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Updated on July 7, 2016

I told my mom I was writing this article,and she came out with one of those deep belly laughs, and said, "I told Him about you a long time ago. He took His time answering, but He did, and I'm so glad." I Must Tell Jesus is a very old hymn that I have heard sung, and sing myself, and it's oh so true. The Words:

"I must tell Jesus all of my trials,

I cannot bear these burdens alone.

In my distress He kindly will help me.

He ever loves and cares for His own

I must tell Jesus, I must tell Jesus

Jesus can help me, Jesus alone."

I think sometimes we get the idea that we can't or shouldn't burden the Lord with our problems. Sometimes we try to keep everything in and fix things on our own, and it may seem like no matter what we do nothing is getting fixed, or things are moving slower than we want them to. It is scriptual that we take our cares, concerns, and our joy to the Lord. For the Word says in Psalm 121 all my help comes from the Lord. Makes me feel like dancing!

No matter what we are going through we are not alone. Jesus left us a most precious gift, God's Holy Spirit. In Him we are never alone, and God the Father, God the Son, and the power of God the Holy Spirit lives within all of us who claim Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Just a few scriptures to assure us that when we tell Jesus all, He hears us. When we feel that we need safety, tell Jesus. Matthew 8:25, when the disciples were scared, they cried out, "Lord, save us!" In my life, I know there have been many times when I've had to cry out, "Lord, Save Me!" I'm still hear. He didn't have to do it but He did. I didn't always understand that it was Him intervening, but now I know He did.

When we have questions about the times we are in, and what is to come - ask Him. When Jesus talked about the end times and the ribulations of this world so long ago, He didn't get upset when they asked, "When shall these things be, what will be the sign? (Matthew 24: 3)" Our Lord knows we will have questions about what's going on, and it's okay to bring them to Him. He knows our heart, He knows the doubts and fears we may be carrying, give it to Him.

In our sickness, tell Jesus about it. These bodies are not perfect and we will be struck with something, sometimes. If you have not experienced any type of sickness, as my grandmother used to say, "Keep livin'." One of His disciples took Jesus home with him one day, and his wife's mother who was fixing dinner was sick, and down with a fever. The Word says, immediatly they told Jesus, and she was healed. Sometimes the weight of carrying the fear of our sicknesses is heavier than the sickness itself. Tell Jesus about it, He cares for you. As Christians we are not exempt from the deterioration that sin brought into the world, but you have survived. He is able to heal the body, and the mind. After all that you have been through or may go through tell Jesus.

There are times when we utterly fail. At least I have, more than once. Please don't quit because of failure. Get back up, tell Jesus about it, and let Him help you figure it out. Do it again. Honestly look at why you failed. Failure makes for perfection. Edison failed over 1,000 times in making the light bulb, but oh, I'm thankful he didn't quit. Look what came of it. When Jesus wanted the fishermen to go back out after they had worked all day and caught nothing, Peter must have said to himself, "This man doesn't even know what he's talking about - I'm the fisherman, and the day is spent, and the time is past." But, what he said was, "Though we have worked all nioght and brought in nothing, at Your Word, we will go (Luke 5:5)." Don't be afraid to trust Jesus even after failure.

I think one of the hardest things for us to handle is when we have family problems. It's hard for a parent to see their child sick or in trouble and NOTHING seems help. That's when we go in into the secret closet or that place where we can bear our soul to the Lord. He does hear, and He will answer. Tell Jesus ALL. When it seems like the brink of death is looming over the family, and the queston is why, this is my only child (Luke 9:38). Please share your pain, anger and helplessness with the Lord. He does hear, and will comfort. David went through a time whn his infant child lay dying. He fasted and prayed while the child lived, but there came a time when the child died. He got up in his sorrow, and had to continue living. When our loved ones are hurt or dying, remember He is always there for us, and will give us strength to go on for the others in our families who also need us to be there. Tell Jesus your need!

Then there are victories of life, the joys that take us to the top of the mountain and we just feel like shouting! Share it with Jesus, thank Him! Tell Him of the joy! Even before we make the journey, or the attempt - give it to Jesus. Tell him of what it is that is before you, ask for His help, His leading, then when the victory is won Praise Him! We have been given power, we are conquerers through Jesus Christ. In the book of James, it says every good and perfect gift comes from the Father. Thank Him.

The name of Jesus is so sweet, and I have learned there is nothing I cannot take to the Lord. there is nothing I cannot share with Jesus. I remember after my dad died, I was so angry with the Lord. My dad and I had just several years before started getting to know each ther again, then he died. Many years and four children later, when my husband and I separated I had a talk with Jesus that lasted almost all night. It twas not a pleasant talk, for I told Him just how I felt about losing my dad. I told him how unfair it was that the two men in my life that I really loved were gone. I quoted all those scriptures to Him that were supposed to comfort me - but they didn't. I cried and my anger, hurt and disappointment was made clear to Him. Then, I went to sleep too tired to continue. Early in the morning my phone rang, it was my dad's sister who I had only talked to one other time in my life. she said, "The Lord wouldn't let her sleep last night, and told her I needed her." she had called my mother in Minnesota to find out where in this United States I was. I didn't get my dad or my husband back, but God in His mercy heard my cry, He saw my tears, and I believe He felt my hurt, and sent the only living sister of my father to comfort me.

Whatever you're going through - TELL JESUS!


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    • writerjay profile image

      Jay Johnson 6 years ago from Bellingham, WA

      Thank you!

    • GrowingDeeper profile image

      GrowingDeeper 6 years ago

      Good hub. Love the last bit with the personal testimony. Those types of answered prayers and moments of grace are priceless.