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I Got Kicked Out Of Church For Sinning! What Should I Do? How To Deal With Rejection Concerning Your "Church Family"

Updated on January 22, 2015

I Got Kicked Out For Sinning

Emunah La-Paz holding the cross represents faith and grace.
Emunah La-Paz holding the cross represents faith and grace. | Source


Some of us belong to two families, our biological family and our spiritual family through the church. However both families take a lot of work and both families can be both critical, and judgmental.

Rejection can be painful both ways. Perhaps the pain of rejection from your church family can sting the hardest because they are encouraged to be uplifting through forgiveness.

This article is about how to move on after being rejected by your church family.

Why Won't My Church Family Forgive Me?

My grandmother used to take me to church when I was a little girl. When I got older I moved away to college and found a church nearby.

Like most college girls I got caught up in the party scene, but I still went to church every Sunday. Even if I had a hangover, I still made it a point to attend church on time out of respect for my spiritual beliefs.

However, my devout intentions were not enough. The pastor along with an elder called me into the office after Sunday service. Several church members who chose to remain anonymous told my pastor that I was a hooligan who stayed out all night drinking at the local pub. According to my pastor, my actions were not, "proper church behavior." My pastor expressed that it would be best if I left.

Now granted, I had done my share of partying at that time, but I still made it a point to attend church every Sunday. I volunteered for everything, and I do mean everything! Meals on wheels, feed the hungry, toys for tots, etc. I did everything that my church family asked of me. I don’t understand why they won’t forgive me?

Practically everybody in that church is messed up! Sister Edith smokes weed, I can smell it on her every Sunday, and she says it’s for her Glaucoma… but it’s not my place to judge her, she could be telling the turth. Another member with problems is our choir director, he has a gambling problem, but they never kicked him out because his dad is one of the elders; who supports the church financially.

Regardless, my church family had issues similar to my biological family. I feel that my church family should have forgiven me, by granting me time to correct my sinful ways. But instead, they kicked me out. What should I do?


The Problem

Lila, the problem is not you. Hypocrisy prevailed within your former church. Hypocrisy- is the state of falsely claiming to acquire righteous characteristics that one lacks.

"He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone.” John 8:7

Everyone was too busy examining your sins that they failed- to correct their own shortcomings.

Shake the Dust Off

The Solution:

Shake the dust off.” Matthew 10:14

Find a church family that will love “you“at the stage that you’re in at this time.

Don’t beat yourself up! Your spiritual walk is a long path, which will lead you to your faith-based- gifts.

You will stumble off the path every once in awhile because you’re human and your church family is no different. Just because they attend church every Sunday, does not make them Saints.

Choose Love!

Are You Searching For The Right Church?

Picture of a large church.
Picture of a large church. | Source

Find The Right Church/No Judging Allowed

Note: Old habits which are not productive in life such as partying and drinking will hopefully subside as you grow in your faith.

Finding the right church is similar to seeking out the perfect soulmate, someone who is willing to grow with you, and motivated by grace, not by judgment.

A good church does not have to take place in an extravagant house of worship. With time and perseverance, spiritual awareness will take root..

The Long Way Home

The picture of a road.
The picture of a road. | Source

Run Your Own Race!

The Church Shopping Poll

Should A Person Search For the Right Church?

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Yael Naim new soul

"Jesus Calling". Is A Resourceful Book To Read Daily Through Your Journey In Life.


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    • swilliams profile image

      Emunah La Paz 2 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks Janellegems! Grace is a hard concept for many people. It takes sincere pray to move forward. Thank you for your feedback! :)

    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 2 years ago from United States

      Great Hub. You have addressed a common problem in churches today and provided wonderful solutions to this problem- unconditional love, grace and mercy and remembering we are human and have a sinful nature.

    • swilliams profile image

      Emunah La Paz 3 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks John of the Cross!

    • John of the Cross profile image

      John Cross 4 years ago from In the Vineyard

      Well stated! Though we hold the ordained and congregations in high esteem they have the same problems that we do, really. Pastors and congregations can be come as dysfunctional and sick as many families can. The leader and leadership of a congregation needs constant attention to the human dynamics of sin, and have concrete plans to limit it in their OWN ranks, if not they cannot help others to sin (less). Indeed, we all need to be loved where we are at, with full knowledge that we all fall short, all the time.