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I HOPE I AM WRONG... by Merwin

Updated on January 19, 2012

Again... I hope that I am wrong.

Here is my latest status on FB (Scooter is my wife)...

Scooter has shut down FB for awhile and I think I will too, in the sense that I will not post much, if anything.

Then I posted this in the comments after a few replies from friends...

I thank you all for you well wishings... about the time that I might be willing to start posting again, we will not have anywhere to post anything, I am thinking.

They are taking our communications from us very soon with the latest bill that will soon become law if signed, and it probably will be signed. The POTUS said he would veto NDAA, and instead signed it. And the next step is our communications, so we can't warn each other about military mobilization.

First step was to make it legal, next step take their communications, next step limit the opponents ability to move, then deploy your forces.

If this goes the way it is shaping up to go... we might not see another "election".



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    • CoauthorU profile image

      CoauthorU 5 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      2 Jenny...

      You are greatly loved and respected by Scooter and I.

      You do have our phone #'s..? for as long as we all able to communicate on this side of glory, let us do so. Regardless of the temporal, we will have eternity in which to "hang out".


    • CoauthorU profile image

      CoauthorU 5 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

    • profile image

      Jeanette Williams 5 years ago

      I totaly belive what you are saying, I can see it, and I pray that the blindness be lifted from people eyes. I love you and Scooter and thank you both for all you have done to help others to see. God bless your ministery.

    • profile image

      Chasuk 5 years ago

      I agree that the NDAA is disturbing.