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A Round, Silver UFO-Space Ship Passed Right Over My Head

Updated on June 19, 2013

by Eve Riser-Roberts

It was a lovely summer day in Ohio back in the 1950s. The family went for a drive from Marysville through the country to a small nearby town called Milford Center that had a popular apple orchard. That was our goal for the day, a bushel full of delicious red apples. It was also the goal of a couple dozen other apple lovers from the area.

We reached our destination on the outskirt of the town, parked in a lot at the street, and started walking along the path toward the building where we would buy the apples, along with the other people who arrived at the same time.

It was the afternoon. The sun was shining on a bright, cloudless day, with an empty blue sky overhead. We walked past apple trees along the way and suddenly everyone stopped. Voices cried out, fingers pointed toward the sky, people froze in disbelief.

“A flying saucer,” they yelled, looking upward. My head followed their fingers and there it was.

A huge perfectly round object appeared above the treetops in the distance. It moved very slowly across the open space above us. The sun reflected on its shiny silver surface. There were no windows visible. It was fairly low to the ground and easy to see. The surface texture was completely smooth--a beautiful round silver ball floating slowly through the air on a controlled path. I guess, the size of the proverbial football field.

We watched as the shiny globe passed slowly and uneventfully overhead. It was quiet except for a very low, weak hum or whir. Then it disappeared over the treetops in the opposite direction from which it had come.

Everyone was excited and amazed and feeling fortunate that they had been in the right place at the right time to see this thing. There was no doubt in their minds that it was a flying saucer. There was talk about whether our Government was covering up its knowledge of the UFOs and aliens and maybe even in collusion with them. We finally got our bushel of apples and carried it back to the car and headed for home.

My father was the high school science teacher in our local town. He was well known and respected and would not have made up a story like this. When we got home, he immediately called the newspaper to report what we had seen and asked if others had notified the paper as well. They said, “No. No one else had called them about it.” They just dropped the subject. Never made the news. Now, thinking about it, they could have called their contacts in Milford Center to ask whether the locals had reported it. Then again, the subject was probably not politically correct at that time.

But my father was not satisfied with that, so he called the police and told them about the event. The response was the same. Whatever it was, it was gone. It was not visible in our area. No other locals in our town had called them about it, and there was nothing they could do. So it was dropped again. The same holds true here. The police could have gotten word out over their communication system to ask whether other sightings had been made, and this could have covered a wider distance. But again, it looks like public officials didn't want to stick their necks out about something the Government had officially denied.

I believe my father was angry and frustrated and hurt. He did so much to help the community of our small town, and now he was essentially being brushed off. So now I’m pleased that I can get the word out for him in this article.

Even asking around at school got nowhere. You simply had to have been right there to see it. By then I was actually starting to feel nonchalant about the event. It even seemed matter of fact. I believed in flying saucers, and we just happened to have seen one, so on with the day.

As time passed, more attention was given to sightings. In fact, in the US, Ohio now has the second highest count of UFO sightings (358), followed by Texas (356), but outranked by California (984). Maybe the presence of the Wright-Patterson AFB has something to do with that. The busiest months for Ohio are July (53) and October (57). In my time frame, there were 24 reportings in 1954 and 14 in 1957. Back then obviously not enough for the matter to be taken seriously. After all, the Government was denying the existence of UFO's and covering up what they knew. (Data and numbers are from the *U* UFO Database.)

Many years later I thought back on the incident and I had the strong sensation that it was a space ship taking the passengers on a tourist trip. “Hey, look down there. Those are the beings that live on this planet. Yes, they are kinda funny looking, aren’t they. Hahahah. OK, what else do you have to show us?” At that point, the ship disappeared over the treetops in the other direction.

So, through the following years when once in awhile I’d hear in the news that people would think they might have seen a space ship, I’d smile to myself, I knew I had seen one.

It wasn’t like the ones that are appearing in more current times. Now they come in many different shapes and sizes and could be going slowly, hovering, or zigzagging and disappearing at impossible speeds. Or they just suddenly disappear into thin air.

Well, of course they come in different shapes and sizes! There would be different models for different purposes (and look at the number of different models of cars WE have). And they could also be coming from different locations in outer space. Different planets would have their own designs. Nowadays they seem to prefer conducting their missions at night. This makes it more difficult for humans to be absolutely sure exactly what they saw.

But I am absolutely sure exactly what I saw. I know it was real and it was not an aircraft from this planet. And it was NOT a weather balloon.

Weather balloons on Paranal in support of the E-ELT
Weather balloons on Paranal in support of the E-ELT | Source

At one point, I even went online to websites that listed UFO sightings by year. I checked the range of possible years versus location but I couldn’t find anything for 'my' UFO.

Of course they are here. The History2 Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” series has been exciting, as I see it confirming so much that I feel I instinctively believed and expanding on it.

I do believe in the involvement of the ancient aliens in the human development. I have the feeling that they have a concerned investment in the cultures they have helped develop here. It may be possible that the increased sightings of their ships in current times might mean they are watching over us, waiting to protect us when WWIII starts to break out.

