewalk which separated the sand and street then floated off it to the sand. It was still strange to me that I was not walking but floating and bouncing in a free style way. This must be what it's like to be on the moon! I started testing whether I truly was not under the law of gravity at the moment and sure enough it was true. I sniffed the wind and surf. Wow! I didn't have a nose, but could still smell. I didn't consciously move this orb I had become except for the bouncing, that much I remember enacting. I remember having visuals from the back of where I supposed my head was. As a matter of fact I didn't have eyes at all! It was too confusing to view landscape from every direction at once, so I shifted my focus to a front focus only. The orb that was I, floated now on the beach and I looked around at rocks and sea and boardwalk and sky and took in the sensations of wind, seagulls, sand and sea. I saw that I was bouncing up and down and was a little self conscious that maybe someone would see me, an orb, sprung from the body, and would think I wasn't supposed to be here for some reason and perhaps I would frighten them? More likely it would frighten me to be seen as like, a funny, naked orb released from prison too soon!

Somebody did see me, but only because first my attention was fastened on him. He was on the sidewalk and he did a slight doubletake when he saw me. He asked if I needed assistance, perhaps to get back to my body and was anything wrong? Was I lost? I explained no, I would be ok, I just had to contain my excitement to savor this moment of success. This conversation was mental telepathy and happened nearly instantly.

The man admonished me to not fix my attention on himself then, as it might disrupt my objective in some way. I think now he was in physical body, but was speaking to me, this orb from his subconscious awareness that I was here, because I'd been wondering if he could see me. Curiosity is apparently satisfied instantly while out of the body. Yes I was seen. He didn't think it strange I was but an orb, yet I still considered it the oddest thing to be speaking through telepathy to a stranger who actually seemed concerned for me. I considered perhaps he was like a guide in disguise and for a moment was glad he cared whether I was in trouble or not. Perhaps he thought I was lost.

I suppose it's not often you see an orb bouncing along the beach with no destination! Also he could have been a sensitive wandering by. It was true I'd ogled him first and wondered if he could see me. What he saw I've no idea; perhaps he had seen my spirit form, the one with arms and legs. Perhaps my astral form had caught up to it's torso and he had viewed a complete filmy ghost on the beach? What I knew for sure was mental telepathy, sending and receiving thought was par for the course out here as there didn't appear to be any private thoughts and I hadn't put up any screen blocking so that the living could not see me.

Much later I would see orbs on digital film. I would snap these orbs and even pose them at times and come to realize they were indeed spirits and not flukes of the camera or lighting. I would receive their thought subtly as I did before snapping my late grandmother's perch atop my mother's head. Such thought was, this is me as I am at the moment for your benefit to see.

I would have much fun with this picture taking especially when I wrote my book Road Signs, Shifting Gears Between Two Worlds. I had a feeling I was getting a lot of help in writing that book from a virtual crowd of interested parties which showed up as orbs in photos while I was working on the book, but were absent in the scenes after the book was finished yet whom had followed me when I moved house. Nowadays, there are no orbs helping me write but I would be glad to have them there! I was grateful for this sign of what my intuition had told me.

After the brief exchange with the man, he walked one direction, I floating in the other and I seemed to be in communication with someone I couldn't see and it also seemed to be my logical processes instructing me that my brother was ill prepared to receive a ghost visit from his sister after these many years that had separated us. The logic voice, or guide said he would think I had died and become worried. The voice said that I had this power to contact him, but must make sure that I only came in love, and not to show off how I could do this thing as it would be considered a prank perhaps. A prank, only because we had not kept in touch and jumping to conclusions is what we humans do on this earth. A prank in fun is ok sometimes, but you must know the person very well, so they don't take it the wrong way. After this little lecture on values, whatnot, I aborted my destination plans and decided to stay and play on the beach as long as I could.

I found some huge boulders and cascaded down the boulders wondering if the jagged edges would injure me, but they didn't, I was resilient orb, not at all dissimilar to a rubber ball. I felt the continuing bouncy sensation while playing. After that I remember opening my physical eyes, totally aghast at my success at finally having gotten out of my body.

The nightly surprise vibrations totally ceased after this adventure. I know we all have a higher self, and I conjecture the Higher Self had been preparing it's personality (my conscious, everyday self) for take off all this time and I now need never struggle again to get out. I'd gotten my long awaited for objective. I was more than my body after all. For some time, those nightly spontaneous vibrations waking me from sleep had been of some concern as to their origins. That is no longer a concern. To tell the truth though, I don't have a reason to go out of body these days. I simply meditate. I call it a walking meditation. It's just as satisfying as romping about in an orb form!

Jack's NDE: In his book, Life After Life, Moody documents what he calls "a rather exceptional account" which embodies many of the elements of the NDE that he describes and has an interesting veridical near-death experience. I think you will agree that it is rather exceptional:


"This spiritual form didn't have a shape like a body. It was more or less circular, but it had what I would call a hand. I know this because when the light reached down for me, I reached up for it with my hand. Yet, the arm and hand of my body just stayed put, because I could see them lying on the bed, down by the side of my body, as I rose up to the light. But when I wasn't using this spiritual hand, the spirit went back to the circular pattern.

"The modern tradition of equating death with an ensuing nothingness can be abandoned. For there is no reason to believe that human death severs the quality of the oneness in the universe." - Larry Dossey, MD


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