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I See Things A Bit Differently

Updated on December 21, 2011

Getting Back Up Again

Ok, I admit I see things very differently from the way most people see them. However, I have learned that’s ok. God made me for a very unique reason and even though sometimes I am still not exactly sure what that is I know I am heading in the right direction. I’d like to tell you about something that I witnessed sometime ago, something that most people would have just looked at & after that just looked away, however in my case well like I said I see things a bit differently.

It’s funny how life passes us by so quickly. One minute our children are young & look at the world new every moment of their lives and the next thing you know they grow up. It’s almost an overnight process, I don’t know how it works out like that but it just does. See I went to this park one day for lunch and watched this lady with her little girl. Her name was Abby and she was about two years old in brown pigtails wearing one of those cutesy little outfits that only a two year old could pull off. As I watched Abby’s mom I thought to myself does she realize how soon in her life this stage of Abby’s life would pass? Does she realize how soon that little girl would grow up to be a beautiful young lady? I know she watched me in my scrubs and I wondered if she wished she was me. Was she wishing her mommy season was over & that “her” life had begun? I questioned this, but more to my heart strained towards Abby.

Abby was playing in the park on some large stone animals. Her favorite was a frog. Her mom set her up there a time or two and Abby came down off the frog a few times just as quickly as she had been set up on his back. One time as she came down she was crying just a bit, but still somehow she forgot that she’d just gotten hurt by that frog, so back on his back she climbed. I couldn’t help but wish by that time that the world would look at life thru a child’s eyes. Abby fell, cried and then insisted that she had to get back on that frog. At around two she’s already developed determination, how awesome is that? Abby also must know a lot about trying to forget what hurts. After all that mean old frog hurt her and made her cry but yet she was determined to hop back on that frogs back and give him another try.

I wish we could all forget what pains our hearts, our minds and souls. There truly is nothing better then child like faith. Don’t you think it took her child like faith not knowing she could get hurt again, not caring if she did, somehow knowing it would all work out for her to get back on that frogs back?

What about Abby’s mom? Have you ever noticed how we rush around all of the time? We rush our lives away or wish things were different whenever we should just take life and the weather for what it is. Accept that life will throw you curve balls and that it is up to you to make the best of your circumstances. Nobody but you can live your life and nobody but you can kill your faith, because it is your gift from God and God’s word can never be destroyed. You have to believe that however, it’s all up to you. We can complain all we want, but does that cause positive action to take place? No, it does nothing good for us. It does nothing for us but waste our time and frankly there is not enough hours in the day as it is. There is nothing to gain by complaining. We are all to anointed to be disappointed and to blessed to be stressed! My word even the word impossible says, “I’m Possible!” The things that hold us down in life don’t cause us to stay down, how we react to them is what causes the disappointments or improvements we are seeking. It’s up to us to make a positive improvement in our life. No one else in the world is ever going to want to live your life for you in the way you want to live it. God didn’t design anyone else other then you on this earth to live your life and fulfill your purpose. No one can see your life the way you see it and no one can be who you want to be except for you! If you want to be a survivor you have to make yourself into a survivor. You don’t think you have the skills or the means but you do. Whenever push comes to shove and it already has at some point in your life, think back, what did you do? How did you react? What did you do for yourself to get yourself thru? You apparently came out on top and upright somehow or you wouldn’t be able to read this right now. Think about it.

Yes, somewhere, somehow deep down in your soul you have all the power you need to make your own improvements for you, by you and because you can, shall, have and will. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do what you have to do, you are a survivor! The only thing you have to loose is gaining more self-strength and well being. While you’re at it as hard as it may seem forgive someone if they have hurt you. God’s grace has forgiven us and if we are His children then it is our job to pass on this forgiveness.

Think back now to Abby if she wouldn’t have forgiven that frog for hurting her she wouldn’t have the opportunity to get back on his back and play with him some more. He might have made her cry but she also remembered the joy the frog had given her and to her this was enough for her to try to be happy again with the frog that hurt her. If she didn’t have forgiveness then she wouldn’t have the joy of laughing again with the frog.

I think forgiveness is a way of God showing us that He is with us thru everything whether we are happy or if our heart is torn in a million pieces. Our help truly comes from the Lord, but we have to remember to give Him praise in ALL circumstances. Let go of the things in your life that drag you down and celebrated the good for all that it is worth. Celebrate your NOW. Hang on to the good things in your life and let go of the rest, it’s time. You might not like the test you’ve been given but there is a reason and it might truly be for the best.

Until next time: God bless you & keep the faith!!


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    • profile image

      Beverly 6 years ago

      Please continue to keep writing your stories. I love this!