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Who Knows When I Will Die?

Updated on March 11, 2017

I Will not Die

“I will not die now.” I have heard a number of people say this, and of course I tell myself that this people mean that they know when they will die, and it seems they also decide it.

No doubt, some individuals who have entered into some devilish relationship with certain spirits that have the power of death can tell when they will die. But this is always on a negative note. I am saying that some people sell there lives to the devil for fame or some social recognition. If such person says “I know when I will die,” I believe him a little. He may still die before the time he is given as the time of his death. Few days after an helicopter crashed with some highly recognized police officers on board – all dead, a helicopter came passing over the roof of a house and someone said, “please pass, don’t crash on us.” The other people quickly responded in rebuke, each person saying “I will not die now.” What do you say?

It is not for you to Say when you will Die

Unfortunately, people realize that they do not have the slightest control over their lives only after they are dead. Maybe when they wake up in the spirit they say, “No, am I really dead?” any one who gets carried away by the pleasures of this world and begins to say that he will not die only deceives himself. Some people say that one should always speak positive about things. That is true but it must be endorsed by God. Why in the first place will you want to live more on earth? You are not on earth for yourself, and he that brought you in decides when you leave whether you like it or not.

The Uncertainty of eternity

I believe that it is the uncertainty about the life one will live after death that creates the fear of death. Even some Christians who loudly preach Heaven and repentance shudder when the word death is mentioned around them. Truly, if you know that heaven is paved with gold, and every good thing is available. If you know that there is no pain, no struggle; then, why should anyone still want to spend a minute more on this chaotic world. Sick people at the verge of death also do not believe death can meet them even if they can not really tell why they should not die on that hospital bed. What about innocent babies that die minutes after they are born? Jesus died at 33 years. His work finished there, and he died to complete it. His life was like it was programmed. Every force, every attack, every harassment moved him toward his purpose. He knew it that was why he asked peter to return his sword into its sheet.

A bedmate once said a thing like– “I will not die now. I will enjoy my life for some years before I will die." Four days later, I was returning from lectures when I saw sober faces hanging everywhere. When I asked, the answer was, “Jonathan is dead.” My mind went straight back to the last conversation we had. But he was not there for me to tell him that I was right when I told him that he had no control over his life, and that he was wrong when he said that he will not die until he enjoys the youthful part of his life.

What is premature death?

Premature death is not when you die as a teenager, when you die not married or when you die not achieving your plans.

You die a premature death when you die not believing that your life is not in your hand.

You die a premature death when you die not prepared for death – you may be thirty years below, you may be six years and above.

The basic truth is that you must always be ready to face death anything time it shows up.

Death can come in any form – electric shock, car accident, gun shot etc. death is death anyway it any time it comes. We should be always ready for its visit by making our ways right with God. That settles it.

- Jacob


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    • TIMETRAVELER2 profile image

      TIMETRAVELER2 5 years ago

      Death whispered in my, for I am coming!

    • factsknowing profile image

      factsknowing 5 years ago from Jos

      When the fear of death becomes our daily companion we are most likely to always move towards death. We protect our self but not our life.