We will see.

I'm curious if anyone else saw 'my' UFO back in the 50s. Were you at the apple orchard at Milford Center, OH, or somewhere else in the vicinity as it flew by taking in all the new life forms? Is there anything else you could contribute to your sighting? Or have you seen any UFO that fits the description of this round one?

OMG, I just saw another Hub about UFOs seen by astronauts, where Russian cosmonauts reported seeing a ROUND UFO in space. Ah ha, the same shape! Hmm, another Cruise Space Ship?

And if you have seen a space ship, do you have any instinctive sensations about them? Since these beings are thought to communicate telepathically, some humans could presumably be able to pick up telepathic thoughts. Possibly like my sensation that the one I saw was a space cruise ship.

I’ve experimented with ESP and know it works. I’ll be writing about this subject in a later article.

Do you believe aliens are visiting this planet in our lifetime?

See results

Do you believe aliens were involved in helping with the cultural development of humans in the distant past?

See results

Do you believe that aliens were involved in human genetics in the distant past?

See results

Space ships, aliens, and ancient aliens are such captivating subjects but open to wide interpretation now.There are so many thought-provoking books exploring the possibilities. Some day we will know, but in the meantime be on the lookout for one of those space ships to see it for yourself and encourage your own active mind to be open to the knowledge that we are not alone in the universe and that the course of human development had help to reach its present state and that the concept of religion can take on a new meaning. The UFOs have far-reaching significance.

Maybe the alien tourists in 'my' space ship had heard about the story of the Adam and Eve they had created as an improvement on the human race, and how Eve was blamed for all the misery on the planet, and they wanted to see what an apple and an apple tree looked like. So they were given a ride over an apple orchard to satisfy their curiosity.

Then one of the aliens said, "You know, I've been hearing strange things about an unusual animal on this planet, that it was worth seeing. It's called a 'Cat'. Do you know where we could see some of these things?

"Oh, yes," answered the Space Ship Captain. "I know just the place. Here we go..."

OK, Dad???


©2013 Eve Riser-Roberts


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    • marsmadness profile image

      Robert Hughey 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Yeah, when you report a Sighting it can seem overwhelming with all the choices and details they have available for you to choose, from the color and types of light sources to the shape of the objects and more, but just take your time and it still won't take longer than just a few minutes to report.

      MUFON also has a graphical representation of the map of US UFO Sightings at After you report your Sighting, it'll be assigned a case number, and you'll see it pop up on the map at UFO Stalker. If you'll forgive for sounding like a kid, I gotta say it's pretty cool looking. :)

    • thecatgallery profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr. Eve Riser-Roberts 

      6 years ago from Santa Fe, NM

      Oh, thank you, ESPeck. I will definitely check out the site you mentioned! That should be interesting. Thanks for suggesting it :-)

    • ESPeck1919 profile image


      6 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

      What a great story!

      If you go to the MUFON web page,, and report a sighting, one of the shape options is a sphere shape. I was pretty shocked at the amount of detail requested when I reported my sighting last year.

      If you haven't already, give their UFO case files a look, too. You can search by date range, location and shape of object. Hopefully, that helps you out!

      The Ohio area is a pretty active place for UFOs and alien encounters, too. I've written a few hubs about sightings in that area. It's really fascinating!

    • thecatgallery profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr. Eve Riser-Roberts 

      6 years ago from Santa Fe, NM

      Oops, I had forgotten to sign is before I answered your comment:

      Hi rajan. Glad you found the Hub story interesting. I hope you get to see one, too. The more people who do, the better, and the more open people around the world will be to the presence and contributions of aliens on this planet. I understand that India has a fascinating and intricate background in their association with aliens. Thank you for responding to the Hub. Cheers.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi rajan. Glad you found the Hub story interesting. I hope you get to see one, too. The more people who do, the better, and the more open people around the world will be to the presence and contributions of aliens on this planet. I understand that India has a fascinating and intricate background in their association with aliens. Thank you for responding to the Hub. Cheers.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 

      6 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Your story about coming across a UFO is certainly interesting. I'd like to see one too.

      Voted up.

    • thecatgallery profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr. Eve Riser-Roberts 

      6 years ago from Santa Fe, NM

      Hi Eric. It's a mystery that will probably never be solved. Your suggestion that some higher ups wanted the incident hushed up did slip briefly through my mind as I wrote this, and it certainly could be the case. I personally find it hard to believe this UFO would be something our guys would have the ability to make. But...on the other hand, we inherited some of the Germans who had been working on the Nazi missile projects and they had input from aliens. There could have been all kinds of hushed up collaboration among all those entities, so there could be something to that. Hmmm. But to have something resembling what we saw so soon? It was an incredible object. Thanks for your comments!

    • EricDockett profile image

      Eric Dockett 

      6 years ago from USA

      An interesting tale for sure. It sounds like, whether this was a flying saucer or a top-secret experiment, somebody high up told your town's officials to keep it hushed up. I wish you luck in finding some else who may have witnessed this UFO near Milford Center, OH.


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